The Strongest Businessman - 174 Chapter 174: Problems Popping Up

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Somewhere in the East Region of the Thunder Clouds City, three large and luxuriously architectured building with each having a label of "Fabulous Tailors", stood erect. Thousands of people could be seen coming and out of the building and the employees numbered to thousands.

In the second to the top floor, a black haired man with a perfect oval face without a speck of facial was anxiously tapping his four fingers consecutively as he wore a frustrated expression on his face. This man had a beauty comparably to women and smooth skin that is as white as milk. He is Oliver Guess, the third elder of the Fabulous Tailors.

After several seconds of continued action, he suddenly stood up and threw a tantrum, "Damn that Dylan Ford! If I find him, I am going to crush him to pieces! How dare he use a Soul Lock Contract to bind my disciple and make him his own servant?! Arrrgh!"

Oliver was able to find out about this matter because of Steph\'s precarious arrangements. Although Steph was very confident that he could win, with his meticulous personality, he still left an order to one of his servants to report to his master if he was to be defeated on his bet with Dylan.

To Steph\'s surprise, he actually lost to Dylan. He wanted to report it to his master about the details and demand his release from the bet. However, before he could, the Soul Lock Contract already took effect and created that Master-Servant imprint to his soul. Due to this, he discarded his thoughts of ever betraying Dylan and went to report his allegiance.

Per his disciple\'s arrangements, Oliver did recieve the message that Steph left. When he received it, he was thoroughly enraged and immediately summoned Steph\'s presence in front of him. His demeanor and personality was still the same which relieved Oliver. However, when Oliver brought up a plan that involved his freedom and betrayal to Dylan, Steph quickly became hostile and remained adamant to stay by Dylan\'s side which was a big blow to Oliver.

Oliver pushed all the blame to Dylan and really wanted to dispatch some assassins to kill him off ever since he recieved the message three days ago. But, he was still caught up with an important assignment that the sect head left to him so he could not make a move against Dylan for the past few days.

A middle aged man with a rather peculiar beard who sat in front of him suddenly said, "Calm down, third elder. It is not right for you to fight against a junior like Dylan Ford."

"But my disciple is being manipulated by that evil brat, fourth elder! How can I remain calm knowing that my cold and aloof disciple is actually seen bowing to someone who is barely at the peak of Spirit Gathering?!" Oliver angrily replied.

The fourth elder answered with understanding, "I am angered about this news as well. Nephew Stephen was not only an excellent Tailor, he was also a cultivation talent. That\'s why it is only right for him to be free of the clutches of the Dylan Ford. However, we must first prioritize the task given by the sect head. If we are able to complete this transaction, both of us might recieve a very handsome reward and our sect might even rise in the rankings again. After which, you can focus on killing that brat. Let him have his fun but when he lowers his guard, that\'s when you strike him! Then, you can torture the fool, however you want."

"Fourth elder is indeed wise. My judgement has been clouded by my rage and I was not able to think correctly. I will follow your suggestion and focus on our transactions first. After two weeks, I will grind his business to dust and kill him along with everyone he values!" Oliver smiled sinisterly as he started to plot his revenge against Dylan and how he is going to take his disciple back.


Back in Soaring Garden Herbal Store...

Dylan was now alone because he ordered Steph to return to his establishment and continue the production of his clothes line. Currently, he was managing his documents and sorting out the papers that were piled up on his desk because of his absence. After thirty minutes, he finally finished all of his paper works.

Dylan laid back to stretch and looked at the old fashioned clock on the corner of his room. He sighed, "8:20... Those four is already running late. I still have to go to Premier Hall at 9. Where are they? We were supposed to have a meeting on the joint establishment at 8. Hmm, might as well cultivate."

Several minutes later, a knocking sound was heard on his door. Dylan who was cultivating quickly opened his eyes and responded, "Who is it?"

"Sir Dylan. This is Ronald. The four sect heads are her to see you." Ronald introduced and reported.

"Okay, let them come inside. Thank you for informing me." Dylan thanked Roland before letting him leave.

"You\'re welcome, sir. I am going back to work now." Roland quickly replied. He turned around and faced those four familiar faces and opened the door for them before leaving, "Esteemed Sect Heads, this way please."

As the door opened, the four Sect Heads quickly greeted Dylan. Okemos was the first to speak, "Good day, Young Master Dylan. How have you been? Have you already recovered from your sickness?"

"I have. Thank you for your concern. Please, have a seat." Dylan faintly smiled and hospitably offered seats.

"Thank you." The four sect heads sat at the four chairs which were arranged in pairs in the left and the right with a table in the middle in front of Dylan\'s desk.

"We are sorry for being late. Arman had some trouble on his sect which affected the procurement of the lot we have decided fot out joint establishment. That was why we had to help him and got delayed but we were still unable to resolve the matter." Yander Cooper revealed. After he said that, Arman Heinze of the Quadra Fang Sect shot him with a glare.

"Oh? What happened?" Dylan\'s expression suddenly changed when he heard that the reason why they were unable to arrive in time was because they were settling the matters of their business.

The lot they decided to get was a location with the perfect amount of exposure to be seen and was easily accessible to. Thus, it would considerably affect Dylan\'s plans if they are unable to get this lot.

"It\'s nothing to worry about, Young Master Dylan. It was just a fight of the juniors of my sect which somehow drew the attention of both parties elders. That\'s all." With the secret exposed, Arman no longer hid the matter and told Dylan the general gist of what happened.

"Is this fight you are talking about somehow related to the Eagle Sect?" Dylan cruiously asked.

