The Strongest Businessman - 133 Chapter 133: Body Refining White Flower 1

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The people on the fourth floor became frenzied when they heard the name of the herb!

"Body Refining White Flower..." Isaac who was silent all this time, stood up and meticuolously looked at the white flower that was emitting brilliant fragrnace and creating a large whirlpool of energy.

"Uncle, how much spirit stones do we currently have in our disposal?" Isaac inquired.

"We have 798 spirit stones all in all." A man a long black beared replied. Evidently, he was Isaac Fleetwood\'s uncle named Delir.

"Though it is enough to buy the spirit stones, we must at least have 1000 spirit stones to ensure that the Body Refining White Flower would fall into our hands. Quickly, send someone back and inform father to give me at least 3000 spirit stones! There at least 4 more treasures comparable to this herb!" Isaac decisively ordered.

"Right away." Delir briefly replied and had someone to go to their residence.

" A High Earth Rank Herb like this must be mine! This auction will no longer be a middle class now that a treasure of this level has emerged!" Stone Edge Saint Child spoke ferociously!

"Guards, inform father and Eldest Uncle about this auction. We must get a hold of all this treasures as soon as we can before other sects get a gist of this auction!!" Saint Child heavily spoke to indicate the need to seize the treasures in the Soaring Garden Auction.

"As you wish, my lord!" A guard detached himself from the group and flew to the direction of the Stone Edge Manor.

"Heavens, it really is the white flower! It matches every description written in the books." An elder from the Hundred Hills Grand Clan could barely believe his eyes.

"If I get this herb, I will be able to breakthrough directly to the peak of the Origin Transmutation Realm without any external or internal backlash! This herb... I will not let it escape my grasp!" Daniela clenched her small fist and had a determined look on her face.

"Elder, how much spirit stones did you prepare?" Daniela asked urgently.

"We have 634 spirit stones in total." The elder replied.

"Damn it, I only have a hundred spirit stones! It is not enough to secure the herb!" Daniela felt a crisis because of they did not prepare enough. They thought that the highest grade of treasure that should appear would at most be Mid Earth Rank.

" This Dylan was shockingly daring enough to produce such a treasure like this. Normally, cultivators would save such treasures for themselves so why would he give it away like this?" Another elder voiced out his opinion.

"Who cares why he did it? The improtant thing is that it is already up for sale. Once we get a hold of it, my genius ranking at city would significant rise! Then, our clan would have a chance to enter the Top 10 sects! Go back to the clan and get more spirit stones! There must still be other items of the similar value in this auction so we must muster up all the money we can!" Daniela accentuated.

"Yes, milady!" The elder responded. One of them swiftly disappeared and went back to the headquarters of their clan.

"With that herb, I would be able to have master concoct the Star King Physique Pill! If that were to happen, I would be able to attain the strongest King Body in history! No one will be able to take that from me even if it means blowing 1200 spirit stones!" Alchemist Asiel who was known for being a supreme genius in alchemy was only an above average talent in cultivation.

But, if he were to acquire the herb and consume the pill once he reached Origin Transmutation, he would undergo an unbelievable transformation that would allow him to stand toe to toe with an apex genius like Victor Thunder!

"No way... it really is a High Earth Rank Herb!" Sheldon\'s eyes were squinting as he was trying to confirmwhether what was in front of them was real.

"He really was not jesting when he said those words." Allen was also left in disbelief.

"Just what is your motive in selling this herb, Dylan? I don\'t quite get it. Why would you exchange a chance to get effieciently stronger for immediate profit?" Azelmek was just as confused like the other faction. Even though he was Dylan\'s master, he did not know what was currently going on in the mind of that young man.

The reason why Dylan gave up the herb was simpky because he had the Cosmic God Mansion, a true treasure trove for someone at the Spirit Gathering Realm. It could infinitely provide him herbs as much as he wants as long as he just waits for a day. All he needs to do is remember the place where he harvested the herb and wait.

But, of course, the quality of the herbs vary from the first harvest than those he woud pick every 24 hours. He left those for himself as they were the best quality. Also, he was also planning to harvest and prepare 100 more batches of the herbs that would be used for cultivation for his employees.

But Dylan also knew that the stronger they get, the more useless the herbs in the vicinity of the gates become.


Meanwhile the people within the Soaring Garden Auction were acting wildly due to the unexpected appearance of the Body Refining White Flower, the top 10 powers who had the most advance intelligence gathering squad was able to get a wind of what just transpired...

Within the residential garden of the Thunder Grand Clan, Zachary, who was leisurely playing chess with an old friend, was enjoying his tea.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of him. The shadow turned into a person who quickly knelt in his presence. "Milord, I have an A-class information to report to you."

"Oh, an A-class. That is quite unexpected. Recently, almost all the reports have been B or C." Zachary was suprised a bit by this news. He glanced at the old man he was playing with.

The old man knew what his gaze implied so he stood up and bowed, " Thank you for the nice game, City Lord. You\'re skills have completely surpassed mine. I will take the insights that I have learned and further my understanding with the game. I shall now take my leave."

After ensuring the man left, Zachary even set up a sound-proof barier as an extra caution. "Speak."

The man started and kept his report as brief as possible. "The Soaring Garden Herbal Store has organized an auction which housed 700 people. The supposed middle class auction was unexpectedly turned into a top-tier auction when a High Earth Rank herb called Body Refining White Flower was auctioned as the sixth item."

