The Strongest Businessman - 179 Chapter 179: Visit to Eagle Sec

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The two brothers parted ways after their conversation. Barry went to the employees and checked on their status while Dylan continued his training and cultivation.


The employees were all in their rooms bathing in wooden tubs folled with deep purple water. They endured the searing pain from the Bloodline Roots Awakening medicinal solution called Blood Purifying Liquid. The medical solution was currently extracting the roots of heavenly bloodline from their bloodlines and was minutely refining the bloodlines of the employees.

Bullets of sweat rained down from their faces and back. Their sweat had a bit darkish in color bevause it was the impurities that were being forced out of their bloods. It may seem that their sweat were combining with the bath but it was not affecting the effects of the herb.

The pain that they were enduring was exactly like what Barry described it to be. It was as if there was iron needles drilling themselves into every part of his body. But, at least this pain was barely bearable for all of them so they kept on absorbing the medicinal essence of their respective baths. They all instilled in their minds one thought, \'I have to be stronger!\'

Two hours passed, the pain eventually receded and all of them noticed that the bath which was originally deep purple was now slightly murky. This was because they were all able to fully absorb the medicinal essence of the bath and forced out a significant amount of impurities from their bloodline.

"We succeeded!" The boys cheered in joy when they finished with that gruesome experience. They all immediately got out of clothes and wore some clothes.

"Although I feel really tired, I can feel my body\'s condition has improved considerably!" Arnold did some slight stretching and felt an unknown vigor in his body that was not there before.

"You\'re right! My body feels lighter than usual! My mind is also stately clear! I feel that my body can move better than it used to!" Tom exclaimed as he did some jabs and kicks on the air.

"Yahaha! I feel that I can beat Larry now!" Bill energetically said as he also started to shadow box. In his concentration, he was even able to create a slight air blast from his normal fist alone.


Meanwhile, the girls who were just fone with their baths noticed something different that happened to them which was different from what the boys discovered. They did not immediately wear clothes, they only dried themselves with their spirit energy before approaching one another.

"Wow, Sis Marie\'s skin is much fairer and brighter than before! It has even that delivate elasticity with it!" Allana exclaimed as she touched Marie\'s white skin. The stunned Marie could not help but slightly blush from her touch.

"Allana\'s skin not only got smoother, her hair is now silkier and softer than before!" Bridgette touched Allana\'s smooth skin and hair as she noticed the difference to how it currently is from what it used to be.

Allana got flustered and jumped out of Bridgette\'s grasp, "Eek, stop doing that! It\'s not like I\'m the only one whose skin and hair got better. Sis, your face and lips is even rosier than before!"

"Hehehe." Bridgette also blushed and smiled as she bashfully connected her two index fingers.

"Can we first please dress up first? It\'s embarassing to move with our bare bodies." Mary shyly said as she took a dress and wore it. With her words, her roommates realized her words and then took out some dresses out of their closets.

After the discovery made by the two genders, the employees teased and messed with each other for fun for a while. Eventually, their banters died down as they all fell asleep.

The next day...

Dylan, Barry, Rian and the employees had another peaceful morning as per schedule and ate a happy breakfast with a lot of enthusiastic topics for discussion. They smiled and laughed as they watched their whole family make fun of each other and eat merrily at the same time.

After breakfast, the group with the assignements for the day left while the other went on their way to backyard and continue training. Barry returned to his room and continued the concoction of the Blood Purifying Liquid. Rian also went to the backyard and flaunted his evolved form to Mary and the others along with his beast \'pack\'.

"They seem to be doing fine. Ah, it\'s already time to go." Dylan changed into a new set of clothes after taking a bath and departed. His destination today was not Premier Hall or Soaring Garden Enterprise. It was the Eagle Sect\'s Residence.


Outside Eagle Sect\'s Residence, four individuals seemed to be waiting for someone to arrive. These four individuals were the four sect heads which were in a pertnership with Dylan: Arman Heinze, Steven Bulwark, Yander Cooper, and Okemos Charon.

"Grrr, where the hell is he? We\'ve been waiting for nearly fifteen minutes now." Steven Bulwark impatiently said. In his impatince, he crossed his arms while his indes finger constantly tapped his right arms\' biceps.

"Steven, you really got to change that attitude of yours. What if the Young Master hears you?" Okemos reprimanded. Steven was just going to retort when he saw a familliar figure.

"It is fine. I have indeed been a little late. I was unfamilliar how to get here so I was somehow lost on my way here. I am deeply sorry for this." Dylan arrived and faintly smiled as he cupped his arms.

