The Strongest Businessman - 20 Chapter 20: Breakthrough? to the Spirit Veins! Another Function Unlocked!

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Dylan was satisfied with the performance of Gardenford Restaurant today because he had a total income of 25,000 silver coins. Nearly double than his income earlier that was 15,000. He was also extremely satisfied with the improvement that every one of his employees have shown.

Among his employees, Leila, Allana, Ronald and 3 more people were doing beyond his expectations while the rest performed as per his predictions. There was one employee, who he was shocked with, however, for she showed astonishing display of talent in regards to business management. She was a woman called Diane.

Diane, from the very start, was able to carry herself with finesse. She was fully capable of welcoming her guests and did not meet with many problems at all. She was a costumer favorite and men would want her to be the one to entertain them. The main reason for this is that she was a beauty herself. She had misty gray hair and storm gray eyes. She also possess an excellent body for a girl her age. Dylan was completely surprised by her rating because it was 8.6 already!

The others could barely score a 7 but she was already near nine? How incredible was she? Dylan even considered that she might be a scion from a great clan judging from her demeanor and outstandingness. She also gets along well with her fellow workers although with only women.

So when Dylan received the tabulation of the ratings. He was shocked to see that there were others who gained an 8 as well?

Diane Sky, 8.6

Leila Hemsworth, 8.25

Jack Hale, 8.1

Ronald Mcneil, 8.0

Mary Aaron, 8.0

Marie Aaron, 7.9

Allana Sloe, 7.8

Rick May, 7.75

Jason Bateman, 7.6

Larry Murray, 7.5

That was the top 10 and all the rest was able to have a rating of 7.4 -7. There was not one of his employees that was rated below 7. This made him to be really satisfied with the fruits of their training.

\'Jack Hale, huh? Let\'s see... Oh, he did perfrom quite excellently.\' Dylan recollected the scenes which enfolded the restaurant. Being the Greatest businessman of Earth, Dylan needed to read and scan various data in regards to his company\'s different branches. So in order to cope up with such mentally exhausting exercise, he used it to hone his memory and mind to be near photographic.

By doing so he would only need to slightly read the pages and he would be able to remember the entirety of It\'s content. The same with occurences and happenstance, all he needed was to be able to quickly observe a scene or event. That was why he was able to remember Jack Hale\'s performance during tonight\'s service hours.

But being able to attain a photographic memory was not an easy task. He needed to train his mind to be able to picture any document or any event indefinitely. He was only able to achieve this after 2-3 years of repeated mind conditioning. That was why he is able to compartmentalize his memory based on event or content. As he progressed in his work, he was finally able to achieve a memory near perfectly photographic.

He was also shocked to see that the Aaron Cousins were doing quite well too.

"Okay, everyoneu200b. That is all for today. I know it was quite a tiresome. Thank you for all the services and help all of you have rendered to me." Dylan thanked them earnestly.

"You\'re welcome, sir!" The employees said in unison.

"Let\'s have another great day tomorrow. See you all in the morning. You are all dismissed!" Dylan joyously said.

"Sir, yes, sir!" The employees acknowledged and slowly left one by one.

After they left, he went to check up upon Scarlet. Surprisingly, Scarlet was still asleep so she carried her on his back and transported her to her room. He also checked how Frank was faring and he was glad to see his steadily getting better.

Seeing that everything went well, it\'s time for him to advance his cultivation! He went into the depths of the forest to cultivate. When he found an inconspicuous cave, he went inside and he caught a sight of a green serpent as big as a car! The breath the green serpent exuded was of Peak 6th level of Spirit Veins Realm.

The green serpent suddenlyu200b opened its\' eyes as it sensed a presence in its\' habitat. It\'s eyes shone with viciousness and wrath for a measly human has entered its\' territory. It\'s strength of 6th level Spirit Veins was fully displayed as it tried to intimidate this human. The human has not even reached the Spirit Veins Realm and it was brazen enough as to barge to its\' homes. It was also a perfect timing since this serpent was thirsting for some human meat. It\'s slim tongue slipped through its scaly mouth as it thought of the sumptuous meal he would have. It\'s eyes were now completely bloodshot as he wanted to devour this insolent human as it used an incredibly horrifying hiss.

The green serpent was confused this human was completely ignoring as it tried to scan his surroundings. The strange stale atmosphere continued when the human thawed the ice as he spoke.

"It\'s not bad for a cave! Hey, serpent, you\'re the one staying here, right?" Dylan asked the serpent.

"..." The serpent was extremely confused. Why was this human suddenly talking to it?

