The Strongest Businessman - 172 Chapter 172: There is Nothing Wrong with Being Big

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"Good. I shall concoct the medicinal fluids tonight while I monitor Dylan and Rian\'s condition. Everyone go catch some sleep. You start with the treatment tomorrow evening after training." Barry\'s impression of everyone improved from this talk. He could see why Dylan would risk his life for them because they would be willing to do the same for him.

"Are you sure, Boss? Don\'t you need some sleep to?" Arnold asked him with concern. Actually, it was not just him. He was just the one who said but Barry could sense that everyone was looking with concern. They were worying for him as well.

\'Heh, these brats are even concerned about me. Having a family... really feels great.\' Barry let out a heartfelt smile and said. "Don\'t worry about me. I\'ll get some sleep after Dylan and Rian wakes up tomorrow morning."

"Okay. Goodnight, boss." Everyone said their goodnights to Barry before going upstairs and to their rooms.

"Goodnight." Barry waved his hand and waited for everyone to go upstairs before going up himself. That night, Barry did his best to create the medicinal liquid that he promised and occassionally checked on Dylan and Rian at the same time.


The next day...

It was around seven in the morning. In the dining area, Jack and the other have been long awake and were already done eating breakfast. Mary and five more people were currently washing the dishes.

"Shoud we not tell Boss Barry to come down and eat first?" Bridgette asked.

"I already tried telling him but I saw a note on the door of Sir Dylan\'s room saying to not disturb as he was still concocting the medicinal liquid he told us about." A short haired young man named Kyle said.

"Oh. Then, I guess we should just leave him some food on the table fro him to eat later." Bridgette thoughtfully said.

"Those with the assignments to the store today, it\'s time to go." Ronald reminded the others. After his reminder, the employees with shifts today proceeded to the Soaring Garden Enterprise.

"Everyone else, go to the backyard Let\'s proceed with our training." Larry announced right after the working group left.


Upstairs, in Dylan\'s room...

"Huu. Finally finished. The grade of this Blood Purifying Liquid is even better than I thought." Barry wiped the sweat on his face and grinned with his success. Under him, it was a large pot that could fit an adult. Inside, a liquid with deep purple hue was found. It emitted a flowery smell that was pleasant to the nose.

"I even made more than expected. This should be more than enough for them to use for a week." Barry picked up the lid that he prepared and contained the flowery smell of Blood Purifying Liquid. He tapped it with his storage ring and the large pot was sucked into the ring in an instant.

"Urgh..." A groaning sound was heard after.

"Did he wake up already?" Barry was alerted. He went to check on Rian because he thought he would be the first to wake up since his wounds were already fully healed. But he saw the little puppy soundly sleeping. He was even snoring as he slept.

"Where am I? I\'m... naked? Is this a bath? Urgh, my body...!" Dylan groaned as he opened his eyes. He was wondering why he was naked. When he saw that familiar ceiling, he thought out loud, "I\'m in my room?"

Barry hurried to Dylan\'s side. When he saw Dylan awake, he became very emotional and loudly laughed, "Dylan, you\'re finally awake!! Hahaha!"


"Dylan, you\'re finally awake! Hahaha!" Barry\'s voice was so loud that it could be heard outside.

"Sir Dylan is awake...?" Larry and the others who were training came into an abrupt pause. It was as if time stopped as their thoughts processed Barry\'s joyful cries.

"Sir Dylan is awake! Whooohoo!" Such news elated those who were training outside. After hearing such a wonderful news, they immediately left their training and raised upstairs.


"Barry?" Dylan suddenly saw his brother which made him heave a sigh of relief. At least with Barry here, he was sure that he was in his own residence. When he saw Barry coming closer, he was going to greet him. But, he suddenly remembered that he was naked! "Woah, wait! Don\'t come any closer! I don\'t even have clothes on!"

Dylan jumped out of the medicinal bath. In an instant, he circulated his spirit energy to dry the water on his skin and quickly retrieved a robe from his storage ring to cover himself. Only after doing that, did he feel comfortable, "Huu.. That\'s better."

Barry laughed once more as he teased Dylan. When he saw how embarassed the ussually calm Dylan, how could he not take advantage of this and tease him? "Hahaha, it\'s okay bro! I already saw everything! Though I must admit that you are rather big down there. Hahahaha!"

"You jerk! I will..." Dylan was already trembling in embarassment.

When the door suddenly creaked open, Ron and the others were there. All of the girls, who were just behind the guys that were anxious to see Dylan, suddenly blushed from hearing such disturbing words.

When Barry saw them, he saw the others on the door. He thought with trepidation, \'Oh shit, I\'m dead!\'

Since Ron was the one at the front, he did not know what to do. It was really awkward. He wanted to turn back but it was blocked. So, he thought, \'Since I can\'t turn back, I shall move on forward.\'

Ron approached Dylan and even patted Dylan on the shoulders, "Sir Dylan, it\'s nice to see that you\'re up and well. I heard from Boss Barry that you were really \'big\'. There is nothing to be embarassed about being \'big\'. Being \'big\' is a blessing from the heavens, therefore, you should be proud of it."


