The Strongest Businessman - 135 Chapter 135: 9 Supersects 1

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"The base price is 210 gold coins. The bidding for the Low Earth Rank Battle Technique, Tornado Fists is now open." Despite the confused stares and numerous people ranting, Dylan remained composed and continued with the auction.

"Screw you! Who would but that?" A Tier 4 noble loudly cursed. He was a middle aged man with a freshly shaved beared which displayed a dissatisfied expression. He did not like how inconsistent Dylan was woth the arrangement of his auction items

"I will! I bid 210 gold coins!" A Tier 6 noble who was a Thundercloud as a profession responded otherwise. He was on his leave and during his patrol in this area he was given 4 flyers about the auction.

After he discovered that the auction was a middle class auction that is organized by the topnotcher of this year\'s batch of Noble Test examiners who scored a perfect 100, he was determined to participate. It was just the right time for him to buy quality goods since he had already outgrown his current techniques.

"You!" The nobleman felt that his cheeks were burning from embarassment because the Thundercloud Guard rhetorically answered his question right after he said it.

"220 gold coins!" Another person raised the bid.

"How dare you both?!" The nobleman was enraged and shouted wantonly.

"250 gold coins! It is best to shut your mouth to avoid embarassing yourself especially if you are not bidding." A lady who was at the same level of nobility sitted at the second floor sneered.

"Grrr.." Although he was angry, he could not refute what she just said. Thus, he decided to join the bidding wars! "Fine, 300 gold coins!"


The technique was eventually sold for 640 gold coins. This auction was unlike the previous it only ended after a minute of bidding.

The three following auction items were the same. They were all sold for 730, 880, and 590 gold coins that all finished within two minutes of bidding each.

"Now the 11th item is a Mid Earth Rank weapon named Groundsplitter! It is a heavy sword crafted by a Tier 8 Blacksmith! It weighs around 1000 pounds and is made using Obsidian Steel! With this material along with the spirit core of a Berserk Gorilla, the creator of this heavy sword was able to create the popular skill, Berserker! You all know what Berserker can do right? It can temporarily boost your strength and speed twice than the original but at the expense of rapidly consuming your stamina!"

Dylan was able to create an atmosphere where the people became impatient to see a treasure ever zince the sixth item. Now that the item\'s quality has increased, the crowd\'s reaction was exactly what Dylan expected it to be.

"Hell yeah!" The crowd was like a car out of gas that was suddenly filled with fuel! The positive vibe of the crowd was reignited. Energetic shouts and screams soon filled the entire block!

"Now that is a true treasure!!" A man who was sick of waiting siddenly stood up in excitement.

"Berserker, huh... That is one hell of a skill!" The eyes of the adventurer that jus spoke glistened as he continued to stare at the heavy sword.

" Hahaha, this sword is mine!" A barbarically brawny bald man laughed happily.

"Let\'s see you try! It\'s mine!" A larger black-skinned guy with a mohawk refuted.

"Don\'t spout nonsense! In an auction, your money is the one who does the talking!" An off-duty Thundercloud Captain reprimanded the two large men.

"Hahahaha, it seems like many of you are interested with this item. So, I will go straight to the part where I begin the auction for this high quality weapon! The starting price is 2 spirit stones!" Dylan announced loudly.

"I BID 2 SPIRIT STONES!" The brawny bald man stated his bid Iin an astonishingly loud voice.

"3 SPIRIT STONES!" The muscular black skinned mohawk guy roared loudly too.


"Hallmaster, what do you think?" Sheldon inquired. Currently, he could not think of the reason why Dylan has eccentrically put a top tier treasure as his sixth item when the auction was only beginning. Not only did it cause confusion, it also caused displeasure to a considerable percentage of the crowd.

"It is far too early to say anything. But for now, I have no comment with regards to the auction." Azelmek, too. Regardless of anything that he thought, he still could not understand Dylan\'s line of thought.

"He is unusually enigmatic for his age." Allen wryly smiled.

*Whoosh* *whoosh*

Suddenly, the wind which moved normally erratically changed directions. With the change of air direction, the wind pressure increased and created a downward breeze. The occurrence of the downward breeze caught the attention of the crowd and along with it experts from different powers descended.

"Whoa! They flew!" A teenager looked in astonishment.

"Does that mean all of these experts are at least Breaking Demarcation Realm Experts?" A wise old bookworm gasped in awe.

Like what he said, all of them were at least at Breaking Demarcation Realm Experts because only practitioners who has reached this stage gains the ability to use their energy to support themselves and allow them to soar and stand afloat in mid-air.

Mortal Severing is the phase of cultivation where abandonment of mortal bindings occur. After the shedding of mortal skin which occurs at Mortal Moulting, the next stage of this realm is the first step to unfetter mortal binding which is breaking the restriction of flight.

