The Strongest Businessman - 131 Chapter 131: The Auction 1

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"Before we start the auction proper, I would kindly ask everyone to wait 5 minutes more. This time would be allotted for checking in for accommodation and registration of participants. Once again, thank you for coming." Dylan finished his opening remarks while leaving a good impression to the crowd.

The crowd was very excited by the appearance of the Azelmek trio. There were even some rumors that spread that this auction is sponsored by the Premier Hall. This rumor added the excitement and the anticipation that the crowd felt formerly because Premier Hall always provides items of the excellent.

On the fences of the block of Soaring Garden...

"Step right up! You will only need 10 silver coin to pass and 1 gold to participate with the auction! Step right up!" Ron sounded like a peddler as he was shouting ceaselessly while he simultaneously accounted the money being given to him by the customers that were continuously passing by and were participating with the auction.

Ron was surprisingly efficient in his work despite his goofball image. Everytime a customer brings out a coins he immediately receives and gives the change if needed.

Ron was ceaselessly talking with everyone he met:

"Oh, it seems like sir is fairly wealthy judging from your status, you must be from a prestigious background. To match sir\'s blinding image, I advise sir to book a seat in the second floor of the accommodation building."

"Greetings, ladies. I overheard your conversation earlier. If I may ask, are you here to see some of my very handsome colleagues? I will tell you the perfect spot to watch the auction from and to talk with my friends before they are called out to stage by our boss. Hehehe, interested?"

"Madam appears to be as dazzling as always. I see that Madam has come here with your handsome husband. I must say that Madam and Sir are like a match made in heaven. To assure the privacy of your boundless love and undying fidelity with each other for the entire duration of the auction, I recommend the two of you to reserve a seat at the 3rd floor."

"If it isn`t Lord Hank, I see that you and your friends are also here to participate with the auction of our store. As a token of appreciation for Lord Hank and company to come here, I sincerely suggest booking a table in the right building on the first floor or second floor with a 10% discount. Hehehe."

Ron was a very sociable and overly talkative person. During his worktime, he would happily converse with his customers while taking their orders. He was a good judge of character and was able to distinguish what person the person he is talking to was. This enabled him to choose a topic that was aligned with the interest of his customers and rope them into a chat with him.

Due to this, he was able to make a lot of friends with nobles of different status. Using his intersocial skills, he convinced people who he encountered at the stall with slots within the block. Therefore, it could be said that he significantly contributed with the earnings of the Soaring Garden.


In no time, people were flooding the entire block. However, with Dylan\'s management, the 713 customers were all accommodated and admitted into the block. The first and second floor were all fully packed. The third floor also had some people on it. Some chose to just watch and stand while waiting for the commencement of the auction.

For precautionary measures, Dylan had some of the boys to work on the roof of the Soaring Garden main building and create another floor. Allen extended an extra hand by forming an energy barrier around it to prevent the debris from falling off which could accidentally hit someone on the head. With Sheldon\'s interference, the new floor was quickly made.

Different people of different sects and families came. A lot of which were easily recognizable which incited discussion as soon as they were seen.

"Hey, bro, aren\'t they from the Fleeting Wood Residence?" A man called out his friend after pointing out a small group of people heading to the 4th floor!

"Where? Oh, you\'re right! Isaac Fleetwood is even here?! What\'s a top 20 rank power doing here in a middle scale auction?!" The friend\'s jaw dropped when he saw them.

"They are not the only top 20 power who attended this auction! Look there!" A large man pointed to one direction.

"Woah! Even the Hundred Hills Grand Clan are here! Daniela Hills also showed up!" Another gasped in astonishment when they saw the representative group of the Hundred Hills Clan who also made their way to the last floor.

"The Stone Edge Manor is here also!? Even Saint child came to participate?! Just what does this auction have in store for us?!" Another man spoke.

"I wonder why they have gathered in this auction. What could be the reason?" A man from the same table thought out loud.

"I heard they came here because they want to learn the skills of the person that beat all of them during the Noble Test." A man from another table took the initiative to answer the question.

"Really?" The man who just spoke was surprised.

"It maybe a rumor but it is possible." The man said with confidence that made the others nod in agreement.

Among them, the four powers: Firebull School, Charon Clan, Quadra Fang Sect, and Steelheart Sect, which signed a contract of partnership, came to visit Dylan.

"Thank you for coming, Sir Steven, Sir Arman, Sir Okemos and Sir Yander. It has already been a week since we last met." Dylan greeted them warmly.

