The Strongest Businessman - 149 Chapter 149: The Dreamy Fores

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"Everyone who is not working, contact them now! Searching for " Dylan commanded.

"Yes, sir!" Larry\'s group replied immediately after.

All of his employees have already reached the Awakened Spirit Realm including his newly employed workers as they were already at the Awakened Spirit prior to their employment to Dylan. Thus, they could already perform Spiritual Transmission with each other.

\'Emergency! Everyone, Sir Dylan is calling you!\' Larry and the others each contacted another person which also forwarded the massage to other employees of the Soaring Garden Enterprise.

"Tell everyone to search for Mary and gather intel about her previous whereabouts!" Dylan immediately commanded.

"Yes, sir!" The contact group immediately transmitted Dylan\'s message to the others!

One hour after, in the third floor of the Soaring Garden Herbal Store...

One hour has already passed since Dylan came home from training yet Mary is nowhere to be found. Dylan was quickly growing uneasy as he sat on his chair. He clenched his fist as he swore with killing intent, "If anything happens to Mary, I would slaughter every single one one of you!"

*Boom* *Crash*

A loud sound was heard from the window near Dylan. Dylan stood up from his seat and remained vigilant. Dylan was going to attack when he heard a familiar voice.

"Dylan, I found Mary! Follow me!" It was Rian who crashed through the window and hurriedly said. As soon as he said what he was supposed to say, he immediately left through the window he just broke.

Jack and the other who were currently working, swiftly went upstairs. They saw the broken window and quickly asked what happened. "Sir Dylan what happened did another assassin try to attack you?"

"No, it was just Rian. I\'m following him where going to where Mary is!" Dylan answered as brief as he could that it left his workers dumbfounded.

"Rian found Mary?" The rest of the staff asked.

But Dylan no longer answered their question as he jumped from the window and leaped on the roofs of the buildings beside the Soaring Graden Property. Forgetting about the broken window, Dylan wordlessly followed Rian right away.

He saw Rian effortlessly leaping from one building to the other. He was so fast that even a Palace Formation expert would find it difficult to keep up with the swiftness he was showing.

Despite Rian appearing to be a dot in Dylan\'s gaze, he was still able to follow him because of the connection that they shared from the Beast Companionship Contract.

\'Zooming Thunder!\' Dylan roared in his mind. His body shook and shone as it zoomed past the buildings! His speed has increased by tenfold the moment he used the Cheetah Monarch: Zooming Thunder! His body flickered with lightning and was slowly closing the distance between him and Rian.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

In just ten minutes, the two was able to quickly leave the city. After leaving the city, Rian sped up even more to a speed which was comparable to a Palace Establisment Expert! Rian went so fast that there were gust of airs forming tiny twisters.

"Hmph, show-off." Dylan smiled but it was not like he did not have any methods to increase his speed as well. When he corculated his energy in specific manner, wings of flickering lightning started to form on his back which greatly enhanced his speed!

"Zooming Thunder Wings!" Although it would be much more draining, Dylan stacked his Tyrant\'s Wings of Lightnings with the Zooming Thunder which amplified his speed to fifty times his regular speed!

The Zooming Thunder is a pure movement technique through transforming one\'s energy into pure lightning and using the intensity of lightning to increas one\'s speed. It could amplify one\'s speed by tenfold increasing agility and attack speed during battle or an escape. At Grand Perfection, it could raise the speed of its user by fifty times!!

The Wings of Lightning is a Battle Technique which creates wings from transformed lightning energy and increases the speed of the user by five times. Dylan designed this technique for instantaneous movement speed to form dashing attacks in quick succession. At Grand Perfection, he designed this to be able to perform 12 successive dash attacks!

His speed nearly approached that of an Palace Formation Realm\'s speed! Though it was still greatly slower than Rian\'s speed, it enabled him to maintain a distance of 1 kilometer between them.

Rian who was leading the way noticed that Dylan was able to maintain such fixed distance with him, "Hehehe, I guess my partner is no pushover, eh?"

"Isn\'t this direction trailing towards the Dreamy Forest?" Dylan mumbled as he remembered that the direction they were going was the same direction where the Dreamy Forest that was 76 kilometers away from the Thunder Clouds City.

With their speed, they were able to reach the Dreamy Forest in just two thirds of an hour.

