The Strongest Businessman - 138 Chapter 138: The Brown-Cloaked Person

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The bidding for the treasure, Cleansing Origin Vines, became even more heated as more people raised their bidding panels to join the fray. The 9 superpowers has yet make a move yet the price has already skyrocketed to 412 spirit stones in just one minute!

There were about a dozen people who were constantly bidding for the herb. The endless increase of the bidding was brought for by power of the Top 200. This includes powers like the Quadra Fang Sect, Firebull School, Charon Clan and Steelheart Sect! Arman and his company were constantly placing bids one after the other.

"416 spirit stones!" A sectmaster of a Top 600 power roared and went all in!

But, Okemos Charon easily raised the bid which made him lose the chance to compete with everybody. " Four hundred nineteen spirit stones."

"Damn you, Okemos!" The sectmaster coldly barked. He was a relatively short and accompanied with her old appearance, he looked quite senile.

"I apologize. I just want to get this herb for the development of my eldest disciple." Okemos quickly replied.

"Grrrr! Four hundred twenty one spirit stones!" The sectmaster was very stalwart and forced himself to increase the bid once more. He planned on selling Earth Rank Weapons to Dylan if ever he got the herb.

"That\'s the spirit! Let\'s see you beat FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY!!" Steven Bulwark provoked the sectmaster.

"Steven!! You too?! Are you messing with me? I\'ll show you! Four hundred thrity three!!" That sectmaster once again stated a bid.

"Four hundred thirty three spirit stones." A brown cloaked person suddenly stated a bid out of nowhere. He was sitting on the back row seat of the second floor of the Soaring Garden Auction House.

"Shit! Another one just joined!" The expression of the sectmaster turned livid. With some difficulty, he growled with a hoarse voice, " Four hundred thirty five spirit stones!"

"What is the matter, old man? Already out of money? Hahaha. I raise it to Four hundred forty spirit stones!" A 6\'9 tall brown skinned man with muscles that seemes to be bursting out of his arms. He was apparently a squad leader of middle ranked Hunter Guild.

"Four hundred forty one spirit stones." The brown cloaked person raised the bid by one again.

The grey cloaked person who had been silent ever since the bid went past 350 finally spoke, " Four hundred forty two."

"You...!" The short sectmaster\' face twisted when he heard the taunt of that tall man. He fell for the taunt and blurted out his final price while he stood. "FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY SPIRIT STONES!"

Suddenly, a voice resounded, " Four hundred firty five spirit stones."

The old man knees weakened and fell to the ground. "Who...?" He turned around to look only to see that Arman Heinze was the one who out-bid him.

"It is okay, old man. Better luck next time." Arman smirked while drank his wine.

"I... can\'t compete anymore..." The old man helplessly admitted his defeat. He tried to push it way past his budget but his fate was the same as those people who he just went passed when he was carelessly bidding earlier. He now understood what it felt like to be passed by.

"Don\'t forget about me! Four hundred fifty seven!" The tall squad leader bidded once more and triumphantly looked down at the person he just passed through.

"I just really wanted to cultivate more... I don\'t want to die yet..." The old man cried helplessly because he knew that his life was nearing its\' end. Like him, there are also other cultivators that wanted the herb so that they would be able to breakthrough and extend their lifespans.

Some wanted to use it to become extremely strong and turn into a genius. However, reality was cruel to them because of their lack of resources and power.


\'I once felt like that..." Dylan saw his face and his cries, not only him but also other people who despaired due to their depleting lifeforce or those who lost the chance to become stronger. Like them, he also had a rude and horrendous awakening.

But Dylan knew, it was up to them if they were to continue to despair and dwell on the past or they would choose to move forward like him and struggle to break free from the chains of fate.

\'I will never become weak ever again! For myself and my family!\' He vowed in his heart. Seeing them made him sharpen his resolve to become stronger! He would do everything he can in order to safeguard his family from whatever harm that they may encounter in future.


"Four hundred fifty nine!" A middle aged blonde noble lady who was a clan head of a newly risen Grand Clan.

"Four hundred sixty spirit stones." The grey cloaked person intervened once more.

"Four hundred sixty two spirit stones!" A lanky elder of a a power that belongs to the Top 300 of the city rankings raised the bid. He was gritting his teeth as the price went nearer to the end of his wealth.

"Tsk, Four hundred sixty five!!" The tall hunting squad leader strongly said.

"Four hundred sixty nine spirit stones!" Yander Cooper of the Steelheart Sect also placed a bid.


Just like that, the bidding continued until 500 spirit stones without Dylan interfering. Dylan was calmly watching the crowd and he turned to look at the fourth floor of the Soaring Garden Auction House. \'I think it would be time for those three to interfere now if they want to create a lasting impression.\'

When the bidding reached 510 gold coins, it went out like what Dylan thought. Isaac Fleetwood joined the fray and raised it to a really dramatic degree! "I raise the bid to... 600 spirit stones!"

"This... this..." The middle-aged blonde lady stuttered. She did not expect that the price would suddenly rise out of her price range.

"Oh no, I can\'t bid anymore!" The lanky elder was similarly slack-jawed. In an instant, it surpassed the boundaries of his wealth.

"This can\'t be! Ugh... I give up." The tall brown skinned squad leader could not accept the outcome as it is which lead him to give up this item.

Due to this meteoric rise in the price, most competitors were unable to keep up with the price range. Hence, they unwillingly withdrew from the competition.

"Hmph, you think I would lose to you brat? Six hundred twenty spirit stones!" Steven Bulwark indicated that he was still in the game.

