The Strongest Businessman - 162 Chapter 162: Ten Seconds

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"Rian, now!" Dylan shouted as he took several steps back. In just a few steps, he was able to distance himself about five meters from his original location. Rian, on the other hand, went in front of hand appearing to be guarding Dylan while he retreated.

"Hmph, you can run but in the end, you will still die, human! Hahaha!" The Night Arachnid laughed in bliss.

"A\'right! Let\'s end this! Bloodline Burst!" Rian shouted with all his might as a familkar shadow of a gigantic beast with six blood red eyes emerged from his back. However, this time it was more corporeal than Rian\'s last usage. Now, it could be inferred that the six blood red eyes were of separate heads!

"Raaaaaaawwwrr!!" Rian roared loudly as a vague ferocious looking humungus three-headed hound roared along with him! Rian had now the bearing of true tyrant which could look down and incite fear upon all. His power was increasing at an alarming rate! It was surging past the Origin Palace Realm of humans or Origin Core Realm for beasts! It directly broke the barrier of Mortal Moulting Realm and reaching the Breaking Demarcation Realm!

"?!" His roar caused the attacking Black Arachnid\'s to stop in their tracks! Their bodies seemed to be rendered into stone! They could not even move a single part of their bodies.

Suddenly, they felt prostrating in front of Rian. Their view of him also changed in that instant! Strangely, they no longer saw him as an enemy but a sovereign they need to bow to. "Is he a descendent of a Demonic Beast God?"

It was not just them. The Night Arachnid, also known as the Spider Queen, had a similar feeling. However, she had a different reaction compared to the Arachnid Guards. She tried to step back but staggered and fell on her knees from doing so due to the influence of Rian\'s godly aura, "No... No. No! This can\'t be happening! How is he still able to unleash the power of his bloodline when he should have already been depleted?!"

How could she have known that Dylan gave Rian a Low Heaven Rank Herb known as the Dragonic Blood Ginseng which helped him recover the strength of his bloodline along with his origin energy?

A Dragonic Blood Ginseng is a type of herb that no human would dare to intake or use without ample preparation. This is due to the speculation that it\'s formation requires the blood of lesser dragon\'s in order to germinate and eventually grow. Its\' main function is to reinvigorate the blood of the user to the point that it could unlock the person\'s latent talent and potentially evolve the user\'s constitution.

However, due to its\' chaotic and violent energy, it could cause both beast and man to explode from the excessive energy. Thus, the imposition of the ban on the irresponsible usage of the herb. Despite this, it is still one of the most demanded heavenly treasure for physique enhancement pills that were at least at the 5th tier!

However, would a heavenly treasure of the mortal realm affect someone like Rian whose origins are linked with the Cosmic God Mansion and the higher realm?

"Hufff! Hufff! Hufff!" Rian panted heavily with his body. Rian\'s eyes were no longer black and white in color but went blood-red. It was as though he was being possessed by another entity! The pressure he exuded was by no means similar to a puppy anymore, it felt like he turned into a prehistoric beast waiting to devour everything on sight!

Along with the change of his eye color, Rian\'s body swelled and became bigger until it reached the length of a half meter! The white patches of fur in Rian\'s body suddenly began to spread as though they were alive! The white patch on Rian\'s neck now formed irregular and archaic patterns which extended through his left eye and over half of his entire body!


Amidst Rian\'s transformation...

Gritting her pearly whites, the Spider Queen shouted in their native tongue to snap her guards awake, "Why did all of you stop?! You could have stopped him from completing his transformation!"

"Your highness, his bloodline is too strong! It even far outstrips the purity and power of your bloodline. We have lost mobility and control of our bodies. The pressure is too.." The leader of the Black Arachnids quickly spoke in reply.

"Do not be fazed! Although his strength reached Breaking Demarcation, the strength of all of you combined is comparable to one too. Also, I\'m more than certain he can\'t maintain it for long! I will help you reduce the pressure." The Night Arachnid encouraged her men.

"Blood Infusion!" She lifted her arms as nine webstrings shot out of it and attached themselves on the back of every single Arachnid Guard. Dark glow of energy emanated from the webstrings and supplied the Arachnid Guards with her ignited Bloodline Strength which helped temporarily strengthen their bloods to the extent of somewhat resisting Rian\'s strength!

Something incredible happened. The Beast Origins of the Arachnid Guards were suddenly influenced by the Spider Queen\'s Blood Infusion! Their cultivation base seemed to have underwent a boost. This allowed them to reach the power of Mortal Moulting Experts in both energy and body. It also directly increased their overall strength!

But, they knew that this boost was only temporary as it was augmentation caused by external forces. Thus, it was only apt to call themselves \'Pseudo-Mortal Moulting Beasts\'!

"Go and avenge our bretheren..." The Spider Queen weakly said before she fainted. She no longer had any strength to participate in this battle after using this rare bloodline skill of the Night Arachnid, Blood Infusion.

