The Strongest Businessman - 155 Chapter 155: The Domineering Rian

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At the same time...

"Aahh..." A soft whimper could be heard from a puppy which was lying on the ground next to a tree. Rian was no longer exuding steam out of his body. It looked like his second evolution was a success!

Rian\'s black fur seemed to become even more darker than before. If Rian\'s fur was black before, then now, his fur is pitch black in color! Additionally, strange white lines of fur appeared on his tail!

There was even a white X mark which appeared on left of his neck! His body which was only 10 inches big prior to this actually grew by around 5 inches that instant! His canines and little claws became more strudies and sharper than before!

"Urgh... wait... The pain is gone... Whoa, my body feels great!" Rian exclaimed in surprise. He could feel that he just underwent a qualitative change in his body!

The most shocking thing was not his change in size but his pupils that were now of different colors! His left pupil turned whitish while his right became even more darker than before! But, of course, Rian does not know this change yet,

But he could feel his change in size and that his perception and senses has been augmented drastically! He checked his body for changes and was astonished, "My body feels strange... I feel countless times stronger than before! Eh? My tail has white lines? Weird..."


Suddenly, he heard a really loud sound and saw a blinding explosion! The blinding explosion caused him to close his eyes and look away. The explosion only lasted for several moments before dying out.

"What was that?" Rian slowly opened his eyes and wondered. At the same time, his memory of the things that happened before his evolution started to to pop in his mind!

"That\'s right! Those bastards were going to attack Dylan!" Rian suddenly remembered the conversation that Angus and his subordinates had! His killing intent and anger resurfaced after which!

At the same time, his pitch black fur glistened and released dark energy! The dark energy vaguely turned into a shadow of a ferocious beast that came from ancient times!

"I have to hurry! His life is in danger!" Also, a strange feeling arose from his soul. It was the same feeling he felt when Dylan was being strangled by Shadow!

Rian abrubtly jumped off from the ground and shooted across the collection of trees around him using them as spring boards to jump on! He became at least twice as fast as originally was!

His sense of smell has become more acute than before so he was able to quickly tell where the leaders went!

If Rian were to look at the trees he just jumped on, he would be shocked to see they were all destoyed by the power of his kick! It was not just a normal break, the parts which Rian jumped on were punctured and formed huge holes that were at least a meter in diameter! It was as if that part was erased!


In just ten seconds, Rian was able to arrive at the fort. He saw the tens of corpses that laid on the ground. He thought, \'Looks like there was quite the fight here. I just hope that he\'s okay.\'

But, he did not stop there because he smelled something ominous on the driection where the explosion originated.

"This blood... is Dylan\'s smell! Oh no!" Rian had a foreboding feeling when he sniffed Dylan\'s blood which trailed towards the direction of that dazzling blast.

Gritting his teeth, Rian went full throttle once more! Winds were being pierced through as he sprinted!

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

Rian quickly arrived at the place where the explosion happened. He saw giant crater that was at least 3 meters big and half a meter deep and trees bent, scorched or destroyed 15 meters around it. He also saw some people that were lying near the crater but he did not pry any further because Dylan was still nowhere in sight.

He quickly surveyed his surroundings for any sign of Dylan. "Where is he?"

Finally, he saw Dylan who was lying on a tree. "There he is!" But when he got nearer to him, his mouth was wide open and quivered.

Dylan had a large "X" scar which covered his entire torso. His clothes wered drenched in blood and he was bleeding severely. Blood seeped out of his mouth, ears and nose. His spirit energy was depleted and his body was thoroughly exhausted. He was not moving an inch.

"Am I... too late?" Rian\'s voice was breaking. He felt extremely guilty and heartbroken seeing Dylan who was always calm and warm like this. He was close to tearing up when he heard...

*Thump* *Thump*

His highly senstive ears heard a beat. Despite how weak it was, Rian was able to hear it! His eyes brimmed with hope as he looked at Dylan. He saw a faint movement in his chest and felt the air being inhaled and exhaled from his nose and mouth respectively.

"Hahaha, you\'re alive! I knew it!" Rian hopped to express his joy. However, his eyes soon flashed great sorrow and worry, "But you are barely holding on... I don\'t know or have anything that will help you recover... Damn it!"

"I have to take him to safety first!" Rian intelligently decided. However, he did not know how he should do it since he can\'t carry on his back because if he did so, then Dylan\'s bleeding might worsen.

It was at that moment that he heard a sweet female voice filled with worry, " Sir Dylan? Rian? Where are you? Are you okay?"