"Oh no, Young Master Dylan should have just contacted us with the Spiritual Transmission Tablet and we would have sent experts to guide you to come here." Yander expressed his concern in a very polite way.

"I merely wanted to explore the city and find my own path just like what I always do. I have caused the Sect Heads to waste their time waiting. So, shall we go inside?" Dylan respectfully prosposed as he went to the opened gates. The four nodded in his actions and followed him from behind.


Within the courtyard of the Main Hall of Eagle Sect, Adalus Eagle, who was enjoying his freshly brewed morning tea, was suddenly interrupted by an unexpected news.

"My lord, the four Top 200 sect heads that came yesterday have entered the residence. With them, is one of the three Rising Tycoons and the owner of Soaring Garden Enterprise, Dylan Ford." The servant quickly reported.

"What?! Dylan Ford is here?" Adalus did not expect that Dylan would actyally take the initiative of coming to his sect. He originally thought that this person was still busy expanding his business like what the other two rising Tycoons are currently doing.

\'Even Gayolei had not expected him to come here. Why would he come? Is it because of the lot? Were those four that close with him? I thought that he was only working with them professionally...\' Adalus knew the reports of the Business partnership that those five agreed upon but he always thought that it was merely a show for the public.

"Hmph, if those old fools think they can use this kid\'s status to negotiate with me, the must be underestimating me! Fine, bring them here." Adalus resolutely harrumphed as he finished his tea.

"Yes, my lord." The servant quickly retreated after bowing. He went to Dylan and the others and guided them to the courtyard.

Adalus looked at his butler and said, "Prepare some tea and light snacks." The butler silently acknowledged and left.

Several minutes later...

Dylan and the other four arrived at the courtyard. The sect heads looked admiringly at the decorations of this place and nodded with approval while Dylan remained unfettered by anything and calmly moved towards the table Adalus was seating at.

"Greetings, Sect Head Adalus. We are sorry for our abrupt visit. I hope it is not of incovenience to have us here." Dylan walked unhurriedly and calmly greeted.

"Greeting, fellow friends. Hahaha, of course not. What brings you to my humble abode?" Adalus amiably smiled as he stood up. He even cupped his hands to show his hospitality. What was surprising was that he was able to remain calm despite Arman being in front of him.

\'He\'s not agitated even with Arman here. I can see that he can still remain calm. Hm, it seems like this man is not simple. But that anxiousness is not as well hidden well...\' Dylan smiled in his heart as he looked briefly at Adalus

But such actions caused the four sect heads to look at him with disdain. Aramn was the first to suspect his peculiar behavior. \'This guy is oddly respectful and affable. He must be up to something.\'

"We are here to talk about the lot of land in your possession." Dylan directly went to his point and sat on the vacant seat direcly in front of Adalus.

Seeing his calm attitude, Adalus inwardly praised him, \'To be so young yet indifferent and calm. Just his temperament alone makes him qualified as one of the three Rising Tycoons.\'

"I am terribly sorry but I cannot let that lot be taken as I had already sold it to another client." Adalus put on an apologetic face as he frowned in front of them.

"Lies! The records of the City Hall does not have any files regarding a recent procurement of the lot! The lot is already classified as an abandoned lot since the business you previously installed there went bankrupt!" Steven exploded in anger as he said. He really could not stand that smug face of this Adalus.

\'Steven, you need to calm down. We are in the enemy territory. We need to be careful.\' Okemos communicated with Steven and did his best to remind him not to get agitated.

"The deal was just made recently. So, how could there have been records Indeed, it was classified as an abandoned lot but according to the law, the lot is still mine since the deed is still with me. I can either choose to return it or pay for renewal. I paid for the renewal in the City and is planning the deed to him after settling the papers. I found no fault in my actions as it is within the bounds of the law." Adalus replied with a patient tone.

"Then, what is the reason for the Eagle Sect supressing my Quadra Fang recently?" Arman could no longer bare it but ask.

"Supressing? No, no, it seems like Friend Arman has misunderstood the actions of my Eagle Sect. My sect has just entered yet another growth period and the recent tournament where my sect destroyed, rather defeated, your Quadra Fang Sect is merely a result of our overall growth. In terms of business, it just so happens that the establishments of your sect is also at the region where ours are. So, please forgive me for such a misunderstanding." Adalus replied with an apologetic tone but was inwardly happy seeing Arman\'s frustrated face.

\'That\'s right, Arman! I like that face you are making! Show it to me more! I want to see you suffer even more! My revenge for my brother only begins here!\' Adalus triumphantly laughed in his heart while maintaing a frowning face in the surface.