The Strongest Businessman - 136 Chapter 136: 9 Supersects 2

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"Hallmaster-" Sheldon tremblingly looked at Azelmek. He tried to get an answer from Azelmek but contrary to his expectation, Azelmek even interrupted him.

"Don\'t say another word... I don\'t know anymore. I give up." Azelmek surrendered. He thought that no matter what type of reasoning he could think of might just embarass him instead so he chose to shut up. He did not know whether to laugh or cry because even though he who had several hundred years of experience, he could not decode or crack the plan of an 18 year old!

"I..." Sheldon did not know how to respond as well. He knew how intelligent and meticulous Azelmek was. He always did things methodically by virtue of taking into consideration the practicality, foresight and effects to him and the Premier Hall.

Most of the problems that were encountered by the Premier Hall were resolved due to Azelmek\'s intelligence and plans. Seeing Azelmek struggle to the point that he gave up was quite the shock for not only Sheldon but also Allen as they accompanied him all throughout his administration in Premier Hall.

"He is formidable." Sheldon vaguely muttered but he was referring to Dylan who rendered Azelmek hopeless because of his impenetrable plan.

Allen who was just beside him understood the underlying meaning of his words and responded in this manner, " Too formidable if you ask me."


The representatives seven superpowers who just arrived already checked in to the newly made third floor of the building of Soaring Garden Herbal Store and the Soaring Diner. The quality of the seats here were the combination of the third and fourth floor of the Soaring Garden Auction House.

The layout of the new floor was divided with 2 side sections and the middle section. The middle section is much fancier than the side sections because it provides greater view for the items and the happenings during the auction. The middle section was the part that was comparable to the designs of the 4th floor while 2 side sections were of the same rank as the 3rd floor of the auction house.

All of them chose to take a seat on the middle section and paid 10 spirit stones because it is the same quality as the 4th floor. Similarly, the sidesections would require guests or customers to pay 1 spirit stones akin to the rate of the third floor. They were all satisfied with the accommodation provided but they were even more pleased when they heard Dylan\'s announcement.

"Hahaha, it appears that we have just arrived just at the right moment!" The third elder of the Thunder Clan who had the title of Thunder Punisher, Romero Thunder merrily spoke. He appeared to be a cheerful and amiable big guy who is open yo make friends.

"The reports that the Clan Leader told us with is really true. This auction is overly peculiar. Placing top tier treasures so early in an auction. How bizzare." The seventh elder of the Thunder Clan, Dorin Thunder said while fondling his chin. He was slightly smaller in comparison to Romero but he was still pretty buff in size. He always had this irritated look on his face as though he is ready to blow up any time.

"Hahaha, do not overthink it too much, Dorin. The important thing is it is an event that auctions treasures which are extremely valuable and the two of us were sent here to get it. It is as simple as that!" Romero leisurely said while patting Dorin on the back.

He had a straightforward personality and does not like to over complicate things. He freely voices out his likes and dislikes and if someone comits evil, he will decisively strike him down. Thus, earning him the moniker Thunder Punisher.

"What a simpleton you are." Dorin smiled while shaking his head.

"Hahaha, I do get that a lot." Romero even acknowledged what was clearly an insult.

"Well, it is your most redeeming quality. Anyways, we have a total of 8,000 spirit stones and our objective is to seize all the high rank herbs we can as much as possible." Dorin praised Romero.

"That is the mission." Romero added.


"It is a good thing that this Dylan Ford arranged it like this or else this would have been a wasted trip." Vice Head Garet the Elephant, the 8th foot tall giant annoyingly spoke.

"So, he is the one that caught the attention of the Headmaster." The long bearded elder accompanying Garet mentioned.

"Yes, it seems that he is far more capable than we thought. Attracting 9 of the 10 super sects of the city to congregate here. His audacity is something commendable if I would say so myself." A black-skinned bald elder with a thick beard commented.

"Indeed. If only the people present is at one thousand five hundred participants and the items he has prepared reached 50 or 60 items, then this would have been a top tier auction." Vice Head Garet concurred.


"I did not expect that I, would get to see a High Earth Rank herb today. The updates while we were on our way was a bit discouraging. So, I lowered my expectations but reality still proved otherwise." Cobra the Reaper, the sharp-looking white haired man with a pale complexion, sighed deeply.

"I thought so too. The updates said that after the 6th item, the quality of the items for auction drastically dropped to Low Earth Ranks. When we arrived, the auction for the 11th item, Groundsplitter, just finished. It was significantly more valuable than the others. Even I was slightly tempted to get it because it is just the suitable weapon for one of my disciples." One of the elders of the Cloud Serpent Sect that came with Cobra said.

"But, now, a treasure of this level is presented to us. Which is why we must do our best to seize it!" Another elder said.


"What an interesting kid he is." An autumn orange-haired temptress with a ridiculously voluptuous body chuckled with an amused smile as she looked at Dylan. She was the Savage Lion Sect\'s third strongest disciple, Lioness of Combat, Veronica Vlad .

"I told you to wear your veil! You are attracting unwarranted attention!" A 7 feet- tall man akin to a giant reprimanded the remarkable beauty.

"I know, I know. You don\'t have to be such a worrywart, uncle." The beauty rolled her eyes and put on her veil.

"Ugh, what should I do with you? Why did you insist coming here in the first place?" The man shook her head.

"Something tells me a treasure beneficial to me will appear here." Veronica took a sip from the Gardenford Tea served. She let out a praise after tasting the tea, "Good tea."

"Where on earth did you get this idea from?" Her uncle frowned.

