The Strongest Businessman - 161 Chapter 161: Plan B

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On the other hand...

Dylan and the others were rushing out of the forest. They were running at the top speed of slowest man of the group which was the speed of the captive sect leaders. Though their origin energy was obstructed, the physical strengths of Origin Foundation Realm experts are not to be overlooked. One must know that they underwent physical training in order to posses a King Stage Body to house the Origin Energy. Their speed was even faster than track and field olympic gold medalists.

Dylan was currently carrying Mary on her back. She was only a practitioner at the 11th level and her physical abilities though it was far greater than mortals but it paled in comparison to the experts in front of them. Despite carrying Mary, Dylan\'s speed did not lag behind and even managed to closely follow the group.

The Ford Protection Squad ate Energy Gathering Pills in order to accumulate enough origin energy to replace the amount they lost while fighting the Three Headed Minor Demon Formation of the sect leaders and running a marathon from Thunder Clouds City to Dreamy Forest.

"Why are we running away, Dylan?" The Captain ran closer to Dylan and asked him. His question quickly piqued the attention of everyone who was currently running.

"It is just a precaution that I wish to take in order to eliminate all possible threats to us within this forest." Dylan replied seriously.

"Threats? What kind of threats?" The Captain\'s brows met while his expression turned solemn. It was not only him, the faces of the others also met with a gloomy shade.

"I guess there is no more use hiding it. When I told the Spider Queen that I have the power to completely decimate her clan, I was taking a gamble. By using Rian\'s overwhelming strength as a deterrent and with a slight discussion, I was able to scare the Spider Queen. Right now, we are currently safe but we can\'t say for sure." Dylan finally disclosed the secret to the others.

"You were bluffing?!" The others were dumbfounded by this revelation! When they saw how Rian was able to fend off the entire spider army, they immediately believed what Dylan was claiming before Rian\'s outburst of strength. Now, they suddenly found out that it was all an act? How could they not be shocked?

"Somewhat." Dylan replied with an apologetic smile. He continued with a grave tone, " If the Spider Queen contemplates on this matter again, she might discover the minute flaws in our actions. Should she connect the dots, she would definitely come to find us while being accompanied by the strongest force she could muster!"

"But didn\'t the puppy-- I mean Rian, used that powerful skill to scare away the Spider Queen and her army? Can\'t he do it again?" The Captain subconciously looked at Rian in trepidation as he spoke. The sect leaders who were running in front also shuddered as they remembered the scene of Rian using Hell Gaze.

"It\'s hard to say. Rian\'s strength was nearly emptied when he used that skill once. As he is now, he can\'t continuously use it. Thus, we can\'t rely on it." Dylan shook in his head to express his disagreement.

"..." An odd silence appeared in the tense atmosphere of the group. No wonder Dylan did not celebrate even when the spiders retreated, he was still considering all possible outcomes either good or bad. He did not become overly confident from one victory because to him, escaping from this forest alive is the only event worthy of celebration.

"What do you think is the possibility that the Spider Queen will find out?" The Captain broke the silence and asked in a serious tone.

"About eighty percent." Dylan answered readily. After a slight pause, he then, added, " But the possibility of this happening while we are still within the forest is at sixty."

This estimation caused the mood of the entire group to darken. There was another period of eerie silence but it did not last for long. The person who chose to speak out was Mary, "What should we do, Sir Dylan?"

"If the time comes when the Spider Queen reaches us before exiting the forest, then--" Dylan stopped midway when he felt danger on his back! After acquiring the Ancestral Veins System, despite not being able to absorb energy from his surroundings, his ability to sense energy fluctuations became more acute.

Dylan sensed ten dark auras coming at them like bullet trains. Among them, he sensed a very familliar aura. His expression quickly paled after realizing who it was. Sensing a burst of energy coming from the ten figures, he shouted in desperation while he let himself fall into the ground, "GET DOWN!!"

Hearing Dylan\'s voice, everyone subconciously did as he commanded. They all let themselves crash flatly to the ground. To make sure that everyone would follow his voice, he used a slight enchantment technique in his voice which proved to be very effective.

*Fzzzhhh* *Kzzzzingg*

The next moment, a dark aura enveloped them as they saw dark spiderwebs passing through above them. These dark spiderwebs seemed delicate and fragile but as they went past trees, they chiseled the trees around them according to the shapes of the gaps of the webs. They seemed to be as sharp as steel razors when they severed the trees like paper!

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

Debris fell as the dark spiderwebs proceeded with its destruction. All that was left from the trees were about half a meter of their originally tall statures! The dark spiderwebs continued for several tens of meters before it dissipated. It definitely made considerable ecological damage to the forest along with the countless trees it destroyed.

