The Strongest Businessman - 137 Chapter 137: Twin Origin Creation Pill

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Majority was shocked by this sudden revelation. A herb that could give someone an extra Origin Palace?! The idea was nearly absurd!

Even nobles from top-tier sects like Brock Stone, Daniela Hills or Isaac Fleetwood did not know about this certain piece of information.

"Do you know anything pertaining this pill?" All three asked their respective elders but unfortunately, they were met with a disappointing , "No."

"How about you two?" Daniela took the initiative and asked the other two.

"I know about the Pillar Forming Pill but I don\'t know anything regarding this Twin Origin Creation Pill. To think it could actually help you gain another palace. It has been my dream to get two palaces and create a Palace King for myself. Then, I could sweep the entire generation beneath my feet!" Brock responded.

Isaac was silent for a while before agreeing with what Brock said. " We are on the same page. I know about the former but not about the latter. If I had a Palace King, I would be able to crush you both easily even if you fought me together!"


"Damn that Dylan Ford! He actually knew!!" Asiel\'s expression was livid. He did not expect that Dylan would know the secret regarding the herb. Originally, the herb would have only cost 140 spirit stones as it\'s minimum price but with this information, the value of the herb just doubled!

"That sly bastard!" The Grand Elder beside Asiel also cursed Dylan.

"What should we do now?" The elder sitting with them nervously said. Now, that every participant knows, more people would become even more invested in this item and try to get it with their all resources available!

"What else? We\'ll have to bid extensively get that herb! It must fall into our hands!" The Grand Elder responded with a determined look.


"How amusing." Veronica chuckled sweetly. " This pill is only intended for people with mediocre talent. Creating another Origin Palace on your own is what makes a person a true genius."

"Hmph, you think everyone are monsters like you who could create 3 Origin Palaces? This pill gives these people the chance to evolve and become a genius. Don\'t compare everyone to yourself because you are a supreme genius of this generation even the Four Saints of the Magnate Tower praised you! If only you would have accepted Sword Saint\'s proposal, our sect would have long become the strongest of the city and your father would have been dubbed as the city lord and not Zachary!" His uncle harrumphed.

"Uncle, I know. Please stop repeating this nonsense again. I am going to repeat this for the nth time! I will get to decide the man I marry! Not you or even father, could do anything about it! " Veronica was enraged when she heard this topic again.

"Veronica!" The uncle stood up and wanted to scold Veronica.

"Enough, Uncle! Also, don\'t even think about using my sister as a substitute or I will leave with her and never come back! Focus at the mission not on some engagement that\'s never going to happen!" Instead, Veronica was the one who scolded her uncle.

"We\'ll talk about this later when we get home." The Uncle conceded after furiously looking at Veronica\'s face.

"Huuu." Veronica softly sighed. A face of melancholy was hidden under the veil that covered her beautiful face.


Recovering from the shock, many tried to ask Dylan for clarifications regarding this shocking information. They wanted to confirm whether it was a fallacy or a fact.

"Is this information true?" A tall nobleman asked him first.

"Yes. If you wish, you could find a book written by Alchemist Sage Turner entitled \'A Record of Earth Rank Pills\'. You may find the content you are searching for of Chapter 3 page 237 at the second paragraph which has an illustration of the Cleansing Origin Vines and below it is also an illustration of the Twin Origin Creation Pill. " Dylan came prepared with an instant reply.


"Hallmaster, I think... that the book he mentioned was one of the books he borrowed from us three days ago." Sheldon suddenly realized something.

"I remember him wanting to borrow some books. Are you sure?" Azelmek asked.

"Yes. I was there when he was picking out books. He picked out tens of books regarding techniques, weapons, alchemy and high-ranking herbs. I asked him what it was for but he simply smiled and never replied. It seems like he wanted to know every information he could find that were related with the items he has for auction!" Sheldon recalled how Dylan carried a ridiculous amount of thick books.

"This young man actually went through such lengths to gather information. His dedication for his work is really admirable." Azelmek was pleasantly surprised when he discovered the extents that Dylan went through to prepare for this day.

"I think so too. He was even diligent enough to secretly ask for some guidance on my free time when you specifically and strictly told him that he is forbidden to train because the soul attack you induced might resurface again." Allen disclosed.

"Really? Damn it. I told him on the letter to take it easy and rest. Why does he have to be such a workaholic? Hmph, I\'ll teach him a thong or two once I meet him for his training." Azelmek produced an angry look but eventually he smiled thinking how diligent his disciple was.

"I truly am lucky to have a disciple like him." Azelmek spoke straight from the heart. He turned to Sheldon and said, " Tell him that he could keep the books of he wants to."

"But, Hallmaster, he already returned it two days after. He said that he read and memorized everything already so he had not more use for it even if he kept it." Sheldon wryly smiled as he paraphrased what Dylan said to him that day.

"Huh~ Oh, I forgot that that little monster is an X-Grade Magna Magnate with photographic memory." The fact that Dylan was an X-grade Magna Magnate slipped out of Azelmek\'s mind.

"I guess we will just have to watch how his auction will enfold." Azelmek said.

"Yes, sir." Allen and Sheldon smilingly replied.


"Can you explain to us how this miraculous pill works?" Another noble asked.

"A necessity for this formation is the Origin Energy, transmuted from spirit energy during Origin Transmutation. It is used to create the Origin Base and 10 Origin Pillars during Origin Foundation. The Origin Base and Origin Pillars are then connected to each other in order to create the Origin Palace during Palace Formation. In Palace Establishment, the Avatar is then incubated in the Origin Palace and transform it into the Palace Guardian. This is what is passed down since the time of their ancient ancestors, right?" Dylan asked the crowd.

