The Strongest Businessman - 150 Chapter 150: Battle at Dreamy Forest 1

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When Dylan exited the fort, he saw the 18 sect leaders gathering twenty to twnety five meter away from him. Behind them, the fifty eight grunts that they have were standing.

There were orignally seventy two grunts but Dylan and Rian took care teelve of them while they infiltrated the Fort and Dylan killed those two fodders that were guarding Mary.

"Who are you? Why did you come and kill our men?!" Pne of the sect leader stepped forward and screamed at Dylan, demanding to know who he was and why he was doing all of this.

"What useless assassins. Can\'t even recognize your target?" Dylan took strides forward in order to show his face to the people who abducted Mary.

"It\'s you?!" The eighteen leaders were shocked because with a closer look, they were able to recognize who he was! It was none other than their target, the person they were supposed to kill in this forest.

"You better prepare yourselves because you will all die in this forest!" Dylan\'s aura was brimming witj killing intent as he said those words.

"Hahahaha, with just you? You are merely at the peak of the Spirit Veins Realm! What can an ant like you to us, cultivators of the Origin Realm?" One of the more than fifty Origin Transmutation Realm mockingly said.

"Laugh while you still can because you will end up like those people I just killed." Dylan sneered at that person. He was already somewhat used to this underestimation because everytime he encountered bandit groups, they would greatlu belittle him but it was also due to this that he was able to kill them without exerting too much effort.

Dylan knew that his surface strength is his greatest shortcoming but it is also one of his advantages. His opponents would greatly underestimate him while fighting him which leads to them lowering their guard. When they least expect it, Dylan would strike at his full power and easily defeating his foes.

"..." His words rendered the opposing side speechless. This guy actually admitted that he was the one who slaughtered more than a dozen of their comrades!

With this revelation, they became much more vigilant towards Dylan because it did not seem like he was lying at all. He just got out from the prison cell where they kept the girl and the two that were guarding the girl were at the 17th level Origin Transmutation but it appears that they are already dead similar to how they found 12 bodies along the pathways to the prison cell.

"Why are you all so silent? Are you all scared of me now?" Dylan mockingly taunted.

"You think we are scared with the likes of kid who has barely separated from his mother\'s tit?!" Another man immaturely said.

He thought that he axtually said a good insult but Dylan only replied indifferently, "Pathetic."

Then, another crashing sound was heard.


The rest of the crowd was shocked as they watched their fort be destroyed in a matter of seconds! It all happened too fast! They could only see a swift shadow that their eyes could barely keep up with smash through the walls and pillars of the fort!

The fort that was built from material of the High Spirit Rank was destroyed in the blink of an eye!

"I\'m done. How about you?" The shadow moved beside Dylan. It was none other than the cute black furred puppy Rian. But, Rian already knew that he was asking a rhetorical question when he could already see the unconcious Mary on Dylan\'s back.

"?!" The opposite side were shocked by what they saw! A talking puppy?! What it in the world was happening?

"Yeah. Just tied up some few loose strings. You said you could take all of the leaders by yourself right?" Dylan did not seem to mind and mentioned the statement that Rian told him before crashing to the inside of the fort.

"You kidding me? I could take all of them singlehandedly without breaking a sweat." Rian arrogantly declared.

"Tsk." The alliance was deeply insulted with Rian\'s declaration. They were being looked down upon by a talking puppy? What could be more insulting than that?!

"You dare belittle us! I will kill you!" A long haired man could not take the insult anymore so he rushed towards Rian.

"Oh, shut up." Rian jumped and moved towards the charging man. He lazily swung his paw to the cheek of the man.

*Crack* *Krruukk*

A loud crack was heard as the jaw of the man shattered and his head was easily dislocated from the spine and spinned around twice! Blood was coming out from the disfigured face of the man and the twisted flesh of his neck. The body of the long haired fell with his head facing his back. It was horrid sight to behold.

"Don\'t disturb me when I am talking!" Rian disdainfully reprimanded the already deceased man in front of him.

"How the heck?!" The alliance members were so shocked that this little puppy could actually one shot a 19th level Origin Foundation Realm! This strength that he had to possess was at least Core Transformation Realm of beasts!!

But Rian did not mind them that much and continued speaking with Dylan. " As I was saying I could easily take them all on! You just need to sit back and protect Mary."

"Okay, I will protect Mary. I will assist you from the back and take care of the grunts that will try to come for Mary or me. Just finish off the 18 leaders that they have." Dylan did not reject Rian\'s declaration so he decided to leave the 18 sect leaders to Rian. Well, it is not like he could handle them like Rian could.

"Good. I\'ll leave Mary to you. Leave these despicable bunch to me." Rian excitedly said.

"Be wary about them and do not let them form any sort of formation. They have the numerical advantage after all." Dylan reminded his partner to remain vigilant despite his overwhelming strength.

"I know. I know. I won\'t get caught that easily. I will kill them before they could do anything to me." Rian smiled evilly.


While Dylan and Rian were discussing what to do, the leaders also arrived at a quick decision after some deliberation of their opponents\' strength.