"My intuition." Despite being covered by the veil, a sillouhette of a beautiful smile that could strike the hearts of a thousand men could be seen.

"Uh... Fine. Do what you want." The large men could do nothing but shake his head helplessly.

"She really looks like a goddess."

"How can someone be that hot and sexy!"

"If I have the opportunity to marry her and hold her in my arms, then I would gladly die a thousand deaths."

Her beautiful smile attracted all the gazes of men in her surroundings.

But along with this attraction, the emotion of fear crept onto their minds as they were reminded of the news about this woman. who mercilessly kills anyone who offends her.

"You better stop your daydreaming. You\'re only toads lusting for swan meat. Just her status alone deems all of us unworthy, not to mentiin the overwhelming strength she has."

"That\'s right. I heard she kills anyone who looks at her with lecherous intentions!"


"No wonder she placed 2nd of the 10 Fairies of the entire Mystic Red Cloud State! She is not only devastatingly beautiful, I heard she also recently reached Mortal Moulting Realm at the tender age of 22!"

"No way! She is only 22 yet she is already the third strongest disciple of her sect?! Does that mean she is a supreme talent like Victor Thunder?"

"Definitely, she is just a little bit older but her strength already is that level because like Victor Thunder, she is also a \'Realm-Jumper\'!"

"Amazing..." They gasped in amazement


"Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the second High Earth Rank herb of the auction, the Cleansing Origin Vines!" Dylan revealed while a petite and cute doll-like girl named Elaine opened a chest that revealed the Cleansing Origin Vines. The coiled emerald green vines had buds that gold crystalline light from different locations.

The spirit energy around the area appeared to be thinning but there were miniscule origin energy that appeared out of nowhere. It somehow converted the spirit energy around them to pure origin energy.


"It actually appeared here?!" The Thundercloud Army Captain quickly reacted as soon as he saw the herb. He had the expression of disbelief while he was staring at that herb.


"What a fortune! To think, we would be able to see this herb here! We must gain it no matter what!" An ugly looking petite girl who was part of the Seven Thunderblades of Thunderstrike Hunter guild spoke.

"You are right about that, Jena! This herb is a must get for any cultivator who is still at the Origin Palace Realm!" A tall man with an exceedingly long hair agreed to what the girl said. He was Nick Williams, also a member of the Seven Thunderblades.


"You may have already observed the phenomenon that it just caused. It could turn Spirit Energy into Origin Energy. But another one of its uses is that it could help purify your origin energy thereby, improving the quality and the strength of your Origin Energy. Improving the quality of your Origin Energy also makes cultivation easier so for those who are currently stuck at their respective levels with this herb you will be able to grow stronger once more! Another interesting use for this herb id that it could be used in any level or realm within the Origin Palace Realm!" Dylan explained the function that the Cleansing Origin Vines entails.


Hearing the details of this herb caused an uproar within the participants! All the rich nobles all started shouting and screaming!

"I need to get it! This miracle herb will be mine!!" A prodigal plump Tier 3 nobleman shouted vigorously.

"That herb is mine even if I have to give my entire life savings!" A forty year old Tier 4 noblewoman roared in desperation.

"With this herb, I can finally reach the Palace Establisment Stage! I will put my entire fortune for this!" A sectmaster of a power at the top 500 scowled and started calculating his wealth.

"Sadly, I have already crossed the Origin Palace Realm but I will still bid. I can still give it to my little sister as a present." Veronica was somewhat disappointed because the herb was of no use for her but she still decided to bid for her little sister.


"What a treasure! Clan Head was right treasures will really appear in this auction!" Romero Thunder was astounded when the vine was shown.

"Indeed! Per the instructions of the Head, we must get this herb! If we get this herb, then the Young Master Gil will be able to quickly catch up to Young Master Victor\'s brilliance!" Regardless of the cost, Delir Thunder was determined to get the herb for it will be greatly beneficial for the future of Gil Thunder!


"The heavens are really on our side!" An elder of the Alchemy Academy said while looking at Asiel.

"To think this herb would actually appear, acquiring this herb means having the cahnce to create that pill!" The Grand Elder was also keen in getting the herb for their Alchemy Academy.

" It seems like Dylan Ford does not know the greatest function of the Origin Cleansing Herb! Even if the price raises up to 2000 spirit stones, it will still be worth it! If we get it, the rise of our Alchemy Academy to the first spot will be guarenteed! We need to have it!" Asiel had a look of anticipation on his face. It was as if he had already won!

"Yes. That Dylan Ford is really an ignorant idiot for not-" The elder could not finish his sentence because he was interrupted by Dylan\'s voice.

"Everyone, calm down. That is not all the benefits that the herb has to offer! The best function has yet to be revealed. Alchemists naturally know this hidden benefit." But contrary to what they thought, Dylan actually knew what function they were referring to.

Dylan even purposefully paused to glance at Asiel\'s direction and smiled.

"No! It couldn\'t be..." Asiel had a bad feeling about that look. His face became pale as he provessed what was currently happening

"Really? It has a hidden function?!" The crowd was subtly shocked. They did not expect this development.

"The Cleansing Origin Herb can actually be used as a substitute for a certain Mid Earth Rank Pill. It is even a rather popular pill. It is called Origin Pillar Forming Pill! When this substitution is done, the pill breaks through to the apex of High Earth Rank Pill almost entering the Heaven Rank and it becomes the Twin Origin Creation Pill! The pill that could enable a person to create another Origin Palace!!" Dylan revealed publicly

"WHAAAAAAT?!?" The entire crowd was dumbfounded. They never thought a pill like that actually exist.