"Mary?" Rian was surprised. He was very familiar with that voice because it was Mary\'s voice. When he used his nose and detected her scent, he became even more certain that the one who just spoke was Mary, "Mary, we\'re over here! Come quickly!"

"Rian? Is that you? Alright!" The sweet voice agreed after recognizing Rian\'s voice.


Indeed, it was Mary who was instructed by Dylan to escape when he and Rian was about to clash with the alliance. When Mary was still unconcious, Dylan used his Zooming Thunder to carry Mary and left her to tree twenty meters away from the fort.

Dylan even left her with his energy concealing Stealth Cloak beside her to prevent her from falling into the illusion of the Illusion Isolating Trees. The High Earth Rank Stealth Cloak that Azelmek gave Dylan prevents energy from entering it but it does not prevent energy from exiting out of it which helps greatly in concealment and assassinations.

Ten or so minutes, after being left, Mary woke up. After waking up, Dylan left a message in Mary\'s mind. \'You need to run away. The farther, the better. Don\'t worry about me and Rian where strong enough to deal with all of them. You need to get out of this forest and wait for us outside. Follow the instructions I imprinted in your mind. It will lead you to the borders of the forest.\'

When Mary recieved the message and the instructions, she knew that it would be best to follow it because she was well aware that if she stayed she would only be a burden to Dylan and Rian.

As she escaped, she could here the sounds of explosions and trees breaking and sense the undulations of spirit and origin energy. She began to worry more as distance between her and Dylan widen but she remained faithful to Dylan\'s words and followed his orders.

But when she heard the large explosion and saw the blinding light from afar, her intuition told her that something wrong is happening. Using her Mid Spirit Rank Movement Technique, she dashed with all the strength she had towards the source of the explosion which was only one and a half kilometers away from her.

In less than five minutes, Mary was finally able to reach it. What she saw shocked her greatly, there was giant crater and the trees surrounding it were either damaged or obliderated. She immediatly seached for Dylan or Rian. Finally, she was able to find them when she heard Rian\'s voice.

"Rian you look slightly bigger and your eyes..." Mary was really happy when she saw Rian. But, when she saw Dylan\'s body which was greatly injured, her heart broke and tears started to well up in her eyes. She could not continue what she was going to say.

"Sir..." She knew she was the one who caused this to the man she loved. He put his life on the line to get revenge on the people who abducted her and he kept the thugs from following her to help her escape.

"Stop crying, Mary. Crying won\'t help him in any way. Dylan became like this because he already took care of those people who kidnapped you. So, he needs you to help him recover. We need to heal his injuries and stop the bleeding." Rian was somewhat harsh with his words. He somewhat blamed Mary for this but he quickly rejected that thought.

Mary was innocent and she was only abducted because she was the most vulnerable one when the alliance made their move. It could have also been anyone in her position. It was not like she wanted to be kidnapped.

"Mhm." Mary did not seem to mind his words. She quickly moved nearer to Dylan and started getting bandages and medicinal herbs from her storage rings.

All of Dylan\'s employees were required to have a storage ring and medical kits on them in the event of emergency. He also had them study basic first-aid and how to stitch up wounds. Dylan was the type of person who will create preventive measures even before accidents happen.

"Look after Dylan, I have a few people I need to take care of." After seeing Mary attanding to Dylan\'s injuries, he was finally able to do what he wanted to do earlier. His rage turned to the six figures he saw near the crater.

"Okay. You have to make them pay but please be careful." Mary stated while an unusual glint appeared in her eye. She seemed to undestand what he meant. She glanced meaningfully at Rian before nodding and quickly returned to what she was doing earlier.

"Yeah." Rian walked slowly to where the crater was. His aura becoming more powerful by the minute. Killing intent could be felt with every step he took. It was as if a primoridial beast has been enraged!!


On the other hand, near the crater...

"Uggghh." Angus and his group had trouble standing up. They were still suffering the forced dissolution of the demon warrior. But, they were able to eat healing pills and energy recovering pills that helped them with their recovery. They just finished meditating and absorbing the effects of the medicines they just took.

The demon warrior dissipated after that epic clash with Dylan. Alhough they managed to get the upper hand in the clash and managed to send Dylan flying, the force from the explosion was enough to destroy two arms of the demon warrior.

"Fuck! I never thought that child would actually be that strong!" The spiky haired sect leader cursed while he exhaled heavily.

"To think he could actually use a Heaven Rank Technique! Isn\'t he just at the Spirit Gathering Realm? How is it possible for his body to support a high ranking technique like that?!" Another sect leader could not help but comment on Dylan\'s absurd constitution.