The Blood Infusion was the temporary augmentation of the bloodline of any group of spirit beasts by at least two folds! At it\'s peak, it could even strengthen a whole army of spider! A skill which could turn the tides of war in the most critical situations. This skill was one of the reasons that the Night Arachnid was hailed as a Royal Spirit Beast in the Beast World.

As expected, the morale of the Black Arachnids returned back to it\'s peak when they felt that change. With a joint effort of releasing their auras, they were able to ward off the suffocating power Rian exuded. With a battle cry, they charged forth, "Krashi taya nikana! (For the Queen!)"


\'It looks like have already figured it out.\' Rian somewhat understood what the contents of their conversation. Like them, he knew that he could not maintain this form of his for long.

\'I don\'t know what would happen but I need to hold on for ten seconds! Whatever it takes!\' The ten seconds he told Dylan was even a strectching his limits since his current physique could support eight seconds of the power of his Bloodline Burst without danger. After his first major evolution, Rian discovered that there were twenty blood seals on his body. He did not know where it came from but he was sure that it\'s purpose was to restrain the godly prowess of his bloodline.

\'The first seal only possess five percent but the power I feel has to be at least three times than my normal power.\' Upon this discovery, he also found out that he managed to break one of them which allowed him to use Bloodline Burst. After some calculation, he speculated that he could use Bloodline Burst for eight to ten seconds because it held five percent of his bloodline\'s power.

\'I can do this! We won\'t die from this! We. Will. Live!\' Rian resolutely thought. After dispelling all of his worries, he enetered battle mode and lunged forward to meet his foes!


At the Mortal Severing Realm, cultivators and beasts have already reached the stage where they could already influence nature. Their strength could cause mountains to crumble and speed that was swifter than the wind. At this level, a second is all it takes to exchange dozens of blows. This was what precisely what was happening as Rian and the Arachnid Guards fought!

When Rian and the nine Black Arachnids met, Rian swiped his right arm sideward at the Black Arachnid at the very front which the bloodline shadow copied. That Black Arachnid planted his legs deep on the ground as dark colored spider web appeared at the form of a shield from his crossed arms.

It originally thought that even if it could not block the attack flawlessly, with its current strength, it could at least hold it down for a split second so that its fellow guards could get into position and pin him down with their tactics. But, when it recieved the attack, it suddenly realized how foolish it had been. The full brunt of the attack was so strong that it felt like a mountain was pounded againt it and was effortlessly sent flying by Rian.

But it\'s attempt to block Rian was not truly useless. Two of his companions could be said to have been in position at that time. So, when they saw the Black Arachnid who tried to block Rian\'s attack being blasted away, they reacted quickly in an attempt to retrieve momentum.

Large wads of black spider webs were shot out from their mouths and formed into a thick net to pin down Rian. Rian detected the presence of attack so he immediately turned their way and tried to swat aside the two large nets but he was shocked to discover that the nets were unnaturally sticky and flexible. He tried to struggle out but the spider webs were just too damn elastic. Hence, he was pinned down to the ground.

With their initial success, the leader of the Arachnid Guards led his group to attack. Black threads of origin energy started to form from the auras of the leader of the Arachnid Guards. He crossed his arms as the black origin energy threads gathered and spiralled all over their blade-like arms! Then, the spiralling origin energy condensed after one full revolution and formed drill-like blades on their hands which were even more sharper than before.

The other five followed his lead and did the same. With that moment\'s delay, they were now rightfully positioned in six directions while they formed a formation with the shape of a semi-circle. The drills on their hands suddenly started to spin which caused the surrounding energy to be absorbed into the swirling motion of their drills.

"Attack!" The leader of the group signalled as they impeccably dashed towards Rian at the same time with the spinning drills on their hands pointing at their target with intent to kill.

"You think you can trap me with this sticky webs?! Think again!" Rian willed his bloodline shadow with great might as it\'s size swelled and became larger once again! Although the spider webs could pin him down, it did not prevent his bloodline shadow to grow.

"Eat this!" Rian lifted his arms mid-air and bashed it onto the ground aiming at the two Black Arachnids at the opposite ends of the semi-circle formation!


The two Black Arachnids knew that they could no longer retreat or advance with their positions. Therefore, they chose to jump and try to damage the bloodline shadow as much as they can! The drills on their hands tried to pierce through those large paws but they did not pierce through as though they have encountered a steel wall.

With the failure of their attack, they knew that they would most certainly die. Thus, without further ado, they chose to self detonate to cause as much damage as they could. Light shone from within them as their skin started to crack at a faster rate each milisecond that passes. This was the sign of their Beast Origins being iginited. The destruction that these two ignited Beast Origins could generate was no less destructive than a atomic bomb.

Sensing what they were about to do, the leader and the other three which were still somewhat farther from them, knew what they were going to do. Thus, they initiated a tactical retreat by using webstrings that they excreted from their buttocks and anchored itself to a far away tree. While they were being pulled back, they released the spinning drills on their hands as if they were missilies and was fired towards Rian like homing missiles.