The Strongest Businessman - 141 Chapter 141: Decode

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"What do you mean give them time to prepare for the final items?" Sheldon asked with a conflicted mind.

"Can you please elaborate further?" Allen spoke in an inquisitive mannner.

"The 6th and 12th items are the "attraction" Dylan set up in order to lure out the Top 20 powers. Frankly, he could have done it using just the sixth item but he purposefully added the 12th item as a precaution." Azelmek answered.

"I get it but why would he? Is there really any need for him to set it up? Just the sixth item alone could have attracted the Top 20." Allen questioned.

"No, that\'s not it. He needed the 12th item in order to continue the "attraction". Revealing another top tier treasure would leave the buyers anticipating for more while at the same time hinting that there is more to come. It is an assurance that he does not only possess one top tier treasure but also more." Sheldon was starting to realize what Azelmek was trying to point out.

"As expected from you Sheldon, you are excactly on point. But that is not all there is to the arrangement." Azelmek solemnly said after he praise Sheldon.

"What else is there?" Sheldon could not think of any more answers.

"It is to create a pattern." Azelmek uttered slowly.

"Pattern? For what purpose?" Allen raised his brows hearing this.

"Yes, a pattern. He arranged the top tier items into a fixed interval. The appearance of the 18th item supported this conjecture of mine. I am sure he has already taken into account that the members of the 20 would notice this pattern on the 18th item. This pattern leaves behind a clue that the 24th and the 30th item might be items that are more valuable than regular High Earth Rank treasures." Azelmek explained.

"You mean to say that this intervals are connected with the time he has given the powers to prepare money for the 24th item and 30th item? Wait- no- rather, this interval is the time given to them to prepare for this items!!" Allen realized where Azelmek was going with his explanation and was shocked by this.

"That is indeed the case." Azelmek nodded with his eyes close.

"Amazing! To think that a person could lay out such a meticulous plan in an auction!" Allen could not help but praise the intricacy of Dylan\'s Plans.

"I agree! His talent for business is truly terrifying!" Sheldon also praised after being enlightened. However, there was issue that bugging him, "But what about the 21st item to the 29th item? They have to be at least at the High Earth Rank level to support this and create the tension of the buyers."

"Right! If he could not provide this quality goods, the effectability of his strategy would drop considerably." Allen realized this flaw too.

"That is true. The answer to this lies on the number of items auctioned." Azelmek mysteriously said.

"How?" Sheldon frowned for he could not understand what was Azelmek\'s point.

"Normally, an auction is classified as small class, middle class, high class and even top class. A small class auction usually has 10 items, a middle class has 20-25 items, a high class has 40-50 items while a top class had above 80 items. Why do you think was his purpose to situate the number of items between the typical number that middle class and high class has? Why would he auction top tier treasures in a middle class auction?" Azelmek asked.

"!!" Allen and Shledon gasped with shocked expressions! It was indeed so! It did not make any sense. Knowing Dylan, he should know the norms of an auction. So why would he do something like this?

"For this, I cannot truly provide a definite answer but I think that I can interprete this as his way to indicate that though the number of his items are closer to a middle class auction, the quality of his goods is high class! The only clue that I have so far that would support this claim would be the steady increase of the value of the items auctioned." Azelmek deduced.

"Incredible. To think that there would be such deep meaning behind a small detail. Such a well-thought plan." Sheldon spoke awestruck.

"This level of meticulous planning is... outstanding! I could not help but admire this young man for such planning could not be actualized without investing a lot of hard work and effort!" Allen nodded repeatedly. Dylan\'s image in his mind improved by several times due to this.


The 18 other groups have also started to realize the profound planning and meaning behind Dylan\'s plans.

"To think that he could have created and implemented such an amazing plan. Hihi, he suddenly seem more pleasing to the eyes." Veronica Vlad said to her self.


"What a terrifying talent for business! To execute such a well-thought scheme, not only does he need to consider an endless array of possibilities, confidence with oneself is also needed. To stay calm, despite the possibility of failure.... just how much confidence does he have with his strategies...?" The Grand Elder of the Alchemy Academy observed Dylan from afar.


"What a pity that he has already been recruited... Such a talent could be the catalyst of the rise of my sect." Cobra of the Cloud Serpent Sect silently spoke. He calmly raised his glass and drank the fragrant red wine within.


"No wonder Victor wanted to recruit him. I never would have though that an eighteen year old boy could hide such a marvelous talent. Such genius of the wits could have severely helped Victor to become the next True King of the country." Zachary smiled as he was informed by one of the members of his clan\'s intelligence units.


On the wooden platform below...

"For those who have no knowledge about Origin Cores, let me enlighten you. An Origin Core could not only help with strengthening the Origin Energy, it could also nourish the pillars and foundation of the Origin Palace! The Origin Core of a beast could also allow one to integrate the innate abilities of the beast to one\'s Origin Palace, which would permanently be ascribed to oneself and could even be developed! For example, the great defensive ability of the Obsidian Scaled Crocodile which can block the attacks of those who are two-three stages stronger than you could be succesfully attained!" Dylan did not let the hype end there as he continued to disclose valuable information to the buyers.

Collective roars could be soon heard after. This was mostly from hunters or cultivators who want to increase their overall survival power. Some were rich nobles who wished to buy to pave way a bright future for their offsprings.


