The Strongest Businessman - 169 Chapter 169: Feelings of Gratitude

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Rea, who was standing amidst the rubble of the Gardenford Restaurant with her eyes closed, suddenly opened them. Her eyes were flickering with orange light as his gaze scanned the entire city and it\'s vicinity.

She was currently using the Chronic Energy Detection Skill. It was a Low Heaven Rank skill that cultivates the user\'s Mental Strength and instinct that it could allow the user to examine any type of residual energy and detect the amount of time that passed when it was left.

The pironeer of this technique created it believing that the auras any being leaves in a place would not dissipate but instead, assimilate itself with the environment and be permanently imprinted within. After devising a way to heighten one\'s senses and use it conversely with Mental Energy, the technique was made.

This technique is commonly used for investigation and pursuits of High level Spirit Investigators which is the secondary profession Rea took to satiate her thirst for knowledge and adventure. After which, she proceeded with her investigation:

"The fight that occured here must have been the cause of the city\'s destruction. The auras I am sensing indicates that there were no severe loss of human life. There are at least seven hundred people that were killed by the residual energy. However, among them, Dylan and Scarlet is not one of them."

"The strange thing is that I can feel a high level beastly aura mixed on Scarlet\'s aura. This is also the same beast which fought with the evil aura that would most likely come from a Malevolent Magnate. This beast has the same pressure of a Beast Emperor but not at the same time... is this a Mythical Beast? Could this mean that Scarlet was a Spirit Beast all along?"

"That can\'t be. Although there was something odd innher aura, I was sure that Scarlet was a human her attitude and aura were exactly that of a human. This matter is really problematic."

"On the other hand, Dylan\'s aura seems more different than it was. It seemed he also fought a person similar to a Malevolent Magnate and won. Why do I feel as if I was staring at the stars when I examine his aura now? But why is there a faint darkness with it? If it were not for that gentlemanly vibe, I would have thought he was another person now."

"There is also two more auras I can feel that is similar to that beastly aura is more powerful than Scarlet. They seemed to have just appeared out of nowhere..."

"Everything about this event is very peculiar... What did really happened here?"

"Lil\' Sis Scarlet, Dylan , I will find the both of you. I believe that you are still not dead. And, for the one/s who did this to you guys, they will pay!"

Although their meeting was brief, the two already had a significant place in her heart. She came from a very noble background. Everyone around her would greet her with courtesy and respect. Some would fawn over her and praise her endlessly just to form connections with her.

Although they seemed very close and intimate to her, she knew it was because of the talent, wealth and status that was ascribed to her. With her inquisitive nature, she had read a volumes of literature which enlightened her that if she did not have any of those things, they would never bat an eye even if she was dying.

However, she was very shy and meek. Thus, she could not force herself to tell those things to those people who wish to get close to her. She could only courteously greet them and converse with them as minimal as possible.

The only exception for this was her brother, Rio. Even when her brother was very handsome, extremely talented and the next heir of the clan, he did not put on airs when he was with her nor to others. He would always play with her when he has the chance and even prank or tease her from time to time. He would do things as he saw was morally righteous and just. He was her idol.

However, for the first time, he met people who did not care of her background. A naive little girl pulled her sleeves on this path asking her to be a customer without even asking where she came from. This little girl treated her like a big sister and even asked her to be the girlfriend of her elder brother.

A young man who politely greeted her and conversed with her with no ulterior motives. He knew his boundaries and did things very proffesionally with finesse. There was no lust and desire in his eyes, only warmth and calmness which attracted her very much.

These two left a mark on her pure and sad heart which made her look forward to the next time they met. A serene and calming feeling would visit her heart each time she remembered that awkward yet fun tea party she had with those two.

Unknowingly, Rea thought of them even in her meditation that granted her a peaceful heart and a clear mind. Hence, making her comprehension soar exponentially thereby, learning the Dual Sword Domain that only ten in their clan\'s history was able to master.

Because of them, Rea was able to make such an achievement in only than two months! The sense of gratitude and debt welled in her heart. These fueled her desire to find and meet these once again.

Amidst her thoughts, she sensed her Twin Calamity Sword resonating. "Did father use the True King Seal to find me? Hm, mother\'s immortal sense? Does that mean mother and father is close? What is happening?"

"Father\'s location is not far from me. I guess I\'ll go to them now... since my plans for today... can no longer be done." Rea said despodently. The reason why he could detect her father\'s location was because of the Twin Calamity Sword. Since the seal could detect the swords, the sword could naturally do the same thing. The sword spirits within whispered to her the location of her father after recognizing his call.