"Heh, you still have milk on your mouth, kid! Six hundred forty spirt stones!" Yander Cooper also implied the same thing that Steven was tring to imply.

"You think you can get all the spolptlight for yourself, Isaac. Take this. 700 spirit stones!!" Brock also made the price dramtically rise once more!

"Damn, spoiled brats! Seven hundred thirty spirit stones!!" Okemos did not back down as well and kept on bidding.

"You are still a hundred years too early to compete with us! Seven hundred sixty spirit stones!!" Arman roared a raise.

"Hmph, ignorant old men. Eight hundred fifty spirit stones!" Daniela was the one who raised the bid exponentially this time.

"The fuck?! How come they have so much wealth?!" The four brother was dumbfounded when these young masters and young mistresses fully display their wealth!

It was not only them. The onlookers were also shocked by how much money these three were spending. They then felt envy over their status in life because of they had their status, they would be able to live comfortably and almost not worry about money at all.

What they did not know is that the emmisaries that Daniela, Borck and Isaac sent to their clans already came back! Not only that, they also brought approximately 1500 spirit stones each! Additionally, their respective emmisaries told them that the heads of each sect would send reinforcements to secure the herbs. Thus, these three were undaunted when competing with money.

"Che, I will not give up that easily! Eight hundred sixty five spirit stones!" Steven still insisted to compete with these three.

"Settle down, Steven. This is beyond us already! The ones you are competing with are top geniuses from the Top 20 sects. Their status entails that their pocket money is in whole new other level than our life savings!" Okemos rationally persuaded.

" Is that so? How about nine hundred fifty spirit stones!" Brock increased the amount by an entire hundred spirit stones!!

"This is madness!" The crowd commented.

"The herb is mine! Nine hundred seventy five spirit stones!!" Yander was also really determined to get the Cleansing Origin Vines.

"Brother Yander, calm down! Do not let your greed get the best of you! Give it up! There are still plenty other items in the auction that you might be able to get! You just need to wait for it!" Arman also reasonably convinced Yander to concede.

"Old fools who does not know their place. I bid one thousand and fifty spirit stones!" The disdain in Isaac\'s eyes were apparent. He was clearly looking down at the four as though they were not his match.


"You!! I\'ll destroy your smug face!"

"I\'ll kill that brat myself!"

Yander and Steven almost exploded but they were stopped by Okemos and Arman.

"Calm down, brothers! You would only be courting death if you let your anger take over! Their lives are not worth it! Think about your disciples and family!" Okamos persuaded them while trying to prevent them from flying out.

"Huuu...."After a while, they were eventually able to calm down and let out a mouthful of air.

"You are right, brother Okemos. He is not worth it." Steven who had a fiery temper cooled down but he still gave Isaac a cold stare.

"Thank you for stopping us." Yander also restrained himself.

"It\'s alright. Just compose yourselves, we will eventually get the items that we want." Arman said.

"Right." Steven and Yander responded with a nod.


"Is that al you\'ve got, Isaac? One thousand one hundred!" Brock taunted.

"One thousand one hundred fifty." Isaac Fleetwood flatly replied.

"Typical boys..." Daniela whispered under her breath before loudly bidding! "One thousand two hundred spirit stones."

"One thousand two hundred one." The brown cloaked person suprised the crowd when he raised the bid.

"Just who is that person?"

"How could someone have that much money!"

"Tsk, another nobody. Let\'s see if you much you can bid! One thousand two hundred fifty!" Brock coldly snorted

"One thousand two hundred fifty-one." Another calm reply from the brown cloaked person.

\'First, it was that person who wore that thick grey colored cloak. Now, this?\' Isaac inwardly thought. He was uncertain how much wealth this person has so he decided to probe by raising the bid. "One thousand two hundred eighty."

But the same thing also happened as the brown cloaked person replied. " One thousand two hundred eighty one."

"One thousand three hundred!" Brock loudly said.

"Hey, bratty girl, Why aren\'t you bidding anymore?" Brock asked after bidding.

"Because the price has already surpassed the velue of the herb, you moron." Daniela coldly insulted.

"What did you say?!" Brock was enraged when he heard that.

"..." But he was coldly ignored.

"Why, you!! Fuck it! I should not have even asked!" Brock angrily snorted.


The bidding between the grey cloaked person, Brock, and Isaac continued. The rate by which it increased whitlptked down from twenty to ten and from ten to five. The crowd was shocked that this mysterious person could still calmly vote. They even thought that he may truly have a ridiculous amount of wealth! Everything proceeded in the same manner Until the price reached 1680 spirit stones...

"One thousand six hundred eighty!" Brock was gritting his teeth because despite bidding nonstop. The brown cloaked person has yet to give up. Even Isaac was so annoyed with the brown cloaked that he gave up when the bid went past 1650. \'Damn it, is he toying with me?!\'

"One thousand six hundred eighty one." The same manner of reply followed.

"It\'s time to end this. It has already become boring. I know that all of you were waiting for someone to take the first move. So let me be the one to start it. I bid one thousand seven hundred." Romero Thunder could no longer handle waiting so he decided to do it.

\'Fuck, I give up. It\'s your time to be annoyed with this cloak wearing bastard, Thunder Punisher!\' Brock evilly thought to himself. But what he was expecting did not happen. When he looked at the direction where the brown cloaked person was, he was no longer there!

"Where in the fucking hell did that bastard go!?!" Brock\'s vein in his forehead became apparent due to his anger.