The Strongest Businessman - 164 Chapter 164: Celestial Arrow

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Blood splattered from Rian\'s wounds. One arrow hit the lower part of his back narrowly piercing through his spine, another pierced through from the lower right side of his neck, sliding through his collarbone and exiting on the part above his lowest left rib while the last destroyed his left shoulder blade and clavicle before piercing to the ground.

"Blugh.." Rian threw up blood from the serious damage he just sustained. His entire body was swaying which meant that he could barely stand. The only thing that was keeping him up was his willpower.

\'No! I cannot die here! Dylan needs just a little bit more time! Don\'t fall! I can do this! Just one more move!\' Rian repeatedly said to keep himself awake. He was constantly fighting the clouding of his mind and the drowsiness he felt.

The Arachnid Guards, who just got out of the blast zone of the Roar of Decimation, were nearly depleted of their energies from all that running. To be able to run fast enough to cover 5 meters in a fraction of a second, they had to pay a great price of burning their blood essence. They all struggled to stand up because of the weaknes they felt from overdrafting their strength.

"This is the price you will pay for disrupting our peace! Your plan has failed! Get ready to die! Your blood will be used to avenge the souls of my fallen brethren!" The leader of the Arachnid Guard was the first to stand up and shouted. This was mainly due to the fact that he was the one with the highest cultivation strength out of all of them.

He was expecting Rian to be begging for his life or screaming for help from his human friend but what he heard was absolutely contrary from his expectations! The demon dog that seemed to be in the brink of his life was laughing maniacally!

"Hahaha, you got it all wrong, douchebag! You guys are the who should get ready! You are right where I want you!" Rian crazily roared even if there was a spear which punctured his neck that caused him to vomit blood again.

"Hell Gaze!!" Rian once again reenacted his stance. He spread his legs in a moment and lowered his head in the next. His bloodline shadow quickly materialized above him and imitated his actions. Rian was now overdrafting his strength just by relying on sheer willpower!

Subsequently, Rian and the giant three-headed shadow quickly raised their heads and displayed eyes filled with brutality and carnage which sent visible dark wind blades made of Mental Strength!

"What?! He can still use his Bloodline Strength!" The leader gasped but his face also darkened as he discovered how dangerous their situation had become.

"How can he still use his strength when it already died down a moment ago?!" All of the Arachnid Guards were shocked! Rian actually still had suffecient strength to use another one of his bloodline skills!

Because of the decision of the Arachnid Guard leader to run backwards, they were now coincidentally on the area in between the craters formed by the immense force of the two Roar of Decimations that Rian used.

What was even more surprising was that they were all standing in staright line! It seemed as if they were somehow lead to this position... When they realized these facts, they knew that it was already too late! They were now frozen on the spot because of the dark Mental Strength that invade their bodies! The petrification effect of the Hell Gaze was fully operational as of this moment!

Was all of these jus a coincidence? Absolutely not. These were all planned by none other than Rian. Though Rian did not have the knowledge and the calm disposition that Dylan had, his battle instincts and talent would surely surpass Dylan!

Those instinct and talent that he had was embedded to his genes that came from the accumulation of the experiences of his ancestors! Even without personal battle experience, his capability to fight by just relying on his intuition would leave all within the same generation to dust!

First, he purposefully held back on his first Roar of Decimation to decrease its speed of destruction enough for the three arachnids who attacked him to escape. He even angled it on his northwest to force the Black Arachnids to flee eastwards and position themselves on his right side.

Anticipating their attack, Rian immediately turned to his right side and attack with the second Roar of Decimation that he still had in store. He similarly tilted his head enough to force the Black Arachnids to go to their present position. Although his estimations were rather rough, but they were enough to pressure them.

Why did Rian lead them to this particular direction? If one was observant enough, this was the position and direction that Rian and Dylan intercepted them earlier! This was also because it was perfectly aligned in a straight line from where Dylan retreated to!

If things went his way, he could have killed nearly half of the seven on his second roar but it did not go that way since the Black Arachnids had their ample share of battles which allowed them to react as quick as they did. But this outcome, although not the best, was still ideal. Because everything that Rian did, it was to set this moment for Dylan to strike!