Her lonely figure slowly drifted with the air. In less than a minute, she reappearred on the premise of the Mountain Range. She sensed countless Immortal Shelters all around this mountain range. She was shocked to discover that all of the Six Great Sects of the Mystical Clouds as well as all five True King Clans have gathered here!

But what shocked her the most was the tomb that was situated atop the highest mountain of the mountain range. She even saw signs of battle along the entance path of the Immortal Tomb. It seemed like it\'s opening created quite a chaotic battle.

\'What is happening here? Why has almost every power in the country gathered in this mountain range? Could it be that tomb? From it\'s aura alone, it has to be at least an Immortal-level Tomb! Has it just risen? I need to find about how it came about or whose it is.\' Rea thought to herself. After her momentary pause in mid-air, she quickly went over to the base of her clan.

Once she arrived, she spotted some familliar faces as she was flying around. It was a group of four, two girls and two boys. She quickly descended and asked them about the tomb. With that, her curiousity went overdrived and immediately shot off several questions, "Big Sis Kiana, what happened here? What is that tomb? Where did it come from? Why did all the great powers of the country gather here?"

"Miss Rea, you\'re here? The entire clan was in shambles because of your disappearance. Where have you gone? Did you know how worried the Clan Head and the Misstress were of you?" The well-endowed black haired beauty ignored Rea\'s question and interrogated her.

"I... plan to go to mother and father to apologize to them personally later. So... can you please tell me about everything you know about the tomb?" Rea realized that she seemed to have caused her entire clan to worry which made her feel very guilty. But, her curiousity stil got the best of her and shyly asked.

"Haaayst, the important thing is that you are safe." Kiana sighed.

"It is nice to see that Miss Rea is safe." The man and woman who seemed to be a couple bowed at the same time.

"At long last, I get to see, Fairy Rea in person. I am astounded by the incredible beauty that you possess. To satisfy Fairy Rea\'s curiousity, let me, Luxio, do the honor of enlightening you." A rather handsome blonde haired guy with long hair politely bowed as he \'fabulously\' flipped his hair.

"Uhm, if Sir Luxio does not feel it is not a waste of his time, err.. I would have to trouble." Rea shyly replied. She naturally knew him, he was one of her suitor\'s in a different branch of her family. Seeing an attitude made Rea very uncomfortable.

Seeing that shy expression on her face, made Luxio\'s heart beat incomparably fast. He got a hold of himself and told her what she wanted to know, "Ahem... Just after Fairy Rea entered the Hall of Inheritance, The Six Great Sects and the Five True King Clans gathered on this area as they sensed the appearance of a Cosmic Light which could only be summoned by a Primoridial Level Law Fragment."

"A Primoridial Levele Law Fragment!" Rea was dumbfounded by this news. She did not expect something like this to appear on their country. Even in Empires, a Primoridial Law Fragment would cause lots of people to go mad from greed!

Anticipating her shock, Lucio smiled and continued, "When they arrived, there was no sign of any Law Fragment. Even the Tier 3 Imperial Investigator\'s were helpless in this respect, they described it as though the one who invoked it did not have an ounce of energy on him at all. They deduced that the Cosmic Light seemed to have removed any trace of his being within this place."

\'No once of aura on him? The Cosmic Light wiped away his traces?\' As a Tier 9 Spirit Investigator herself which is just a step away from a Royal Investigator, Rea knew how capable a peak level Imperial Investigator which was two realms above her. To think that they could not actually resolve such a matter. This matter seemed to have went beyond the power of a country.

This time, the one who comtinued was the other man beside Luxio, named Jasper continued, "Only when all eleven powers gathered did the tomb finally emerge on this mountain range a month ago. They thought of various ways to open the Immortal Tomb. One of which was using the modified Blood Sacrifice Array which nearly offsets it\'s sacrifice to less than 5%. This was brilliantly done by Formation Emperor Yohan of the Jungle Hall. Thus, asking the Mystical Magnate Tower to inform all top level powers of inner proximity sects to send two thousand experts of the Origin Palace Realm and above."

\'Modifying an ancient array?! Mitigating it\'s effects to nearly 5% of it\'s original damage! How incredible!\' Rea could not help but gasp after hearing such a miraculous achievement. But, she soon understood that it was only to be expected as the experts which gathered here were as many as the clouds.