Dylan scanned the entrance of the forest. The forest was really filled with mature Illusion Isolating Trees which could beguile any cultivator of the Spirit Gathering Realm and trap them into illusion but to people of the Origin Realm it was no problem at all.

Dylan was an exception of this rule because he had the Ancient Veins Realm which could immediately filter the contaminants which tries to enter his body. Even Earth Rank Poisons from Poison Master could be easily purified by the Ancestral Veins Realm.

"Are you sure that Mary is here?" Dylan asked Rian who was standing beside him.

"I\'m sure of it. I can smell her clearly. She is being taken somewhere in the middle of this forest." Rian squeaked.

"How did you find out that she was being taken here?" Dylan was wondering about this ever since they started running.

"The moment I heard from the others that Mary was missing. I immediately searched around the city. While I was searching for her, I heard your name in a large mansion with a panther statue. I sneaked through that mansion and found out that they were planning to take Mary to this forest." Rian retold his actions to Dylan.

"A mansion with a panther statue? The Panther Grand Clan?!" Dylan was able to quickly since there was no other clan that dared to take away the symbol of the Panther Clan in the Thunder Clouds City.

"That\'s right! That\'s what they called themselves! I heard that he ordered some low ranking sects to kidnap one of your employees and demand you to come here in this forest so that they could kill you!" Rian paraphrased what he heard when he listened with the discussion Gayolei and the leaders of the low ranking sects had.

"No wonder, there too many assasination attempts for the past week! It was all his doing! He must have offered a hefty price just to tempt the others to get rid of me." Dylan quickly understood what had transpired after hearing some crucial information from Rian.


Inside the Panther Clan\'s Mansion...

In his garden, Gayolei was pleasantly drinking his tea and was eating his lunch worry free. He lightly dabbed his handkerchief to his lips and drank his tea as he looked at the calm pond of his, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of his garden.

"My plan is truly ingenius!" Gayolei smiled while took a sip of his tea once more.

It was indeed true. When Gayolei heard how much profit Dylan was able to make and how he was being safequarded by a tremendously powerful expert, he immediately felt threatened. He sensed the shocking talent that he possessed in business and he knew that he was bound to rise to the top 100 in a year at most or half a year at the very least.

Thus, he crafted a plan. He planned to finish Dylan off before he could showcase that talent even more. But, he can\'t do it in public because he has Azelmek and that expert keeping him guard. If he tried to openly kill Dylan, he would face dire consequences and might even end up dying at worst or a damaged reputation at best.

However, if Dylan were to die in the hands of weak individuals, the expert would definitely not invest his efforts on a talent that could not defeat low-level grunts of Origin Transmutation or Foundation Realm. Thus, he decided to pressure Dylan with the pressure of death!

He anticipated that Azelmek would assign a protection team for Dylan but he did not expect that Dylan would still be so calm despite being constantly threatened for the past seven days.

Therefore, he changed plans and took an even more drastic measure which was to kidnap one of his colleagues and force him to come to the Dreamy Forest alone so that he could be killed without anyone witnessing the matter. After doing so, he would order his men to kill the sect leaders in order to assure the silence and his uninvolvement to the matter.

"Hahahaha, Dylan Ford, this is what you get for offending me! Today will be the day of your death! Hahahahah!" Gayolei laughed victoriously as he reviewed his plan in his mind, feeling that it was unerring.

But, he would have never thought that Dylan had the strength to contend to Origin Transmutation Realm already and had a beast companion with a strength that was already unequaled in the entire Origin Realm despite only being 2 weeks old!


Back at the entrance of the Dream Forest...

"Are we going or not?" Rian impatiently questioned,

"Give me a moment." Dylan closed his eyes. He crushed the remaining four Deca-Stones with him and recovered his expended energy from it. "Okay, let\'s go."

"Hehehe, finally I get to have some work-out." Rian smiled deviously.

"Remember, do not show any mercy." Dylan coldly said.

"Hmph, of course, Mary is so kind and gentle. She always brought me food and asked how I was doing. Yet, they kidnapped her? I\'m going to crush their skulls!" Rian\'s eyes flashed and it revealed some of the demonic killing intent that he showed while he activated his bloodline.

"Mhm. If anything happens to Mary, they wouldn\'t even deserve to have an intact dead body!" The kind and warm Dylan that everyone knew disappeared that instant. It was as if his originally dark eyes, darkened even more. The coldness and brutality that Dylan was showing in his eyes would make people to distance themselves from him.

