The Strongest Businessman - 14 Chapter 14: Elder Frank gets Slapped to Death

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Dylan was truly at a lost. He could not comprehend what just happened. The crowd was able to connect those hints to create such a ludicrous conclusion. Dylan was at a lost on what he should say.

But on careful note, he might be able to benefit from this. He contemplated and recalled what the others have just said. He, then, realized and found their train of thought.

If he denied it, it would be very disadvantageous to the stores reputation. It would cause the face of the store which was him to become a fraud.

If he accepted it, it would be very beneficial to him and Scarlet because if this news were to spread then counting by the number people present, the number of customers that he will have will double or even triple. It would also reflect him with a good image and reputation that would instill security to the customer\'s uncertainty towards an establishments morals and principles.

\'If I accept it, it would cause a boost to the stores reputation and credibility. Since Scarlet is still asleep, I could just tell her later on when she wakes up.\' Dylan thought.

The way Dylan assessed the situation in his mind and formulated a plan in accordance to the flow of discussion is a characteristic possessed by business experts that is spontaneous adaptability, the ability to be able to handle a situation as it differs unexpectedly. It is an on-the-spot way of thinking that is capable of resolving unexpected problems occuring in a business.

For example, Dylan also dealt with several of this situations in his career in his past life. Once, on a branch of his company which was selling toys was downgrading due to the overwhelming rise of the opponent toy company. It was due to a series of toys which were able to fight interactively in a small arena. It was introduced by a robotics inventor and called it "Arena Battle".

Seeing the documents, given to him by his secretary, he personally took action. Since kids like interactive toys those days, he recruited a group of famous inventors and introduced his idea to counter "Arena Battle\'. He called it "Dungeon Quest". His idea was to create a board game of different series. The board game is able to play interactively as the avatars of the players. The avatars would be able to really fight with the dungeon monsters and bosses.

He Incorporated his knowledge from Fantasy Role Playing Games which was an atypical roll the dice type of game but with the use of imagination the kids are able to portray monsters and beasts of different sizes and races. His idea was to materialize that concept into a board. With the technological advances man has created for the past decades, this originally impossible concept could be made.

The inventors and technicians he invited was shocked but they were intrigued by the challenge that Dylan has posed onto them

After a month of hundreds of tests, they were finally able to create the game. Although the game was somewhat expensive, the kids loved it and it rocked the entire business market. It topped the charts as the number one store in just a month from its release. Teenagers, young adults and even middle aged was intrigued and played it.

The nerds back in the days who played role playing games in campaigns felt their youth was bestowed once more to them. The reviews and the feature of such a game was full of praises. It became one of Dylan\'s Trademarks in Earth as it produced a billion players worldwide and earned him billions of dollars.

That was what he was going to do. He would use the public opinion to boomerang him with even more benefits but at the same time he will reciprocate it with his outstanding services. So he began to commence his plans.

"Ugh, yes. Everyone has caught me red-handed on my act of covering the truth." Dylan acted as though he was caught by some investigators.

"So, sir Dylan was trying to keep such a burden for himself. Allow me and my brother to help you in your ordeal." Gary Aaron offered.

But suddenly a large carriage showed up in front of the restaurant, four familiar burly man formed a column outside the door as a big plump man exited the carriage. The carriage was as big as a towtruck. It had many accessories of jewelry as it formed the letter "B".

The carriage wiggled slightly and seemed more elated from the ground. One could just imagine the weight of the plump man.

"Hahaha, Brother Dylan you need not say those. As your sworn brother, you could have just told me that little sister was sick and I would have immediately helped you." The big plump man announced. It was Sire Robert Bobman.

"Brother?" The crowd was shocked. Sire Bobman was one of the wealthiest men in the entire city and Dylan was his sworn brother. Why did they not have heard of this? If this were to spread out no one shall think about causing trouble to Dylan ever again.

" Oh, if it isn\'t Brother Robert. I knew you would come by lunch. So I prepared a special feast for you." Dylan greeted and presented a reserved table with an extremely large chair.

"Oh, you did not have to, Brother Dylan. Hehe." Robert chuckled while he arrived at the front of Dylan with his four body guards at his back.

"But I even specially made a table and chair for my sworn brother. Can you give me some face here, Brother Robert?" Dylan looked upset as he said the first sentence and smiled asking the latter.

"Okay then, brother. Then, I will be impolite. Hahahaha." Robert laughed while patting Dylan\'s broad shoulders.

"This way, Brother." Dylan said.

"Then we should get going then. We bid farewell to sir Dylan." Granny Marites bid farewell in behalf of the family.

"Wait, may I request that you wait here for a while, ma\'am?" Dylan halted them.