A petite and young looking girl at Jasper\'s side named Cecil, chuckled at Rea\'s reaction and took the initiative to continue. "The designated schedule for its usage was tomorrow but earlier this day, the Tomb Spirit detected the presence of the fated one and opened the tomb. More than a million cultivators battled their way to enter the Immortal Tomb which caused the bloody scene you could have scene ealier. Now, half an hour has passed from its\' opening, all of the sects and clans present plans to send their elites to find the Law Fragment."

"Coincidentally, we are part of the Elite Team and was just preparing to embark. Would Miss Rea want to accompany us? Er... That is if you are avaible, I mean. But if I was being to presumptuous, you won\'t have to." Kiana warmly smiled and offered.

But she soon realized her mistake, taking Rea would risk her life. Knowing how protective the Clan Head and his wife to Rea after the death of their son, Rio, Kiana realized how insolent she was. If they knew that she invited her daughter, would she not be punished?

"Let me ask permission from mother and father, first. It shall only take a few moments." Rea smiled and stated. She used her spiritual sense to contact her parents but the room they were staying at were surrounded by her father\'s immortal energy. She thought that her father and mother seemed to be discussing about important matters as of the moment.

Rea was conflicted in her thoughts at first but she eventually steeled her resolve, \'Should I go? But knowing mother, she would certainly be against it. I guees I shouldn\'t... No! I owe them my achievement of comprehending the Dual Sword Domain and my new sword art! I need more strength to investigate Dylan\'s and Scarlet\'s matter. His opponent was already condensing his Primal Law. I must become stronger for them!\'

"It\'s done. They... they were anxious at first but I... persuaded them and they eventually, agreed to it. I mean... there are elders guarding us, right?" Rea was not a good liar at all. She was stuttering as she did. She thought that she would be caught easily. But to her surprise...

"Really?! Miss Rea is actually coming with us!" Cecil could not control herself and jumped in joy.

"Great!" The others revealed a shocked yet happy expression. They did not find any fault in her words because they thought that was just how she talked.

"Well, let\'s get going, the elders are waiting for us." Kiana sighed in relief. She thought that she was done for. After saying that, she smiled at Rea and Rea did the same to her.

As they went on their way, Luxio was constantly trying to converse with Rea and attempted to show her his \'fabulous\' side. Rea even chuckled seeing how he repeatedly flipped his long bangs every time he spoke. Hearing her slight laughter, Luxio talked even more and he only shutted down once they reached the entrance of the tomb.

On the entrance, the various geniuses and a few elders gathered. When they saw Rea accomoanying Kiana and the others, they were immediately taken aback and bowed in her presence. "Miss Rea."

"Kiana, what is the Miss doing here?" A tall old man with a long beard asked Kiana who was leading the group.

"Second Elder Credo, we met the Miss on the way here. We asked her whether she wanted to come. She first consulted her parents and she said that they let her did since elder is here guarding her." Kiana said.

"The Clan Head really said that?" Credo was shocked. He did not anticipate that the Clan Head would trust him so much so as to entrust him her daughter\'s life! He subconciously looked at Rea in disbelief.

Hearing their conversation, Rea thought that Elder Credo was looking at her for confirmation. She panicked and she did not know what she should say. In the end, she could only look at him with determination and nodded, "Mhm."

Although it was a simple nod, to Credo, it was surprisingly persuasive. He clenched his fist and vowed in his heart. \'The Clan Head trusts me that much?! Don\'t worry, my lord! I will not let you down! Even if it costs me my life, I shall protect the Miss from danger!\'

After recovering, he became even more stricter and shouted coldly, "Brace yourselves! We shall now enter the Immortal Tomb! To those, who will not behave themselves, I shall take it as grounds for discipline! Remember, we are here to do an extremely important mission! You must always stay with me and listen to me at all times! Understood?!"

Although the disciples and elders found it weird for his sudden uptightness, they still followed by saying, "Yes, sir!"

"Now, follow me for the glory of the Cross Clan!" Credo shouted as he truned around and was sucked into the world within the tomb!

"For the glory of the Cross Clan!" The others along with Rea also entered quickly. Soon, the entrance was empty once more like it had been earlier.

\'I shall become stronger!\' That was Rea\'s thoughts as she entered the Immortal Tomb of Maelstrom Sword Immortal.


A few moments later, Leya and Randall had finally arrived on the entrance but they did not even see a glimpse of Rea\'s shadow.

"Noooo!! Rea!!!" Leya arrived too late and knew that the elite team has already entered along with her daughter.