"Everyone, the beast possess unbelievable level of strength. I believe that it has already reached Core Transformation Realm despite its\' juvenile appearance. I suggest that we use that formation!" A scholar looking individual suggested.

"I agree as well! Individually we are not a match with that beast but using that formation will strengthen us to an extent that we could easily slay it!" A smart looking middle aged man concurred.

"Then, it is decided! Activate the formation!" The 6 formation masters of the 18 sect leaders swiftly moved into 6 separate directions. The formation masters set up their formation flags which consequently formed 3 12 feet-tall muscular energy warriors!

"Three Headed Minor Demon Formation!" The leaders called out. Each warrior had six people in them. These warrior had menacing appearances, each having 3 heads and six arms with six 2-meter broadswords on each hand. The auras of each warrior, escalated to the degree which is comparable to a peak level Palace Formation Realm expert but together, they could even contend against a Palace Establisment Expert.

"Come, little puppy! Let us see how you are going to deal with all of us now!" One of the burly leaders taunted Rian.

Their men cheered loudly when they witnessed the transformation of their leaders.

"Whoooo! Our bosses are so amazing!"

"We can slay the puppy and the arrogant youth now!"

"Let\'s kill them! Hahahaha!"


On the other hand, Dylan and Rian had solemn expressions when they saw the formation of the three demon warriors. Their auras just shot through the roof after using this formation!

"It looks like they want to go full force after witnessing your strength. Can you still beat them?" Dylan inquired.

"I definitely can but if I am fighting against them, there has to be no distractions." Rian looked at the morale of the other side constantly rising.

Dylan immediately knew what Rian was referring to. Thus, he volunteered, " Okay, I will fend off the people who will try to obstruct your way. I can deal with the fodders by myself. You can focus all your strength slaying the leaders. Got it?"

"Thanks! Let\'s do this!" Rian charged through and attacked the demon warrior in the middle. He went full throttle from the get go so the leaders who were just taunting him were shocked when they witnessed his raw speed.

"How fast!" The leaders gasped in astonishment as Rian instantly crossed the distance of twenty meters before they could even react.

"Take this!" Rian roared as he used his head headbutted the demon. The sheer amount of force that Rian built up from his sprint and the natural strength that his muscles had added upon each other which made the demon warrior in the middle get blown away from the force of impact!


"Arrgh!" The leaders who were inside the energy demon warriors were naturally connected to it so they could feel the full brunt of the attack that Rian just did. Despite the pain being properly distributed to all six of them, they still coughed blood


The demon warrior was sent flying ten meters away from his original spot! It crashed into the Illusion Isolating Trees within their vicinities, thereby uprooting them upon landing!

"A monster!" The allies of the leaders cried in horror. The cute puppy could actually bring out such terrifying raw strength!

"Attack!" The two demon warriors that were still standing, quickly composed themselves and attacked Rian who just landed on the ground after delivering that blow.

*Kaboom* Two swords from both demon warriors chopped down heavily to the ground! Clouds of dust formed on the location where the swords striked but a shadow quickly exited from the clouds.

"Hehehe. Too slow!" Rian smirked. He backflipped in mid-air and executed a double heel kick with his back legs which aimed at the back of the head of the Demon warrior to his right which was crouching down!

*BOOM!* The demon warrior had its face planted onto the ground because of the flawless kick that Dylan executed!

"Ohhhwww.." The sect leaders inside were still severely staggering from the ground-breaking blow that Rian just landed on them. They felt that it was like there was a sledgehammer hitting them directly on the head.

Their men were immediately frightened once they realized that the little beast actually dealt with two large demon warriors so quickly!

"We-we can\'t beat a monster like that!"

"We\'ll die instantly from just one of its paws!"

"We are all going to die!"

"Hahaha, take that, you bastards!" Rian laughed while he was still in mid-air. "Ah, shit!" But his eyes constricted when a large sword hit him and sent him flying to the forest!

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

"Ouch!" Rian struggled to get up as he destroyed three mature trees before he stopped being blown away.

"What the fuck are you all doing?! Have you gone dumb from watching! You may not be able to win against him alone but we have numbers! Fire your long range attacks at him while we tank ourselves against the beast!" The scholar looking sect leader rallied his troops and immediately delegated some commands.

After saying those words, the demon warrior that Rian just blasted away and the demon warrior that Rian just face planted to the ground stood up and charged at him! "Kill that little monster!"

After hearing those words, the allied forces had a quick realization:

"That\'s right! We don\'t need to directly join the fight!"

"We can distance ourselves whil supporting our respective leaders!"

"Hahahaha, that\'s right! Let\'s go and slay the puppy!"

All fifty six grunts gathered in one spot and raised their morale! They, then decided to go and fight with their leaders.

Just when they were going to follow their sect leaders, they suddenly felt a strong surge of energy which force all of them to their knees! The strength of the pressure was so strong that they could only crouch down to prevent themselves from falling to the ground.

"Where do you think you\'re all going? I\'m your opponent now." Dylan coldly smiled under the shocked gazes of the people while he suddenly appeared at the center of the group of fifty cultivators!