"Yes, this is common knowldege. But how is this related with the question earlier?" The noble who asked impatiently said.

"It is every bit related. According to the system of the Origin Palace Realm, a person needs a vast amount of Origin Energy in order to complete the formation of the Origin Palace. Thus, we can say that the creation of an entire Origin Palace requires a certain large amount of Origin Energy." Dylan deductively reasoned out.

"Yeah." The crowd nodded.

"Since there is a certain amount of Origin Energy needed to create one palace, we could say that as long as we have twice the amount of energy, we could also create two Origin Palaces! This was the principle the Alchemy Sage followed to create this heaven defying pill!" Dylan continued with a shocking deduction.

"That means the pill could..." The crowd now understood what Dylan was meaning to say.

"Indeed. The Twin Origin Creation Pill supplies excessive amounts of Origin Energy which is enough to create yet another set of Origin Base and Origin Pillars! Once this new Origin Palace is constructed, the Palace Guardian would have another opportunity to evolve and become a Palace King!" Dylan answered with another shocking fact.

"A Palace King..." Almost everyone could hardly comprehend what was going on. But they knew if they got the herb, they would be able to rise to prominence!

Dylan had a certain piece of information that he did not disclose because he knew it will affect his sales greatly. It is true that the Twin Origin Creation Pill would supply more than twice the amount of energy needed to create Origin Palces. However, the capacity of the spirit core of a human varies but normal spirit cores are incapable of storing such a monstrous amount of origin energy. If a person is able to successfully get someone to refine this pill, the next predicament is the refinement of the energy within.

Some rare geniuses could create another Origin Palace even without the aid of the Twin Origin Creation Pill. The quality of their spirit cores are vastly superior than the normal ones while there are others who have great affinity with energy that they are able to collect enough energy for the creation of their Origin Palaces.

In the past, there were even geniuses who could create three Origin Palaces and make their avatars evolve to a Palace Emperor! The craziest legend was about a person who was able to form 4 avatars and breeded a Palace Ancestor!

\'I was excited at first when I discovered this but then, I remembered that I possess the Supreme Core. I wonder how many palaces I could make since my Supreme Core is equivalent to 20 normal spirit cores.\' Dylan wondered. But since his Supreme Core is a vastly superior grade of spirit core, does that mean he could also create 3 or even 4 Origin Palaces!


"The pill is mine!!" A crazed man suddenly screamed out. Hearing the wondrous effects of the herb, he lost control to his greed. He wanted to seize the treasure.

"No, it is mine!!" Another shoved off that man and screamed.

"You think you deserve such treasure! Die!" A barbaric man stood up and started beating up the two guys who started the fight.

"Gentlemen, calm down. Let us settle this in a calm and peaceful manner." Dylan said to everyone. His voice contained a warm and serene vibe that allowed the onlookers to calm down.

"Much better. Although I have stated information about the pill, I don\'t really have the pill with me. However, the ingredients for the refinement of the Pillar Forming Pill is relatively easy to find as it could be bought on any herbal store within the city as long as you have a budget of 10 spirit stones. Since I am kind to everyone, I will let you in on a sweet deal. Whoever gets his hands on this herb will get a 50% discount if her buys the ingredients at my store." Dylan cunningly used this oppourtunity to advertise his store.

The crowd rejoiced when they heard Dylan\'s gallant offer.

"Really?! That\'s an amazing deal!" A middle aged man said.

"Then, once I get a hold of this herb, I will surely buy from your store!" A thundercloud captain promised.

"Me too!" A hunter seconded.

"Me three!" A noble repeated the motion.


"I feel sorry for these guys. It seems like they completely forgot that nine og the Top Ten Sects of the Thunder Clouds City\'s Sect Ranking are also participating with the auction." Tom felt sorry for these greed-driven people who thought they could get the herb.

"Yup, it is a little bit sad. They would be really dosheartened once they realized that from the start they really did not have the chance.

"Hahaha, let them be. They will be the ones to raise the bid non-stop once the auction starts. Technically, the sects are actually helping them. If one of them really acquired the herb, they woulf be either bankrupt or killed by other who will try to get the herb. But, this happenstance won\'t happen if the nine supersects get the herb." Roland logically explained.

"He\'s right. It is better this way. We get to earn a lot of money without anyone trying to kill each other." Larry agreed.


" I assume that everyone is already waiting to for the bidding to start. Without further ado, the auction for the Cleansing Origin Vinesis now open with an opening price of 250 spirit stones!" Dylan quickly announced.

The crowd was unsurprised with what they heard. Actually, they were expecting a bit more but Dylan intentionally lowered the price in order to build tension and momentum for these frenzied people.

"250 spirit stones!!" A sectmaster of a low ranked power started the bid with a loud shout!

"252!" A thundercloud captain was the first to raise the bid shouting in a similar fashion as the prior one.

"I bid 255!!" A clan head of a middle ranked power also decided to join the fight!

"Two hundred fifty six spirit stones!" A fat lord called out.

"Two hundred fifty nine!!" A lady wearing an expensive dress shouted loudly too.

"Two hundred sixty two spirit stones!!!" A hairy and bulky hunter roared.

"Two hundred sixty three." The grey cloaked personnwho always raises by only 1 spirit stones also joined in.


\'It has been so long... It feels so good to earn a large amount of money.\' Dylan\'s smile was even more brilliant than before as he was calling out the people who were raising there bids.