"Of course, how can we not attend the event of our fellow partner?" Okemos laughed merrily.

"That\'s right! I heard that you have herbs of the Mid Earth Rank in store as the last items. Is that true?" Arman probed in a teasing manner.

"Hahaha, unfortunately I cannot disclose any information regarding the items that will be auctioned, so I hope you, gentlemen, could wait until the auction proper." Dylan smiled.

"We know. Trying to build up tension so that the crowd will expect more." Yander smiled as he waved his hands to indicate that it was not a serious question.

" We were just trying to push our luck that\'s all." Steven just laughed it off.

"Dylan, you must know that this atmosphere you are building is a double edge sword. If you are unable to meet the expectations of the crowd, your brand\'s reputation will go down the sink!" Okemos warned.

"You worry too much, Sir Okemos. I won\'t let that happen. I will give you a hint then. You can expect more than just Mid Earth Rank herbs." Dylan purposefully acted mysterious when he said those words. As soon as he finished, he immediately left.

"We can expect more..." the four were lost for words. The presence of a Mid Earth Rank Herb is something that is rarely seen even for a Middle Class Auction! So if they should expect more, then that means items equivalent to the High Earth Rank can be bought from this auction?!

\'If that\'s true, I need to buy just one of those items!\' Each one of the four had the same thoughts in their minds. They paid the accommodation fee and made their way to the 3rd floor of the building.


On the 4th floor of the Soaring Garden Auction House...

"Hallmaster Azelmek, I am rather surprised that you are here. May I ask what intrigued you enough to make you come here?" A person from the camp of the Fleetwood Residence asked.

"3rd Elder Fleetwood, I didn\'t expect you to come here also. I came here because it is the first event Dylan has invited me to. If there was something that intrigued me, it would be him." Azelmek calmly pointed his arms to Dylan who was climbing up the stage once more.

"Oho, what about him interests you aside from the fact that he is the successor?" The old butler beside Daniela Hills decided to join the conversation.

"I didn\'t expect I would be interviewed right off the bat. Normally, I would find your actions annoying but I am in a really good mood right now so I\'ll answer your questions. The interesting thing about him is his talent for business." Azelmek replied with a faint smile on his face.

"May I ask whether the rumor about Premier Hall sponsoring this auction is correct?" Stone Edge Saint Child was the one who asked this time.

"No. This entire event is organized by one businessman and his subordinates who is Dylan and the entire Soaring Garden enterprise." Sheldon interjected and answered the question of Saint Child.

Then, all of the experts within the fourth floor sensed something on the sky and focused their attention on the auras they felt earlier.

Suddenly, three silhouettes came flying and descended from the sky to the fourth floor. It was two old men and one handsome teenage boy. Their robes indicated that they came from the Alchemy Academy. The handsome young teen was none other than Alchemist Asiel and the two old men were his protectors.

"What a surprise. The Alchemy Academy also came. You youngsters must be really curious about the person who outdid you all." Sheldon spoke while scanning the expressions of the four geniuses that came with their protectors.

"It\'s natural for them to feel threatened about the appearance of a fellow genius. Do you not think so?" One of the protectors said.

"I guess it is." Azelmek agreed.

It was at this moment that Dylan was heard shouting: "Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Now, I officially declare this auction open!"



Thunderous cheers could be heard everywhere after Dylan\'s voice was heard. So, Dylan modulated his voice at an even higher volume than before using his spirit energy!

"We have a total of 30 extremely precious items in store for auction. Each item is far better than the prior! That\'s why I hope that you have enough money with you because this auction will surely be worth the trip!" Dylan spoke as loud as he can. Thanks to him using spirit energy, he was heard by everyone.

"The first item on our list is a Low Earth Rank Axe known as the Steelcutter! It was forged by a Tier 5 Blacksmith named Lyrius!" Dylan anounced the name of the first item.


"A weapon?!"

"Isn\'t he a herbal shop owner!?"

"How could this be?"

The crowd was shocked! They thought that the herbs would be the only thing up for sale! They never thought that Dylan would bring out a good weapon and a Low Earth rank at that to be auctioned!

" This axe has a special ability named "Rage Strike". It temporarily boosts the strength of its user by half but can only be used five times a day! Though this ability has limited use, it can be considered as lifesaving skill! This skill can be used to turn the tides around at times of life and death situations! The starting bid is 100 gold coins!" Dylan introduced the weapon even more.

"I will get this! 100 gold coins!"





That was when the bidding wars started!