"I think... we should go down." Not being able to handle Ron\'s vulgar words, Marie proposed to the other girls. Without further debate, the girls nodded and left one by one.


"Ron, get out." Dylan said in a very low voice. Dylan\'s aura suddenly changed. Barry and the others knew that things are not going to end well.

"Eh?" Ron suddenly sensed killing intent from Dylan. He immediately retreated backwards and spoke like a rapper, "Oh, I suddenly remembered that we still have some training to do. Uhm, it was nice catching up to you, Sir Dylan. Bye!"

"Hey, what are you guys doing?! Go down already!" Ron came running to the door as the guys quickly sprinted to the groundfloor.

Barry ,who was the only one left on the room, approached Dylan with a wry smile, "Dylan, I\'m sorry. I was just teasing you. I did not know they were there."

"Really?" Dylan suddenly looked at him with a smiling face but that smile was not his usual smile. It was unusually cold.

"Oh, I remembered that I have to do something. I got to go." Barry came up with an excuse and tip toed to the door. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder and stopped him.

When he turned back, he saw Dylan already clenching his fist with the smile on his face. "Don\'t go. I still haven\'t thanked you, bro."

Cold sweat started to trickle down his spine and he said, "You won\'t beat up your sworn brother, right?"

"Of course not. Can\'t you see? It\'s just a simple bro-fist. I promise you, it won\'t hurt." Dylan smiled.

"Really?" Barry looked suspiciously at him.

"Yeah, because it\'s going to really hurt!!" Dylan coldly smiled as he spoke.

Barry, then realized that there was no escaping this ordeal of his,


"What\'s all this noise about?" Rian woke up from Barry\' loud voice. He was surprised to see that he was already in their house.

However, when he saw Sylan ruthlessly beating Barry, Rian shivered from fright. He saw Barry looking at him with pleading eyes. He quickly laid back down on the medicinal bath and pretended to sleep. \'Sorry, I can\'t help you.\'

\'Traitor!\' Barry cursed in his mind but he could not keep that thought any longer as another fist landed on his face, "Ouch! Stop! I said I\'m sorry!"


Several minutes later, Dylan went down to their backyard, looking fresh, and dressed with a proper robe. Barry accompanied him with purplr bruises on his face.

"It really hurts, you know. I can\'t believe I actually healed you just to be beaten up like this." Barry complained indignantly.

Dylan snorted, "Hmph, it\'s your fault for being a blabbermouth."

"I already told you. I didn\'t expect that they were already at the door. I thought they were doing their daily routine." Barry defended himself.

"You shouted so loud about how I was finally awake. Of course, they would go to my room! It\'s your fault for saying such a sick joke." Dylan indifferently replied.

"Okay, okay, I get it. It was my fault. I\'m really sorry, okay?" Barry finally admitted his wrongdoings.

Dylan rolled his eyes and offered a pill as a form of reconcilliation "Fine. Here\'s a healing pill for external injuries. It will your bruised face in minutes."

"Okay, this is only just compensation. Now, we\'re even." Barry took the pill and consumed it. The pill quickly took effect. His bruises were no longer purple and was slowly turning back to Barry\'s original complexion. "That feels much better!"

Dylan did not mind his brother any longer and instead, observed the training of his employees, "Hmm... their movements have become more refined lately. This... all of them has already reached Grand Perfection in their Mid Spirit Rank Techniques?!"

"They\'re amazing, right? Hehe. While you were asleep last night, these guys practiced for an extre two hours. During those two hours, their desire to be stronger connected their hearts and they were able to incite a Heavenly Revelation!" Barry recounted last night.

"That\'s incredible! Now wonder, they were able to reach Grand Perfection so quickly. From what Jack reported to me, most of them reached Expert Mastery five days ago. To think they could actually incite a Heavenly Revelation." Dylan smiled proudly. One must know that Dylan despite his high comprehension ability was only able to reach Perfection in his foundation techniques just recently.

"They have surpassed you in creating a stable foundation. They are already working their way for High Spirit Rank Techniques and chose Low Earth Rank Techniques for their killer moves just like you instructed them. After the Heavenly Revelation, everyone seemed to be working extra harder than usual." Barry praised every single one of the employees.

"I know. But they deserve it more than anyone." Dylan knew how hard working his employees were more than anyone because he watched them grow from the early stages of Spirit Veins to the early stages of Awakened spirit in less than four months. Such a speed was already comparable to average geniuses.

"It seems like I have to work harder if I don\'t want to get left behind." Dylan jokingly said.

"Dylan." Barry suddenly said in a serious voice causing Dylan to look at him in shock. Barry turned to him and said, "I want to start the Contrast Polymerization after three days."