"That\'s amazing!"


"I must have it for my son! I definitely can get it!" A long haired handsome noble who was holding a pretty girl gritted his teeth.

"With that, I would have no worry tanking against monsters!" A hunter whose face was riddled with scars said.

"I could withstand senior apprentice brothers attacks if I get that and finally, get the hand of junior apprentice sister!" A hot blooded youth fantasized himself defeating his senior and happily seizing his lover.


"Let us start the bid with 200 spirit stones!" Dylan set the price.

Immediately after his words, rampant voices yelled out.

"Two hundred spirit stones!" The long haired handsome noble was the first to bid.

"Two hundred five spirit stones!" The scar-faced hunter roared without a moment of delay.

"Two hundred ten spirit stones!" The hot blooded youth also joined with a loud shout.

"Two hundred twenty spirit stones!" An elder from a middle rank sect also placed a bid.

"Two hundred twenty one spirt stones." A green cloaked person stated another price.


\'It was a good thing that Rian gave me this Origin Core. I still could not believe that a little guy like him was that strong...\' As the competition aroused, Dylan reminisced how he got the Origin Core. He

Back in Dylan\'s Residence, one day before the auction...

Dylan and Barry were at the small hut on the backyard of his residence. There was a teapot and two teacups with platelets containing some sweets. They were discussing about the Spirit Rank and Earth Rank Herbal Garden.

"How is the Spirit Rank Herbal Garden going?" Dylan asked.

"It is progessing splendidly. The 500 spirit stones you let me was just the right amount to buy the empty lot and the equipments needed for the creation of the garden. Two days ago, I have already started transplanting the herbs you have in storage and I also took the opportunity to plant some seeds. They are growing appropriately. I estimate that we could start the harvest in three to four weeks." Barry reported with a smile.

"Great! Thank you for doing this favor, Barry. With the garden, the workload on me significantly decreased." Dylan sincerely thanked Barry.

"Hahaha, don\'t worry about it, Dylan. I am just paying the debt I owe you. I really can\'t thank you enough for the hope you have given me. Also, it\'s not like I am doing this without rewards. The faster the progress of the garden, the faster I could gather the ingredients for my advancement. Technically, I am just helping myself to accomplish my motives." Barry smiled wryly.

"Don\'t say it like that, bro. We have already talked about this. I did this because I acknowledge you as my brother. I am also doing this because you saved my life so the debt you have mentioned has already been paid. Technically, it was me who approached you first with ulterior motives." Dylan was slightly ashamed of himself.

"Hahaha, all right. I am really glad to have met a brother like you." Barry laughed blissfully.

"Me too. I am thankful to have met a brother like you." Dylan happily smiled.

It was then that Rian suddenly walked in. " Hey, Dylan. I got something to ask you to do."

"What is it? Be quick though, I still got a lot of things to take care of." Dylan noticed Rian immediately.

"I know. It is this... Blargh." Rian suddenly spat a shiny black orb.

"What is that? What should I do with it? It seems familliar though." Dylan asked. Dylan felt that it was oddly familiar but he could not place a finger on where he saw it.

"Dunno. Just store it or you can have it if you want." Rian answered without the slightest bit of care.

\'I felt that I have seen it before. But where? Let\'s see...\' Dylan closed his eyes and rummaged through his memories but he was interrupted by Barry\'s shocked voice.

"Whe-where did you get that?!" Barry loudly questioned.

"Woah, what\'s with the attitude?" Rian frowned.

"Ah, sorry. But can you tell me where you got that?" Barry tried to restrain himself but the shock was still apparent in his eyes.

"Sheesh, someone\'s got some issues. Fine, I got it from a scaly bastard who tried to eat me while I was doing that Heavenly Tribulation or whatever." Rian spoke in an annoyed manner.

"What did this scaly bastard look like?" Dylan asked.

"A black scaled lizard or maybe crocodile? I can\'t remember anymore I killed him after one swipe. Why?" Rian vaguely described.

"You killed it with one strike?!" Barry was shocked.

"Yeah. After that, a ball appeared from his body and I ate it." Rian answered.

"Calm down. Is something the matter, Barry?" Dylan asked.

"Dylan, this- this little Rascal just one-hit a Core Transformation Level- Obsidian Scaled Crocodile the moment he was born! How do you expect me to stay calm!" Barry angrily said.

"Are you sure?!" Dylan asked with a frightened look.

"Yes, that forest only had 11 forest kings who rarely reveal themselves and the only one which is lizard like is the Obsidian Scaled Crocodile. The only spirit beasts which could condense an Origin Core are Core Transformation beasts!" Barry elaborated.

"So that\'s an Origin Core? Rian is monstrously strong...?" Dylan looked at Rian like he was some sort of Ancient Beast. \'Fuck, I actually have an monstrous beast as a companion!\'

"They were strong really? They did not seem like it. There were also ten others who tried to eat me so I killed them and ate the balls that appeared out fo them. Anyways, my tummy\'s trying to digest the other ten and I could no longer eat another one so I decided to give it to you instead. I\'m going now. It\'s nap time already." Rian just happily turn around and left the two dumbfounded.


Back to the present...

"That rascal never does cease to amaze me." Dylan shook his head as he mumbled.