"How did you know?" Arman looked at him with shock.

"I was merely guessing. It is not a secret that your Quadra Fang Sect and Eagle Sect are at war with each other. I suppose this is still related to your son trying to ask the hand of the heir of Eagle Sect in marriage?" Dylan asked.

"Indeed, my son and the heir of the Eagle Sect were secrety dating and it was only when a disciple of the Eagle Sect did this matter blow up and reported it to the sect head. Having a grudge against me, he forbade his daughter from seeing my son but my son kept finding ways to meet with his daughter which angered him greatly. Recently, his sect seemed to be gaining some strength and is slowly suppressing my sect. Coincidentally, the lot that we were aiming to buy was originally his so he deliberately made things difficult for me to get a hold of the lot we wanted." Arman confirmed and explained the situation.

"I see. What a predicament, this is." Dylan did not expect for such a matter to suddenly pop up. He was expecting that the purchase of the lot and the establishment of the joint establishment would be smooth but he should have known better to think that things would always go his way.

"Can you please explain what sort of grudge he has with you?" Dylan wanted to know all the details of this matter before making a move.

"The sect head of the Eagle sect was the younger brother of a genius I killed when I was young, thus, he held grudge against me. However, as his talent was never a match from mine, he was always weaker than me and did not have the chance of taking my head. With that, he establish a sect in order to nurture a genius powerful enough to kill me which is precisely her daughter." Arman disclosed.

"This is getting more complicated than I thought. So, reconciliation is out of the question, huh?" Dylan was silent for a moment after hearing Arman\'s story.

"I apologize. It is my fault for implicating this onto everyone." Arman was very dejected about this matter for two reasons. One, his son remained adamant about taking the Eagle Sect\'s heir who was made to kill him as his wife. Two, he was affecting the entire group\'s plan because of his sect\'s problems.

"This is not entirely your fault. How could you have known that your son was actually dating the child of the younger brother of the person you killed ages ago?" Steven comforted him.

"Don\'t beat up yourself too much. Life is too unpredictable to even predict what is going to happen next." Yander consoled his friend like so.

"It is fine. Sect Head, Yander is right, I should have known that life would never let you have your way. Since we have decided to set this establishment together, we shall solve it together as well. I will accompany you tomorrow and try to resolve this matter." Dylan quickly decided.

"Young Master Dylan, there is no need. We can do it on our own. We know that you still have matters to attend to in Premier Hall." Okemos stepped in and tried to stop Dylan.

"That\'s right. If the lot is truly unattainable, we can just simply find another one with a similar location and exposure. At most, out plans will only be pushed by a few days. There is no need for you to come with us." Arman added.

" Firstly, I don\'t have any appointements for tomorrow. Secondly, I am aware of such options because I have already considered it. But such a place would be impossible to come across. Aside from the fact that it has the right exposure and is easy to go to, the lot we decided has an almost congruent distance to all of our businesses. We decided it because through that we can monitor each other\'s movements to avoid corruption within the establishment. That\'s why until it is proven that we have other choices, I would want to secure that lot for ourselves." Dylan reminded them.

"We understand." The four Sect Heads nodded.

"That is all for today. Tomorrow, I\'ll go to Eagle Sect with all of you and try to negotiate with the Sect Head." Dylan adjourned the meeting after saying those words.

"Mhm." All four nodded and Okemos said his farewells before leaving the room, "We shall take our leave."

After that, Dylan wrapped things up in his office and descended from the Soaring Garden Main Building and went on his way to Premier Hall.


Thunder Clouds City, Eagle Sect...

The Eagle Sect occupied a large lot about fifty hectares. Within, there were a nine buildings which held a specific functions for the sect\'s needs. Eight of the building were arranged around the largest building found in the center. This building was named the Main Hall.

Within the Main Hall, a middle aged man whose hair was styled like the wings of an eagle sat at the side of his garden while holding a Spiritual Transmission Tablet on his hand. He was Adalus Eagle, the founder of the Eagle Sect. It seemed as if he was having a serious conversation with someone important.

"How was the suppression you did on Quadra Fang Sect?" said the voice in the Spiritual Transmission Tablet.

"It is going very smoothly, Lord Gayolei. With your help, I estimate that in a month\'s time we can fully suppress the Quadra Fand Sect and challenge them in a Sect War to completely crush them." Adalus smiled as he reported.

The person who helped Adalus and the Eagle Sect to suppress Quadra Fang Sect was none other than the Clan Head of Panther Clan, Gayolei Panther. He spoke in a pleased tone, "Good."

"My lord, how are you planning to deal with those low ranking sect leaders that have been captured by Dylan Ford?" Adalus said.

"You need not worry. They have already been disposed of." Gayolei stated in a confident tone.

"As expected of the great foresight and wisdom of Lord Gayolei." Adalus praised with an amazed tone.

"Hahaha, of course. How else would I have guided my clan to the Top 10 of the Sect Rankings if I do not possess such qualities? And, Adalus, I am expecting quite a lot from you! I will not tolerate failure. But, if you do succeed, you would be able to take your sect to heights you have never dreamt before." Gayolei said with expectation.

"Of course, my lord. I shall do your bidding without fail." Adalus said.

"Very good." With that, Gayolei ended the transmission.

After keeping the Spiritual Transmission Tablet, Adalus smirked as he said, "You think you are so smart to use me, aren\'t you, Gayolei? Unfortunately, I am using you to! After my sect grows and I reach Mortal Severing, I will overthrow you and take your place in the Top 10! Hahaha!"