"What did you just say? High Earth Rank herb, Body Refining White Flower, the herb that allows any practitioner of the Origin Transmutation Realm to easily achieve King Stage Body just by consuming the herb without any repercussions!" Zachary was completely stunned when he heard this news.

"Yes, milord." The man answered.

"It is only the sixth item?" What kind of auction is that?" Zachary had never heard any auction house to organize an auction similar to how Dylan did his.

"Explain to me everything from the very start." Zachary ordered.

"Yes, milord. The auction started..." The man gave a very detailed narration of what happened up until the present time.

"Hm..." After hearing everything, Zachary was stuck in deep thought. After a while he spoke once more, " By now, the other 9 must have already gotte news of what happened. I\'m pretty sure that we would not be abke to get the herb anymore. So, send the third and seventh elder to represent the clan. Have them go there in just five minutes. That is all."

"As you wish, milord." The man turned into a shadow again and disappeared when Zachary ended his orders.

"Dylan Ford... what an interesting young man." Zachary played with his wine before gulping it down.


Back at the Soaring Garden Auction...

"It seems like everyone is excited to start this auction! So without further ado, the auction for the Body Refining White Flower is now open at 120 spirit stones! Since the base price is already spirit stones, you only need to add one more spirit stone to add the price." Dylan loudly announced.

When the price was revealed, a lot of hopefuls immediately felt depressed. Just the base price was already out of their reach. They were hoping it would be something lower but they all knew the market value of herbs so they were only deluding themselves with those fantasies.

As soon as the bidding started more than half of the participants were already excluded due to the ridiculous price but a lot of rich nobles still chose to try their luch and get the herb for themselves.

"I bid 120 spirit stones!!" In the third floor, A black skinned man who wore a dainty red robe and had a fist filled with jewelry that was at least 1 spirit stones each. He was holding two beautiful ladies with each hand

"I bid 121 spirit stones!" A brown haired lady at the 3rd floor who was wearing an Exquisite Tailor cocktail dress raised her panel. She had 4 big guards beside her who were at the Origin Foundation Realm!

"That flower is mine! 124 spirit stones!" An old fat lord who wore expensive clothing, had three golden chains that were adorned with different gems around his neck and wore three pure crystal bracelets on both of his wrists.

"I said it\'s mine! 125!" The black skinned man bid once more.

"Dream on! 129 spirit stones!" The brown haired lady also called out.

"135 spirit stones!" The fat lord did not want to lose but also call out.

"138 spirit stones." Another person who was wearing frugal clothes shouted.

The bidding continued without paise. Seeing this, Dylan calmly watcged in the sidelines waiting for the oace of the auction to slow down.

"141 spirit stones! This treasure is for my son!" The black skinned guy shouted once more!

"143 spirit stones! Heh, you think you are the only one with a son!" The fatty screamed!

"147 spirit stones!" Another female also decided to join the bid.

"155 spirit stones!! Hahaha, this treasure is mine!" The brown haired lady went all out and raised the bid!

"Shut up, you noisy fools! 200 spirit stones!" Stone Edge then decided to join the fray while reprimanding the three loud persons who were shouting loudly.

"I... we lost." The three who was fighting earlier was ruthlessly removed in the competition because of the large raise that Saint Child bid.

"Oh, finally. Anyone up for a higher bid? 201 spirit stones? 205?" Dylan was probing the crowd before he continued, " 200 going once!"

"The flower is his.." The three thought that the flower already had it\'s owner but they thought wrongly.

"225 spirit stones!" Daniela Hills also decided to join in seeing that Stone Edge Saint Child was the first person in the fourth floor to bid! "The herb is mine Brock. Get lost!"

"Tch, I knew it would not be easy to take it for myself." Stone Edge Saint Child, Brock looked coldly at Daniela. "So you must also think the same thing, Daniela! 240 spirit stones!"

"Hmph, two hundred and fifty spirit stones!" Daniela articulated loudly.

"Che, two hundred and sixty five spirit stones!" Brock did not want to appear that he was losing so he went and bid immediately after Daniela finished.

"Tsk, two hundred and seventy five spirit stones!" Daniela strongly raised her panel to bid.

"300 spirit stones! This is not a pleace where people should be flirting with each other." Isaac coldly uttered.

"Who do you think you are! Flirting with him? I would rather die! 325 spirit stones!" Daniela angrily screeched.

"Are you messing with me, Isaac?! I will crush you! I bid 350 spirit stones!" Brock\'s expression was twisted while saying those words.

"Pitiful bastard! 380 spirit stones!" Isaac did not back down and even increased the bid by 30!

"500." A low voice compare to yelling that the other were doing, this was a soothing and warm voice. Even though it was said in a low volume, its \' impact was exceddinly high that it silenced the entire crowd.

The crowd searched for the origin of the voice. When they found it, they all looked dumbfounded because it came from a thirteen year old boy who was popularly known as the Child Genius of Alchemy, Asiel Gamott!

" This is an auction not a party. You should refrain from being too festive if you wish to return to your houses with face left." Asiel slowly said those words but they all caused quick and hostile reactions from the other three.

Dylan who was just watching in the sidelines was only thinking and faintly smiled, \' Come on, fight some more. The more you fight, the angrier you get. The angrier you get, the more of a show-off you become. Finally, the more they show off, the more I earn.\'