"He must be one of those blessed geniuses with heavenly constitution. That is why he was abke to use a Heaven Rank Technique. But we need not worry about him anymore. I am pretty sure that our attack was enough to take his life." Angus stood up after cultivating. His originally pale face had now regained some color.

"Hahaha, that\'s right! We are finally able to kill that Dylan Ford." A square faced middle aged sect leader rejoiced.

"But what about that demon dog?" A bushy browed sect leader\'s eyes narrows as he reminded his fellow sect leaders about their unsolved ordeal.

"..." His words caused the atmosphere to become silent. They seemed to have forgot the other problem that they were facing.

"Tsk, there were too many unexpected outcomes today. Damn it!" Another sect leader felt depressed by the twists of their plans today.

They initially thought they could eliminate Dylan easily and deal with Rian after. But the prerequisite for this plan was if they still had the demon warrior. With the dissipation of the demon warrior, they also lost the ability to defend themselves from Rian.

The air around them suddenly became heavier than before. They felt a sinister presence coming from the direction that Dylan was sent flying. They could faintly see an ominous shadow with six red eyes behind the smoke created by the scorching trees. Its gaze was piercing through the smoke. They felt as though just its gaze could eat them alive.

"Wha-what the heck is that?!" The sect leaders were shivering from that eyes of that unknown entity.

"It\'s timw for pay back." A small sillhoute of a dog could be seen emerging from the smoke. By the time the voice finished, its sentence a puppy with heterchromia was revealed.

"It\'s you! But your wounds... This aura... Impossible!" The eyes of the sect leaders were petrified on the spot that they were standing. Their nightmare actually appeared before them at the most unfortunate time! What shocked them the most was that the wounds that they gave Rian was now completely gone and the extremly strong aura he was emtting!

"What are you all doing acting all dazed?! He\'s here to kill us!" Angus roared to warn his comrades. He released his strength as a Palace Formation Expert. He also released his avatar which was a Metalwing Raven after his warning.

The other sect leaders came back to reality and also released their avatars and exuded their strong auras which all belonged to the Palace Formation Realm. All of them had beasts as their avatars. They all summoned their weapons and took their battle stance.

"Heh, you think you stand a chance against me? Dream on. But I will let you do your worst. Come, attack me!" Rian arrogantly said as he slowly approached them. The reason why Rian did not attack upon sight was because he wanted them to feel what true despair was!!

"Why, you!!" The sect leaders were enraged so they used their best attacks to destroy him.

"Let him be! Attack with all your might!" Angus issued a command as his Metalwing Raven shone and attacked with his trump card.

"Steel Razor Twister!" A giant tornado appeared with fierce gales on the spot where Rian was.

*Swoosh* * Swoosh*

When they saw Angus attack so ferociosly, they also started attacking with all they had:

"Salamander\'s Scorching Flames!" " Blazing Serpent\'s Demonic Breath!" Two leaders attacked with their flame type attacks and amplified the Steel Razor Twister and turned it to a blazing tornado!

*Fzzzh* *Fzzhhh*

"Thunderbolt Blast!" Three ferocious lightning entered the center of the tornado and created a large explosion!

*Tzzzk* * Tzzzk* * Boom*

"Giant Tombstone!" A large boulder which was almost half a mountain was lifted from the ground and levitated to the top of the tornado. Once it reached the peak, it abruptly fell down!

*Crash* *Boom*

The sect leaders were all pale-faced after their attacks. It drained them of every ounce of energy they had left. They looked carefully at the giant boulder for several seconds and compnfirmed it was unmoving. They quickly celebrated and laughed victoriously.

"We won! Hahahaha!" The square faced sect leader announced in joy

"Hahaha, that\'s what you get for being so arrogant! Hahaha!" The spikey haired sect leader laughed happily

"Hahaha, he must have been squashed by the boulder!" The bushy browed sect leader added in amusement.

"Nice work, guys. We have finally defeated our enemies!" Angus smiled and felt accomplished by their feat.


Suddenly, they heard a yawn and it originated from the boulder! A thump sound was heard next. Then, the giant boulder, which was half the size of a mountain, moved and was elevated several inches from the ground! They all looked at it with dumbfounded expressions. They could not believe their eyes when they saw a small figure at the middle holding the boulder with one hand.

It was Rian who was completely, unharmed!

Rian sheepishly said, "Is that all you got? I expected more."

After which, he threw the boulder to his right. One could see that there was a small hole on the boulder which was as big as Rian. It could be inferred that Rian did not even need to defend the attacks that the sect leaders threw at him.