"Dylan! Do it now!" Rian roared while blood flowed down from his blood red eyes. Restraining the guards that were nearly at the Mortal Moulting Realm for even just a second was exceedingly strenuous.

"Thank you for buying me enough time, Rian!" Dylan\'s voice suddenly resounded as a sublime light shone from the direction of his voice.

A young handsome man holding out his left arm forward that appeared to be gripping something while his right hand was position right chest. This position was exactly how archers hold their bows.

"Stars of Orion, align!" The blinding light turned into numerous shiny glitters. They started to be sucked towards Dylan while they circled around him which formed a shadow of a galaxy!

The glitters of light gathered into his left hand and condensed into the form of a bow while the same thing happened on his right hand, an arrow was conjured from his thumb and index finger to the hole of the newly formed arrow!

The bow was exquisitely crafted with intricate patterns of constellations that it seemed to be crafted from asteroids and meteors! The arrow was even emitting blinding light with the shaft and point glistening and twinkling as if it was made from a star!


Rian was strangely feeling a familiar sensation from this attack. It was as if he had felt, or even seen it before! He could even feel his body being reenergized as it bathed on the light. He thought, \'What is this strange feeling?\'

"What kind of power is this!" The Arachnid Guards were in awe in front of such might! Feeling deathly crisis, they tried to move with all their might!

"Oh no, you don\'t!" But Rian\'s Hell Gaze is far too powerful for them to escape to especially with the recovery he was experiencing in the presence of the light. Thus, their resistance only led to fruitless results.


This shining bow and arrow was the condensation of 100% of Dylan\'s cosmic type spirit energy! It can be formed after unlocking the first seal of the Cosmic God Manual which could only be done after attaining the Legendary Core and the Ancestral Veins Realm!

With the synergy of both heavenly constitution, it allows the user to connect himself with the universe and unlock the first power of the Cosmic God Arts, the Shooting Star!

The Shooting Star is only the first of the five great techniques that the Cosmic God devised according to his understanding of the universe. Each technique has their own distinct use which represent a different celestial body of the cosmos. Each being more abstruse and mightier than the previous one!

Technically, this could only be barely used once the user reaches the Origin Realm which also meant that the user has to also cross the Ancestral Veins Realm. But, Dylan possessed the Supreme Core whose capacity is twice more than the already terrifying Legendary Core!

Thus, Dylan only had to replinish his Supreme Core to its peak before using the first technique of the Cosmic God Arts. This was also the main reason why Rian stalled for time.

Dylan who was holding the bow and arrow looked like a divine archer which was ready to hunt its prey! He slowly chanted as he let go of the arrow and the bow quivered, "Pierce through the night sky! Celestial Arrow: Shooting Star!"

*Swish* *Swish*

The arrow was indeed like a shooting star! It was ephemeral and mystical yet contained immeasurable might! Piercing through the air with insane speed, it even incited a sonicboom!


The darkness which pervaded in the forest was expelled in the presence of the shining light! The petrified Arachnid Guards could only close their eyes in resignation and accepted their fate.

"My King and Queen, we have failed to protect Her Highness... Please forgive us..." The leader indignantly spoke his last words as the dazzling arrow neared. He was the first to be pierced. When it hit, he did not feel any pain because at that moment he already lost consciousness. When it passed, it destroyed his body without trace.

The remaining six Black Arachnids and the Spider Queen died in a similar manner. The arrow disintegrated their bodies as soon as it hit. With their death, all threats have now been eliminated.

"We won..." Dylan fell unconcious immediately after releasing the arrow. With his Supreme Core depreived of energy and being mentally exhausted from that very long battle, he fell on the ground. But, without spirit energy to surpress his injuries, his chest wound had opened up once more, bleeding profusely.

"We did it..." Rian managed to utter before falling on the ground. As he fell, the three spider lances on his back disappeared because of the death of it\'s owner. However, without anything blocking the punctures, blood poured out from his wounds.

A truly dire victory.