The Strongest Businessman - 19 Chapter 19: In Job Training

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Dylan commenced his cooking as the salivating aroma spread across the restaurant. The customers gulped involuntarily as the wonderful scent entered their noses. Being a chef to several franchises of his company, Dylan is fully capable to this kind of effect to his consumers. He cooked all three of his best selling food: Glazed Pork Ribs, Honey Dressed Roasted Chicken, and Saucy Wolf Belly because he knew this would pose an appeal to his customers.

His employees were entertaining the guests. They had some skill to converse and receive guests so he was already pleased but it wasn\'t up to his standards. But, he then consoled himself as he thought that he could still work with this standard of performance and make way for improvement. It was better than starting with scratch.

Amidst cooking, he announced that he was collecting evaluation from the costumers to his new employees. He said there would be forms given to them. After which, the employees distributed their evaluation forms to their assigned tables.

There were 33 tables where each of the 33 workers were assigned respectively. Each of the tables were filled with 2-4 people, some even had only one person occupying it. There was originally fourteen sets but with the help of Dylan\'s employees, he was able to quickly create nineteen more identical sets. Although quickly made, they would not lose out in terms of quality from the original ones.

\'Having employees sure eases up the job.\' Dylan sighed in relief as he thought back how he arduously created those 14 sets for two to three hours but it only took half an hour to finish with the help of his new workers. The newly made tables were placed around the vicinity of the store.

Most of the employees were doing well but a few were not. One of which was the timid girl named Leila. The table she was assigned to was a table of men which were interested in her.

"Beauty. Do you mind sitting here with us and chat for a little bit." A brawny man spoke with a shade of lewd glint from his eyes. He was clearly infatuatedd by the beauty of Leila.

"Umm, sir, c-can you please order something now?" Leila was trembling as he said.

"What?! Are you ordering me around?! I already told you that I would be ordering once you\'veu200b started having a chat with us!" Another man roared as he slammed the table with force. It was a good thing the table was still able to hold on despite that burly man\'s strength.

"Eeek!" Leila was getting increasingly scared by this bunch.

"Little brother, calm down. You\'re scaring the beauty. We wouldn\'t want to chase her away, would we now?" Another man whose physique was a bit smaller in comparison to the other two but was the tallest among the three.

"That\'s right, little brother. You should not scare away a beauty." The large man from earlier spoke.

"Uh, I\'m sorry, eldest brother." The burly man said.

"Beauty please, pardon my youngest brother, for what he said. But could you care as to join us for a short chat?" The eldest apologized to Leila.

"Uhmm, I..." Leila stuttered. She was scared with this brothers because she knew they had an ulterior motive towards

"Sir, if that is the case, how about I do it in her stead? Would that be alright gentlemen?" A confident voice spoke with pleasantness and calmness present in his words. Who else could it be other than Dylan?

"Sir Dylan..." Leila was shocked and grateful at the same time. She was shocked because wasn\'t Dylan cooking the orders of other costumers who had already requested their orders how did he have the time to stroll around all the way here? She was gratefulu200b because Dylan saved her from such a complicated situation.

"What?! That was not what my eldest-" the youngest brother could not continue what he just said because Dylan interjected.

"What would be the purpose of the chat? What would be the subject of the discussion?" Dylan eloquently spoke as he smiled faintly.

"That-" the youngest brother stuttered.

"That? What particular topic is "that"?" Dylan asked as he smiled.

"It\'s the..." The youngest brother felt his mind go blank all of the sudden. He could not think of anything to say. He felt like his mind flew away.

\'Huh? Being able to force my impulsive brother into submission in just a few sentences? Just who is he?\' the eldest thought.

"Oh, it was just about the food here and we wanted to have a chat with her. Who doesn\'t want to have a chat with such a beauty after all?" The eldest smiled.

"Oh, is that so? I wouldn\'t have the right to speak on her behalf about chatting but I do possess the right to speak with you in regards to the gourmet of my restaurant. May I ask what type of inquiry would you like to ask?" Dylan stated smilingly. He knew that the most dangerous one amongst the three was the eldest because Dylan was able to deduce that he was the cunning type.

"Oh, is that right?...." The eldest replied blankly

"Yes. So if you want for me to recommend some dishes I would like to recommend our best sellers the Glazed Pork Ribs, Honey Dressed Roasted Chicken, or Saucy Wolf Belly. You may also try the Spicy Bear Meat which has become a recent costumer favorite. If you like beverages, I recommend the Still Lake Tea or the Three Colored Leaf Tea." Dylan suggested.