"Is something the matter, Sir Dylan?" Marites felt slightly baffled.

"I have a gift for those who is the first to come to my restaurant." Dylan stated as he smiled.

"Ohhh, then we would to trouble, Sir Dylan." Marites bowed.

"I may have to trouble, madams and sirs, to wait for a while." Dylan bowed to Marites too.

"Ohoo, a gift, I wonder what would it be? But since it came from Brother Dylan it is bound to be extraordinary." Sire Bobman commented.


After that chat, Dylan guided Robert to his table and presented his feast. He also served food for the guards.

"Delightful! What wondrous flavors. Hahaha!" Robert devoured the numerous food that Dylan prepared and laughed heartily. He never tasted such exquisite and such outstanding flavors. The guards were also all smiles as they ate their food. Everyone was eating joyously and serenely enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.


Outside of Gardenford Restaurant, a new carriage arrived it had an insignia of a big letter A and small letter a looking like "Aa". It was the insignia of the Aaron Clan. A middle-aged man walked out and said.

"This place again. Tsk. I\'m gladly that that blasted store is gone. I wonder who the owner of this restaurant is. He might be a rich and powerful man hehehe, I need to curry a little favor from him to squash that Dylan Ford like a bug. Mwahahaha." The man laughed sinisterly. If Dylan was here he would be able to recognize that this was the very first person whom he encountered upon being reincarnated intk this world, Elder Frank.

Elder Frank was here because he was assigned to fetch the Clan Heads Family back to the Clan Residence. He approached the paradise restaurant and he was extremely shocked that everything was exquisitely made. When he saw the Clan Heads\' Family, he approached them and greeted them.

"Elder Frank greets Clan Heads\' Family." Elder Frank greeted them.

"Oh, Elder Frank. Are you here to escort us?" Clan Head Garry questioned.

"Yes, Clan Head." Elder Frank nodded.

"Why do you look so irritated, Elder Frank?" Mary noticed.

"Oh, it is because I suddenly remember a scum who was without manners and etiquette and even asked me to leave his store without even entertaining me. Even after I told him, I am an Elder of the Aaron Clan." Elder Frank disdainfully described.

"There was such a matter? Tell me who it was. I will help you deal with him. That man looks down on the Aaron Clan if it is as what you have said." Clan Head Garry said somewhat displeased.

"I agree, Clan Head. Such a person must be punished." Elder Frank respectfully said. \'Get ready to die, Dylan Ford.\' He thought.

"So who was it?" Clan Head Garry questioned once more.

"It was... You?! It\'s you?!" Elder Frank was shocked when he saw Dylan Ford walking towards them carrying a teapot.

"Oh, if it isn\'t Elder Frank. How have you been?" Dylan slightly smiled.

Elder Frank became even more furious when he heard that.

"Clan Head, he was the scum who was without manners and etiquette. Please administer justice." Elder Frank reported. He grinned so wide in his heart saying \'I told you will pay for what you\'ve done to me. Now, receive retribution.\'

"Since you are nothing but a peasant waiter, go get me a drink." Elder Frank judged Dylan\'s appearance and thought that he was a waiter.

"..." Dylan just smiled amused like he was watching a clown.

"Are you deaf?! I told you to get me a drink, didn\'t I?! Clan Head, this was what I was talking about earlier! A scum with no respect towards our Aaron Clan." Elder Frank reprimanded Dylan while kissing to Clan Head Garry once more.

"Enough!" Clan Head Gary was so embarrassed and angry at the same that he slapped Elder Frank in his face. He even used a battle technique to do so.

"What?!" Elder Frank tried to defend but being only a 7th level of Spirit Veins, he was unable to guard a full power attack from Clan Head Gary who was a Pinnacle 10th level of Spirit Veins Realm.

*Slap* *Bang* *Crash*

Elder Frank cough blood after crashing several meters away from the Clan Head. \'What was happening didn\'t the Clan Head say he was going to help me? Why was he slapping me instead?\' He was on the verge of crying too. He was severely injured when he saw a line of ladies coming towards him.

\'It seems like the heavens has pitied me and blessed the minds of these ladies to help him.\' he thanked the heavens. But he thought something ominous when he saw their expressions that were of fury.

These women were clearly infuriated by the berating this Elder Frank did to their "Prince Dylan".

*Slap* *Slap* *Slap* * Slap* * Slap*

Elder Frank\'s Face was filled with blood and he was crying with snots dripping from his nose while laying helplessly on the ground after experiencing numerous baptisms of slaps from these women.

\'Just what the hell did I do wrong??????!!!!!!" He felt extremely indignant to what happened