The Strongest Businessman - 180 Chapter 180: Compromising 1

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"Grrr..." The four sect heads could only clench their teeths as Adalus continued to provide reasons for his actions. Even if they were positive that Adalus was doing this for revenge for Arman, they could not retort as everything he just stated were within the articles of the law.

They could not carelessly malign him as it could result to them being fetained by the Thundercloud Guards. Though they could easily bail out, the money expended and the humiliation they would recieve it is just what Adalus wants. It was a matter of dignity for them.

"Is something the matter, my fellow friends? You four don\'t look well." Adalus said out of concern but he was just feigning ignorance. How could he not know that these four were burining with fury because of him? He inwardly sneered in delight, \'Hahaha, you thought I was only trying to get back at Arman? I am going to make you three pay back for all the humiliation you have caused me all these years!\'

"This... It\'s nothing. We must have ate something unpleasant for our breakfast on that restaurant before coming here. Friend Adalus does not need to worry about us at all. With our cultivations, this is nothing." Okemos forced out a smile as he calmed his heart.

"Ah, I am relieved to hear so. Oh, I forgot to tell you my butler\'s tea is excellent and is very soothing to the body. Perhaps, it could assist you in calming your bodies and minds." Adalus smiled cordially. He gave his butler a meaningful gesture and the butler immediately poured another freshly brewed tea.

"Thank you." Arman and the othrr sect heads thanked him and drank the tea. But they were still on their guard for poison as they drank the tea. Using their spirit sense, they found out that there was no unique substance within. Upon confirming, they quietly drank the tea and showed a cordial face, "Good tea."

"How about you, Young Noble? Would you like to drink tea?" Adalus smiled brighter than before as he warmly offered. Behind him, his butler was standing, elegantly holding the teapot on his right hand while a towel rested on his left arm seemingly ready for any sort of mishap.

Dylan sat there unmoving while smiling faintly. He respectfully declined, "I am honored to be offered with such a fragrant tea. I feel that the tea offers many hidden yet fulfilling flavors that my tongue might not necessarily recognize. However, I have already ate a proper meal this morning and am currently full. Thus, I would have to decline. I believe that one should not eat more than what they could chew. Am I not right, Sect Head Adalus?"

\'Hidden flavors that the tongue might not necessarily recognize...? An unknown poison!\' The four sect heads quickly caught up with what Dylan was trying to say. He was trying to say that he will not drink a suspicious tea that might contain some kind of unidentifiable poison!

\'So that\'s why I did not find any poison! He must have used those rare colorless and odorless poison in the tea!\' They suddenly felt cold when they realized this. They did not expect that even with their guards up, they would still fall pray on the enemy trap! Adalus seemed to be more sly than what they take him for.

\'But how did he know there was poison?\' The four sect heads all had this pending question in their minds. Was his spirit sense more powerful than them? But that is impossible since they were realms apart from each other. Their spirit sense has already been refined and strengthened with every breakthrough. So, how did he do it?

"That is indeed a shame..." Adalus smile became less cheerful than before. It may look like it was because of Dylan\'s refusal but in fact, it was because of Dylan\'s underlying words, \'This kid... Could he have detected the poison?! But that is impossible! The Clear Silver Poison is not known to many even in a high ranking Inner Proximity City like ours! How could this boy know it?!\'

"My apologies." Dylan said. Indeed, Dylan did not know a thing about the Clear Silver Poison but he definitely knew that people like Adalus who are as cunning as they are selfish would definitely attempt to eliminate any sort of threat in his way and repay hi revenge no matter what kind of methods he would resort to.

\'There are also other reasons for my words and refusal. It was because of that butler. Those four might not have paid attention to him but I was paying close attention to him. If I didn\'t see his hand on his ocket before turning around, I would have thought Adalus was the only real evil here.\' Dylan thought.

Dylan observed that when the butler served the, tea upon entry, he used two hands but after doing so, he turned around and raised his left arm and when he turned back to face them, the butler was already holding that towel like how he he was right now. It was normal for a butler to do so but his seemingly untraceable movement was seen through by Dylan. So, he started to suspect the butler right away.

"Since your original objective could no longer be achieved, I wonder what these friends will do afterwards? I know that you are all so busy with your work but could I invite you all to stay for just a little bit longer? It is a rare chance to make acquaintance and strengthen each other\'s sects." Adalus came up with a superb idea and suggested.

"I think that we have already caused too much of an incovenience to Sect Head Adalus. It is best if we leave after this brief snack." Yander replied with a sad tone. From Adalus\' words, he could sense that he was trying to stall for time, \'It might be because he wants to kill every singke one of us. I must ensure that Young Master Dylan is safe or else Azelmek might demolish are sects from his anger."