"You\'ve already reached the Spirit Veins Realm so you must at least have developed intelligence already, right?" Dylan spoke.

"..." The serpent awkwardly nodded.

"Then, stop acting dumb!" Dylan reprimanded.

"!!!!" The green serpent was shocked to the extent it\'s mouth was widely opened.

"Can\'t you see that I want this cave? Now leave!" Dylan demanded.

" The serpent nodded in a daze as it went towards the end of the cave when it suddenly realized what happened. Angered by this he went forward to charge at Dylan but when he was charging he saw that Dylan was not dodging but instead scratching his head.

"What a troublesome snake." Dylan remarked as he silently disappeared in front of the serpent and he appeared right on top of it.

"[Boulder Breaking Fist- Perfection]"

"?!?" The serpentsu200b eye\'s were bulging as he knew he should not have offended such a person and he only caused his own doom.


A loud explosion happened and the serpent died without a head as it was smashed.

"Finally some peace and quiet. Now, I advance!" Dylan spoke as he raised two hands and circulated the "Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies" cultivation technique.

Two white stones appeared in each and he crushed them as soon as they appeared. He had a total of 175 Primal Stones! Dylan decided to name it as annual stones because they were stones which started his cultivation path. His aura quickly rose as he broke through!

Peak 4th level Spirit Core

Pinnacle 4th level Spirit Core

Initial 5th Level Spirit Core

He was shocked to find out that he required 10 Primal Stones just to break through the Initial 5th level but he still gritted his teeth as he continued.

Intermediate 5th level Spirit Core

High 5th level Spirit Core

Peak 5th level Spirit Core

Pinnacle 5th level Spirit Core

Dylan was even more shocked that he needed 20 to advance from the Initial to the Intermediate, 25 for Intermediate to High, 30 for High to Peak and 35 to reach the Pinnacle stage. Using the "Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies" was really different to the Mysterious Cloud Technique. It\'s grade is higher and it\'s consumption rate was higher too! He was also schocked to see that his natural energy was of high grade already!

"Ughh, I still have 45 more! I hope it\'s enough to break through!" He started using all remaining Primal Stones and decisively pushed through but he was lacking by a bit.

"If only I had 5 more, I could easily breakthrough then." Dylan felt bitter about his lack of Primal Stones.

"Wait, from some light novels I have read. A lack of accumulation of Qi, Magic, or Spirit Power could be remedied by concentrating the accumulated energy to a single point and let it burst forth to the entire body. The sudden influx of energy would cause a qualitative leap on energy to but is an extremely dangerous task to do..." Dylan remembered some of his memories of the light novels he has read and tried suggesting it for himself.

"I need to risk it!" Dylan had that unwavering determination in his eyes like what the past Dylan had.

So Dylan executed this method. He concentrated all of his natural energy to the centeru200b of his Spirit Core! He accumulated it to the point where the energy felt like a bomb waiting to explode. Dylan waited for the moment where the energy would try to burst the most to release it. After several minutes, he said, "NOW!"

The sudden explosion of energy flowed throughout his body as a excruciating pain followed. He gritted his teeth as blood sipped from his mouth.

"I have to endure!" Dylan was showing his tenacity while blood continued to sip from his mouth.

"Arrrrrghhhhhhh!" He roared as he broke through to the Spirit Veins Realm!

After half an hour, Dylan\'su200b complexion became better as he reinforced his cultivation with several circulation of Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies cultivation technique.

"So this is... Spirit Veins Realm." Dylan smiled because he finally brokethrough. He felt extreme happiness in cultivation and deesired to become even stronger.

"This... Is the life I want." Dylan said to the wind as a handsome smile appeared on his face.

"Time to leave.. Huh?" Dylan stood up and prepared to leave when he saw something inconspicuous in front of the mansion gates.

"What are those?"

He saw gray colored stones and there were 17 of them he saw a single silver stone slightly bigger than the rest.

"17? Could it be that this are stones awarded for every 10 costumers while this stone is for a hundred costumers?" He quietly deduced. It was highly likely that it was the case because 175 Costumers had 17 tens and 1 hundreds. So, it was the most probable theory for now.

"I wonder what they do?" Dylan grabbed one gray stone and crushed it. The energy flowed through his body and felt extremely comfortable.

"Oh, it\'s just like the Primal Stone... WHAT?! I advanced?!" Dylan was even more shocked. Because he was initially only initial 6th level Spirit Veins Realm and now he was a Intermediate 6th level expert?! How ludicrous was this?!

"I- it- it\'s... A higher grade of Primal Stone?" Dylan was dumbfounded by this new function he discovered!