The Strongest Businessman - 22 Chapter 22: Visiting my Investors

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Dylan was totally stunned about this discovery he made about the Centurial Stone because it gifts an additional spirit vein to the Spirit Veins System inside a cultivators\'body.

In the Great Mystic World, any cultivator possessedu200b an additional physiological system apart from the nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, etc. It is called the Spirit Veins System. The Spirit Veins System has one center which is called the Spirit Core. Within the perimeter of the spherical Spirit Core, there are numerous pathways of energy that could be found.

These pathways are called the Spirit Veins. Spirit Veins are definite in its numbers which is 125 veins because it is as ordained by the heavens itself. However, the Centurial Stone breaks this ideology as it added another spirit vein into Dylan\'s Spirit Veins System. It simply is going against heavens will!

This means that Dylan could unlock more spirit veins compared to the ordinary cultivators! If he were to be able to get just 5 of this, his power would be twice stronger than a Pinnacle 10th level Spirit Veins Realm Expert. Five is equivalent to a stage! That would mean his cultivation would be twice stronger even if he fought an expert with a High Spirit level Cultivation technique!

But people who would be in possession of such a high grade technique would be elites of a grand clan. In the Great Mystic World, clans, sects, and schools are categorized into divisions. They are divided by:Noble, Great, and Grand.

A Noble Clan are clans who have a Awakened Spirit Realm Expert as its backer just like the Aaron Clan. A Noble Clan requires that a clan is composed of at least 200 members. For Great Clan and Grand Clan, those are powers that transcended the comprehension of the people in the Soaring Cloud City.

Dylan has no memories that pertains regarding the Great Clan and Grand Clan as well as the next Realm. But he knew that if one is able to become an Awakened Spirit Realm Expert at a very young age like how Rea Cross did, he would be recruited by a sect or clan of such scale.

Rea Cross of Cross Clan had a branch family in the Soaring Cloud City but he knew a genius like Rea Cross was a scion of the main clan in the capital city of Mystic Red Cloud Country, the Mystic Red Cloud City. This is where the main bases of various powers are founded and established.

"Rea, huh? I wonder how she is doing right now?" Dylan wondered.

"It\'s time to get going already." Dylan got up and dashed to exit the cave. When he reached outside, the sky was already at dawn. With his new gained speed, he easily covered several kilometers of distance in just a short amount of time. During his travel, he found some beasts that initiated an attack in him as he stepped onto their territories.

All of the beasts he encountered was only 5th level Spirit Core Realm in General and the strongest monster that he encountered was a Pinnacle stage 5th level Spirit Veins Wild Boar. Along the way, he was able to easily kill 3 wild boars, 10 fire chickens, 7 Three horned ram, 2 boulder sheeps. He tried them up to a a rope and dragged their corpses out of the forest.

When he reached the Gardenford Restaurant, he was tired from all the skirmishes he had with beasts he had killed. It was about 6 in the morning and he started to set up the store systematically after taking a bath. After an hour of setting up the store, his employees arrived all together.

" Good morning, sir Dylan!" The employees greeted.

"Good morning to you guys also. Let\'s have a great day today!" Dylan smiled and encouraged.

"Yes, sir!" Employees were energized as they replied to their employers, encouragement.

After an hour of setting up, they finally finished and they prepared the tables too.

"Hey, I would like everyone to help me with something." Dylan called forth the attention of his workers. The workers\' seemed a bit confused about Dylan\'s sudden request.

"What is it, sir Dylan?" His employees replied very respectfully.

"Guys, help me setting up a large flying tent over the restaurant." Dylan said.

"Ohhh, what is it for, sir Dylan?" Employees curiously asked.

"I anticipate that it will rain shortly. So, Jack, please lead the boys and cut down four trees with symmetrical height with each other and trim the miscellaneous branches. Diane, you will be in charge of designing the tree with the other girls. Just make it simple and subtle but refreshing. Could this be done?" Dylan instructed.

"Yes, sir!" Jack and Diane replied directly.

"Thank you." Dylan was gratified by the replies that these two provided with confidence.

After half an hour, the 4 symmetrically high posts about 5 meters high each was carried by the boys. Back in Earth, such a task would not be easily done in such a short period of time by humans even with great numbers but here in the cultivation world, it was easy with numbers for every cultivators possessedu200b strength of 10 men so 10 cultivators of 3rd level of Spirit Core Realm and above are as efficient as 100 people at work in Earth.

After this, it took another half hour to decorate the posts, the posts were designed with vertical parallel lines and decorated with vines and flowers to make it a flower pillar. It was simple but attractive and is perfectly in sync with the design of the restaurant.

Dylan on the other hand was working on the roofing of the restaurant. Dylan had knowledge with regards to construction because he also had a branch company that solely focus in public works and infrastructure. So he applied it to the making of this roofing, he used four slim lumbers and intersected it at a middle point to create a square pyramidal roofing. He used nails to hammer them together and he use d other four equivalently long so that the lengths of each side would be equal.

Since there was no "plywood" in this world, Dylan used bundles of flat lumbers and placed them into the roofing structure and nailed them individually for sturdiness.