Everyone was ghastly pale as they witnessed such a horrible display of power. This was the true picture of desolation. If it were not for Dylan\'s warning, they would have become similar to the trees severed to the point of not being recognized any more.

A piercing laughter was heard after the dark spiderwebs disappeared, " HAHAHAHAHA!"

Ten figures stepped out from the shade of the Illusion Isolating Trees. The one leading them was the Spider Queen who was the very same person who let out the piercing laugh. The nine behind her was naturally the nine Black Arachnids which are the Arachnid Guards of the spider tribe.

"Black Arachnids!! All of them are Nine True Origin Realm beasts...? With a Mortal Moulting Realm Night Arachnid leading them...?" The Ford Protection Squad and the sect leaders were shocked to their very core.

Black Arachnids are famous for their absolute physical power and the sharpness of their webs. It is said that their strength is comparable to heavy-hitter spirit beasts like elephant-types, rhinoceros-types, and gorilla-types. Their webs are so sharp they could break steel. It was not only sharp but also extremely flexible! That\'s why Black Arachnids are feared among Spirit Beasts.

Such a force could grind Middle Prosimity to dust in mere seconds! Not even a Mortal Moulting Realm expert could save them from this ordeal.

"This time... we are truly done for." The Captain bit his lip as unresignedly said.


Dylan stood up and asked Mary at his back, " Are you okay? Were you hurt?"

"I\'m fine. Just minor scrathes from the fall." Mary bashfully looked at the ground.

"Apply this ointment to your wounds. It will quickly heal them." Dylan offered a small container with milky white liquid inside.

"Thank you, sir." Mary gratefully replied.

"Go to the Captain and the others. Rian and I will deal with them." Dylan said as he turned to face the Spider Queen and her guards.

"But they are far stronger than you! You might..." Mary looked terrified when she heard what Dylan was planning to do.

"Don\'t worry. We have a plan. I definitely won\'t die here! We have yet to kill Byron and reunite with Scarlet. Remember? Believe in me." Dylan glanced back and offered a reassuring smile before proceeding.

"I always have believed in you." Mary muttered to herself as she watched Dylan walking away.


Dylan went to where Rian was and he asked. "All good?"

"Yup." Rian nodded. In that split second, Dylan and Rian exchanged a couple of wprds through telepathy.

\'How was the herb? Did it help you regain your strength?\' Dylan quickly asked.

\'It was more effective than I imagined. I have recovered barely half of my strength. How about you?\' Rian replied just as quick.

\'I have recovered about 80% of my energy reserves but my wound is preventing me from using too much. If I use \'it\', it might worsen my injury. However, hearing your strength recover, makes me even more certain of the succes of \'Plan B\'.\' Dylan shared his condition in summary.

\'We only have one shot at this. Ten seconds, that is all the time I could offer for \'Plan B\'.\' Rian said.

"That is more than enough.\' Dylan replied telepathically as a confident smile appeared on his face.

"Let\'s go." Dylan spoke and walked towards the Spider Queen and the Arachnid Guards.

"We meet again, Human! Did you like the little greeting that my guards gave you? It was a move I like to call \'Black Killer Webs\'. With the joint effort of the Arachnid Guards, it could even pose a threat to Breaking Demarcation Beasts! I was hoping to see you get sliced up into a dozen pieces by the webs but I was actually relieved to see you alive. Maybe it\'s because I want to torture you to death myself!" The Spider Queen arrogantly said as she walked forward.

"..." Dylan did not reply and simply looked straight at the Spider Queen\'s malicious glare.

"Where is the arrogance that you showed me earlier, human?! Didn\'t you say that you were going to annihilate my tribe with that \'power\' of yours?! Where is it now? Oh, wait, that power of yours did not even exist in the first place! Hahahaha, the demon dog can no longer use either one of his roar or that gaze! He\'s already spent while you are still suffering from the wound in your chest! Now tell me?! What are you going to use to annihilate my entire tribe now! Hahahahaha!" The Spider Queen hysterically laughed with the madness apparent in her eyes!

"Power? Then, I will show you the power to lead your clan to total destruction!" Dylan confidently said.

"Do you know what true power looks like? This is true power! The ability to make your enemies wallow in despair and beg for their lives! You humans, have dared to invade our land, disturb the peace of out tribe, threaten this queen and most of all, kill my subjects! Your audacity knows no bounds! For the sins, you have committed against my tribe! Death shall be the only way to atone for these crimes! Arachnid Guards, attack!" The anger in the Spider Queen showed as she ordered her guards.

"Yes, our queen!" The Arachnid Guards replied in perfect sync. They released their auras and dashed towards Dylan as nine bladed arms came slashing down to take Dylan\'s life.