"I agree. All of us have important duties ro attend to as we are all leaders of sects in the city. This is especially so for Young Master Dylan who is currently expanding and is expected to jump to the top 100 in mere six months. Thus, we cannot tarry here any longer." Arman even bowed respectfully to Adalus just to ask for his resfusal.

"Is that so? Then, I shall personally send you all off after this." Adalus showed an understand face. But in his heart, he cursed, \'Hmph, if it were not for that brat saying thise things earlier, these guys would have stayed a little bit longer and the set-up would be finished. But that\'s fine. I still have many ways to kill them all.\'

\'Nice going, everyone. We need to leave before Adalus completes his preparation. I feel this uneasy feeling that he is up to no good and might even aim to kill all of us here.\' Okemos thought joyfully.

"Indeed, what should we do? Not getting the lot is really a loss. Ah, that\'s right. We need compensation for our losses. I may not be abke to get what I originally came here for but I can still compromise. So, we will stay for a bit more." Dylan suddenly stated.

"Huh?!" His words caused everyone including Adalus to be dumbfounded. They did not expect Dylan to actually say that when it is apparent that Adalus was planning some sort of evil ploy. "Young Master, please reconsider this."

Steven thought furiously, \'Is there something wrong with his head? How could he notice that Adalus is deliberately trying to delay us?\'

"Really? I would be delighted to accomodate you all." Adalus revealed a smile of rejoice. Nevertheless, he inwardly laughing in mockery, \'Hahaha, this kid must have lost his marbles! Could he actually be this dumb? Even the old fools noticed my urging was suspicious. It seems like I was worried for nothing earlier.\'

Adalus suddenly remembered Dylan\'s sentence earlier, he righteously expressed, "Young Noble, you said that you wanted compensation. Compensation for what? Have I wronged you recently? Is this the work of my subordinates? Tell me quickly for I shall seek justice for you, Young Noble!"

"Your subordinates have not wronged me in any way. The compensation I was referring to earlier is something you owe us for the invalid purchase we did to your lot." Dylan smiled as he calmly crossed his legs and rest his intertwined hands on top of his stomach. A posture he only makes when he is negotiating with someone.

"Compensation due to invalid purchase? What are you saying, Young Noble? I do not seem to understand your words." Adalus was taken aback as his face started to become a shade darker. Even the four sect heads did not understand what he was doing.

"Our losses were quite big this time because of this predicament. When we went to the Thundercloud\'s Real Estate Department, we paid the adequate sum in order to buy the lot. But after several days, we were still unable to find the deed until we found the lead that lead to Sect Head Adalus. Since the deal is off, with the amount of time that has passed, the money we have paid will no longer be refundable. Not to mention, the time and energy we have spent to do so. Haaayst, we have really suffered great losses." Dylan shook his head and wore a bitter expression.

Then, he looked at Adalus straight in the eyes with determination, "Thus, it is only right for Sect Head Adulus to give us just compensation for terrible losses. I hope Sect Head Adalus understands."

Adalus expression went back to normal and argued, "Wait, wait, how could have this been my fault? If only Young Noble properly investigated this matter, you would have discovered that I have already sold the deed. Then, Young Noble would have not suffered such losses."

\'Hmph, you think you can take advantage of me and get some benefit from me! Then, you are severely mistaken, Dylan Ford! To think you actually paid for the lot in full already! Hahaha! How foolish!\' Adalus sneered at Dylan\'s attempts.

"But, how could the matter be investigated properly when there was no report nor record regarding you and your client\'s purchase? Didn\'t Sect Head Adalus say it himself that the transaction has only been made recently and has yet to be reported? Isn\'t Sect Head Adalus currently contradicting whatnhe just said earlier?" Dylan purposely gave a look of confusion but quickly returned to his calm smiling facade.

"I... this... It must have temporarily slipped off my mind. Please forgive me. Being old can be really problematic sometimes, hehe." Adalus did not expect that his own words to be used against. That was why he could only use such excuses to cover up his mistake and even forced out a chuckle.

Dylan continued to speak with a faint smile, "Indeed, time is really a cruel thing. Setting that aside, did Sect Head Adalus know that unknown transactions are forbidden in the city? I heard that not immediate admittance of transactions within twenty four hours can be considered to be unknown transactions and is already punishable by law. It could even be considered as an act of treason. The punishement involves a big sum of money and a few decades of imprisonment. Oh, how could I forget that Sect Head Adalus has been a citizen of the city since childhood so he must surely know such law, right?"