When Dylan saw that the four posts were placed into the four corners of the restaurant, Dylan lifted the roofing which also decorated with orchids and vines and jumped 5 meters high. With Dylan strength, he was able to effortlessly perform such a jump while carrying a heavy structure like the roofing. Dylan placed it perfectly on top of the restaurant.

It was now 9 in the morning and their were already guests waiting for them outside. So without delay, Dylan dressed up to his cooking clothes and started cooking while his employees entertained the guests and guide them to their table.

"Welcome to Gardenford Restaurant. Have a nice meal." Dylan and his employees greeted the arriving costumers. This made the expressions of the customers to be more pleasing.

While his employees were attending to the costumers, he cleaned and he fitted the meat of the Spirit Beasts he slaughtered while constantly producing the salivating fragrance he always exuded.

His employees were still trying to work upto his standards. Although they were already considered decent and was gradually improving while working, they were still far from Dylan\'s standards but regardless of so, Dylan was already happy seeing his employees working their hardest.

The customers was even more fascinated because this restaurant was constantly improving. It\'s personnel, its structure and it\'s menu was constantly improving. The new addition to the design which is the roofing and the four pillars added to this restaurants beauty it perfectly maintained its coherence despite a drastic change in appearance.

"Hehehe, the mansion\'s Workplace Improvement ability worked like a charm." Dylan smirked because the sudden increase in his strength further beautified the restaurant subtly. The Cosmic God Mansion was really such an amazing treasure to have in possession.

Currently, it was only 10:00 A.M, the restaurant was housing 100 customers and it was still increasing as the hours pass by. The amateurish waiters and waitresses were starting to show panic in face of overwhelming number of customers when it reached lunchtime.

They were panicking because the numbers were increased to 150 in just an hour. But with Dylan\'s occasional help, they were able to accommodate all customers accordingly. This number was already nearing the numbers he was expecting to accommodate today and it was only lunch.

"Darn, I did not expect that there would be this many people in just lunch. At this rate, my stocks would be unable to support the customers tonight at supper." Dylan was feeling problematic because of this unexpected turn of events.

"It seems like meeting my investors is a must today." Dylan solved his own problem with some thought.

When it reached 12:00 noon, the customers number fluctuated upwards as it reached the numbers of 200! This caused Dylan\'s employees unable to cope up with a large number of people. The restaurant was almost unable to fully accommodate the large number of people because of lack of tables but it was a good thing that Dylan made 15 more sets a few hours ago while setting up the restaurant just in case.

So Dylan had to step in and entertain every customer in his restaurant. He first worked with the troublesome arrogant ones and after silencing them. He moved to the rest. He did everything in an organized manner and calm disposition. At the very end, he was able to easily entertain the costumers while keeping their mealsu200b although with a bit of effort.

This performance only rendered both customers and workers to be in utter shock as he was still able to solve the problems at hand with ease and without losing his cool. They were even more certain that this person could have the potential to be a Mystical Magnate or be one already!

After the customers finished their meals, they escorted them one group after another until they were all gone. The customers were sufficiently satisfied with there meals while Dylan\'s employees were all exhausted from all the pressure and working.

"That was one tough batch of customers to deal with." Roland said.

"You\'re right." Allana agreed.

"It was really really tiring to deal with that many customers... Ugh." Leila complained a bit.

"But sir Dylan did not have any problem dealing with 200 customers and did it so easily." The cold Diane added while her eyes had a light of reverence to that figure on top of the cooking platform.

"You\'re right. He truly is like a Mystical Magnate!" Jack\'s eyes shone with determination as he, no, they both swore that they would become his disciple.

"Sir Dylan is truly outstanding..." Leila\'s eyes shone with an unknown light as she looked intently to the back of that handsome figure.

Dylan was contemplating when he suddenly turned his back and said, " I will just go out for a business meeting."

"Business meeting?" Those words shocked Roland and his fellow workers.

"Yes, so please help my sister with the dishes, okay?" Dylan ordered.

"Yes sir." They replied.

Dylan left the Gardenford Restaurant and went to the Soaring Cloud City. When he arrived at the city, he caused a commotion as the people knew that this man was the owner of that excellent restaurant called "Gardenford Restaurant", Dylan Ford.

While he was walking on the streets, he encountered women and men who wanted to befriend him.

"Sir Dylan, Do you have time tonight?" A coquettish lady said.

"Sir Dylan, do you want me to warm your bed?" A voluptuous lady asked seductively.

"Sir Dylan, why don\'t you come to my house and have a small chat? I have a beautiful daughter who may interest you?" A Noble man said.

"Sir Dylan, How have you been?" A middle aged businessman said.

"Sir Dylan, I love you. Please, let me bare your babies!" A desperate mature woman said.

But they were all politely rejected by Dylan after some chat with ending the chat like so:

"I appreciate your offer but I would need to go to an important business meeting. So please, excuse me."

Although they were rejected, they knew that it was impossible to get close to Dylan at first try so they just happily acknowledged his request.

Dylan was walking towards the Thousands Treasure Pavilion, it was an infrastructure of extravagance and adornment. He entered and inquired at the counter.

"I am here to meet the Pavilion Head of Thousands Treasure Pavilion, Sir Galagher." Dylan smilingly siad.