The man and puppy walked to the forest, preparing themselves for the slaughter that was going to happen!


Somewhere in the middle of the forest...

A large fort could be found. It was the base of the coalition of the low-ranking sect leaders which all had the power of Origin Foundation Realm. There were a lot of people patrolling in the vicinity of the fort.

Inside, There were 18 sect leaders within which were the ones responsible for the eighteen death threats Dylan recieved and each of them had at least 3 people accompanying them which at least reached the power of Origin Foundation Realm. There was around ninety people in this alliance!

This group was arranged because they were afraid that the Ford Protection Squad would appear. Each one of that squad had battle strength and techniques that far surpassed all of them individually but they would definitely over power them with the numbers they possess.

Inside the fort, there was a prison cell containing only one person. This was none other than Mary who was abducted by the group.

She was trembling and was alone. There were traces of crying on her haggard face. She was scared because she did not know what was going to happen to her. But she knew that she was being used as a bait to lure Dylan tp this forest and kill him!

She tried escaping countless of times but for some reason, she could not use her spirit energy. She felt really guilty and useless for being so useless and weak. She even implicated various problems to Dylan because of this.

She could only pray that the man she love would not come and rescue her. Crying helplessly, she said, "Oh heavens, I beg of you, please do not let Sir Dylan come... *sniff* If he dies, because of me... if the man I love dies, because of me... *sniff* I would rather die! *sniff*"

"Shut up, bitch! You just ruined my sleep!" A large bald man guarding her shouted.

"Hehehe, bro. Calm down. Look at her, she is a beauty after all. We need to be gentle with her. Bro, our boss only said that we should keep her alive, right? That means we could do anything as long as she is alive..." A similarly large bearded man pervertedly insinuated. He even licked his lips while looking at Mary.

"You\'re right! Hahaha, you are quite smart, bro. I did not thought about it until you mentioned it. It would be nice to release some stress." The large bald man nodded and looked at Mary lecherously.

Sensing their obscene gazes, Mary could only shiver and she was scared about what was going to happen next. She could only retreat until she reached the wall.

"Don\'t come closer!" Mary screamed while she hugged her knees with her back on the wall.

"Don\'t worry, we will be gentle. Hehehe." The bearded man laughed evilly. They were only a few steps away from Mary now.

She closed her eyes and whispered in her heart, \'Someone, save me.\'

Abruptly, they heard a call for help, "HELP US! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!"

"What?" The two guards who was planning to **** Mary was taken aback when they heard that voice.


Suddenly, a large crashing sound was heard! When Mary opened her eyes, she could only see the wall behind her destroyed with a large hole beside her! There was a thick dusty fog everywhere so she could barely see anything. She could see streaks of light and hear crisp sparking sounds from the large hole!

Amidst the rubble, he could hear the groans of the men who tried to **** her and from the large hole, a man entered the prison cell. That sillhoutte was too familiar too her, she memorised that figure by heart. That was then, she knew that the man she love has come to save her!

She heard a very gentle voice which said, "Don\'t be afraid, I am here to rescue you. It\'s me, Dylan."

The fog suddenly cleared up and she could see tha face of the man who saved her. "Sir.. Dylan..." She cried in joy because she thought could never see him again. She hugged him without even thinking.

All the anxiety and frustration she felt was strangely relieved when she felt the hand which carressed her head. Maybe it was because of the mental fatigue and stress she felt or from the feeling of bliss and security she felt with Dylan here beside her but she fainted in his arms.

Dylan saw the sorry state that Mary was in. It was like he felt all the anxiety and stress she felt when she cried on his chest. He carried her on his bank supporting her with his left hand. \'She is really light and fragile\' he thought.

He looked at the people who tried to **** her, quickly got up and asked for his identity. "Who are you?"

"Death." Dylan coldly said. He raised his right hand and used Piercing Thunder Skill of the Thundercloud Monarch! Like lightning the tigerbeetle that Dylan formed, easily punctured their chests and destroyed their hearts of these two.

"Wha..." The two did not even have the time to react as their bodies fell lifelessly.

Dylan turned around and left with Mary whom he carried on his back.

"Scum." That was the only word he left to the two people who tried to defile Mary.