"I... Okay..." The Eldest was in a daze.

"Would you like to take all or is it according to a selection that sir had in mind?" Dylan asked in a smile.

"Yes..." The eldest answered dazed.

"Thank you for your time. We will be coming back after a while." Dylan excused themselvesu200b. They were just about to leave when Leila said:

"Sir Dylan... The form..." Leila pointed at the hand of the second oldest who was shocked

"Ohhh, sir, Are you done? May I get the evaluation sheet now? If not, please answer it quickly." Dylan turned his back once more and talked to the second oldest.

"Uh.. yes..." The man\'s hands moved weirdly as it check all items with the column of ten and handed it over to Leila.

"What?!" Leila was shocked in her evaluation as it was rated a perfect 10.

Leila could not help but to recollect what just happened earlier the domineering brothers was forced into submission with just a few words? They were rendered speechless in the end. They were all as obedient as per dogs as soon as Dylan opened his mouth. They were defenseless and lost in a daze. She could not associate the three earlier from the three she just spoke to a while ago.

Her boss was that formidable! He was able to serve his costumers with ease and take full control of the flow of discussion. That was his natural charisma.

"Is everything okay now? Let\'s go there\'s plenty more costumers to serve." Dylan spoke to Leila calmly like the scene earlier never happened.

"Yes, sir!" Leila excitedly said. Because of Dylan\'s amazing performance, Leila was more motivated to work.

"But, sir. How about the meals you are cooking? The must have been ruined because of me. I\'m extremely sorry, sir Dylan!" Leila apologized dearly.

"Huh? What are you talking about? Although I left my post on the cooking platform that does not necessarily mean that I was neglecting my cooking. Ruined? Of course not. I had some free time so when I saw you in a bit of trouble, I came to help. Don\'t worry, the meals I cooked are just starting to become even more delicious. Hehe." Dylan replied smilingly.

"Uh..." Leila was stunned by this. \'Could the rumors be true? He is truly capable of welcoming guests, resolving unexpected problems and cook exquisitely at the same time. Just how amazing is sir Dylan?\'

From what Dylan said, Leila was able to speculate that he was able to completely predict the time he will spend dealing with each type of situation at hand. This caused her to feel even more astonished because a person needs to have an exceedingly wide sense of outlook and overview on the restaurant to be able to split his concentration as such.

"Now, get back to work and work hard, okay? Remember to stay calm and confident. Because with those two you will be able to quickly solve any problem at hand. Understood?" Dylan gently said.

"Yes sir!" Leila replied with great enthusiasm.

"Good!" Dylan approved of her enthusiasm with a thumbs up.

On the other hand, the three brothers felt terrified about what happened. They also felt extremely angered that they were forced into submission. But it wasn\'tu200b necessarily force into submission, it was more as if they blankly followed his commands willingly.

"This grudge must be paid!" The eldest swore.

"Right!" His two younger brothers agreed.

They formed a grudge in their hearts that they would have revenge. They were intently observing Dylan after what happened.

Amidst cooking, Dylan would leave the platform a couple of times. All instances were to help his employees having trouble with serving his customers. Each time he would handle them with complete calmness and solve them with ease. All of the troublesome customers would lower their heads in his manner of doing things and his disposition like what he did to them.

These instances caused them to feel even more intimidated to Dylan. They were becoming extremely shocked as Dylan was still able great food to them. When the food entered their mouth, they felt that their taste buds were dancing in happiness. They were shocked about how well he could handle his business.

No matter what problem, he face he would solve it in a short amount of time and go back to his platform to prepare the dishes. All of his movements were dignified and elegant. They felt like he was one of those legendary existences- the Mystical Magnates. Although it was only a possibility, his manner of management could only be compared to those beings who are considered emperors in business.

So with this thought in mind, they discarded the thought of getting revenge. Because if they offended such an existence they would be sinners of their clan for causing its extinction. So they hurriedly finished their food and left their pay and exited the restaurant.

The amazing performance of Dylan was gradually noticed by the entire crowd. They were now able to confirm his amazing skills. His cooking, management, problem solving skills, and demeanor was all high class. They felt he was justu200b a Mystical Magnate in disguise.

His employees was also becoming increasingly more proffecient as the night deepens. His guidance to them was on point and his performance gave them their motivation to improve more especially those whom Dylan helped like Leila, they became increasingly better at managing customers.

Dylan was also extremely satisfied by this. His employees and customers were all having a good time. So he anticipated that tomorrow would be another great day for his Gardenford Restaurant! He was not only able to train his employees but he was also able to give a great impact to the customers as a rising establishment.