A mortal is something that is subjected to the tenets of the world and this includes the ban imposed in flight, forever grounding humans close to earth. Liberating oneself from this demarcation marks a person\'s step onto the path to Immortality. Thus, the name Breaking Demarcation Realm.

There were 7 different powers who descended. There were at least two to three representatives for every power. The powers who came to the auction are: Thunder Family, Battlebeast School, Cloud Serpent Sect, Savage Lion Guild, Thundercloud Guards and Thunderstrike Hunter Guild.

"Those are experts from the Thunder Family! Whoa, that is the Thunder Punisher and Electro!" A fan of the third and seventh elder of the Thunder Clan loudly stated.

"That guys are from the Battlebeast School! He is the right hand-man of the school master, Vice Head Garet the Elephant!" A fan of the 8th foot tall giant who was accompanied by two more elders.

"Woah! The Cloud Serpent Sect is even here as well?! That is Cobra the Reaper, right?!" Another participant was refering to the sharp-looking white haired man with a pale complexion.

"I don\'t believe it! Isn\'t she Savage Lion Sect\'s third strongest, Lioness of Combat, Veronica Vlad!" A girl who had some background knowledge about the sect shared.

"Thundercloud Army Captain Kyrie and Hanz are here as well?!" A thundercould guard was relatively shocked to see their superior at his day-off.

"Holy moly, three of the Seven Thunderblades of Thunderstrike Hunter Guild came too!?" A man who was aspiring to get into the Thunderstrike Hunter Guild was excitedly onserving the two men and one woman who just arrived.

The crowd were all slackjawed as they saw the entrance of 18 important figures of 7 seven superpowers that all belonged to the Top 10 of the city\'s Sect Rankings!

"They must also be here for treasures that are as miraculous as Body Refining White Flower!" A person speculated.

"I think so too." His friend agreed with him after finishing a bottle of beer.

Though his voice was somewhat low, an expert like Azelmek was able to hear it due to his evolved senses. This speculation was like electricity that run electrified his mind which made him realize something profound. It somehow connected everything that he thought of until now.

"So that was it! I finally get it." Azelmek realized and could not control his voice making him speak loudly.

Sheldon and Allen was surprised by Azelmek\'s reaction but they still asked, " What do you mean you "finally get it"?"

"Dylan\'s objective... The reason why he placed Dylan that herb as the sixth item for his auction... I finally understand what Dylan is planning and trying to do! He truly is a genius!" Azelmek finally understood everything.

"Really? Can you please enlighten us?" Allen took the initiave to question while Sheldon was on the side looking desperate to know the truth.

"Let me start so that I will be ablt to explain the reason why Dylan placed the herb as his sixth item. As you can see with the arrival of the 7 powers, there are already 9 powers of the Top 10 sects gathered for this auction!" Azelmek started.

"That\'s right! Then... does that mean Dylan was planning to gather the Top 10 sects using the allure of High Earth Rank Herbs?!" Sheldon was also starting to realize.

"Yes, this is Dylan\'s objectives. With the exception of the Panther family which he is currently in bad terms with, he desires to gather all the 9 using the herbs. This also means that Dylan is aware of the high level intelligence that all Top 10 powers possess! He knew that if he were to cause such a commotion early on, he would be able attract the attention of the different sects to come here quickly to participate with the auction." Azelmek deduced substantially.

"I did not think that he would be this cunning." Sheldon was still in the process of fully digesting things but he was still shocked as it is.

"How proactive and devious... He is thinking of profitting from the conflict between the members of the city\'s top 10 sects " Allen was amazed by what Azelmek thought.

"Yes, he purposefully changed the place of one his items in order to do so. As you can see we have already entered the intermediate stage of Dylan\'s auction that means it is most likely that the next 9 items are of the Mid Earth Rank while the last 10 items are High Earth Rank and maybe even the last item is something at the level of Low Heaven Rank. He was really thinking of gathering 9 superpowers to earn big time. He really is one hell of a kid!" Azelmek smiled as he predicted.

It was also at this time that the auction for the Groundsplitter finished.

"103 spirit stones going twice..... Sold!" Dylan concluded the auction for the eleventh item.

"Hahaha, it seems like this kid is going to earn big time!" Azelmek and Allen strangely spoke at the same time. Shocked, they looked at each other for a while then eventually laughed but those smiles stopped once they heard Dylan\'s next sentence.

"The twelfth item is something that is similar with the sixth item..." Dylan\'s voice resounded all through out the block.

The crowd naturally knew what he was insinuating but they were at a state of disbelief once more.

"No way..."


"It can\'t be..."

"Does he mean..."

"Yes, it is just what you think it is! The 12th item is a High Earth Rank Herb as well!" Faintly smiling, Dylan revealed to the crowd without even stuttering .

The entire crowd especially Azelmek, Sheldon and Allen were shocked beyond unreasonable doubt!