The Strongest Businessman - 13 Chapter 13: People Misunderstood Dylan?

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Dylan was still able to cope even with the gradual increase of the customers. Scarlet was tired from washing all the dishes too.

.After finishing their meal, the Aaron family took their leave and bid farewell to Dylan. They were escorted out by Dylan.

"I\'m sorry, sir Dylan. I have misjudged you. Truth be told, I thought you were a wastrel of business that was why I did not think too highly of your restaurant but you have broadened my horizons. Thank you." Gary Aaron apologized in a way that did not seem to be n apology

"It is alright, sir Gary. People make mistakes." Dylan did not know whether to feel gratified or angry by what he said. But, he still chose to stick to his warm tranquill face.

"But before I take my leave, may I ask a question, sir Dylan?" Gary inquiried. He seemed to be quite curious of something.

"Certainly, what would the inquiry be about?" Dylan politely gave permission.

"If you had such skills and talent from the very beginning, why did you wait for four years before you made something as amazing as this? Is there any particular reason?" Gary asked.

"I would wish to know as well, sir Dylan. Why did you wait for so long?" Marites was quite curious too.

"I would like to know too." The 18 year old Mary said.

"Me too." The 16 year old Marie added as well.

Consequently, everyone overheard that particular question as they seconded every inquiry regarding this matter. There was about a total of 75 customers that asked in chorus, "WHY??!!"

Everyone was quite curious as to why such a great person would choose to hide his genius and talent in respect to Business and Culinary Arts. Of course, being a first time customer of Dylan, they were surprised how learned and practiced every single movement that he made and every single word he spoke.

His actions seemed to look like a brilliant veteran business manager doing his job. The way he welcomed these customers, the way he presented his dishes, the way he conversed with the customers, and the way he carries himself while multitasking was amazingly poised and exquisite. Since he was only a 18 year old young man, they thought that it was his outstanding talent and disposition that allowed him to be able to influence them like that.

There were even some girls who have fallen to him all throughout the duration of their dining. Once Dylan served a group, he exhibited utmost importance to elegance and manners and every time he left a group there would be one or two girls who would like him. His every action was dreamy in their eyes.

They could never would have imagined that the person right in front of them was no longer the past Dylan they knew. The former Dylan could be truly regarded as amateurish and juvenile of him to build a shop without a single inkling of business.

"Umm, it\'s because.." Dylan paused for a bit as he slowly turned his head and saw a crowd that was anticipating the words that would come out of his mouth.

"I... just didn\'t like... being too popular... that\'s all." The crowd was dumbfounded by Dylan\'s shy remarks. Dylan rubbed his nose in embarrassment he knew what he said would be difficult to believe so he was preparing how to reason it out.

"So that was the reason. Sir Dylan disdains fame and worldly affairs that was why he was indifferent to money and power." Gary Aaron said with amazement. He was already in awe how Dylan was able to create such an amazing restaurant in just a night. It was because her mother told her that yesterday when she came this restaurant was non existent.

When he scanned the area, he saw a saw and an axe with a couple of wood stacked at the side of the broken down herbal shop. He was then able to deduce that this was made all night and alone by Dylan.

"With such an outlook for things, there\'s no wonder that sir Dylan possess his different amazing qualities." His wife also joined this line of thought.



"Sir Dylan is so magnanimous."

"What an amazing young man"

"Sir Dylan you\'re so dreamy!"

The words that Gary and his wife had said triggered a switch in the crowds\' minds as it caused a unified understanding about Dylan that he was magnanimous and unworldly. He cared not about worldly things like money and fame. He now seemed more like a sage indifferent to all worldly matters.

Each and everyone in the crowd thought of it this way. The ladies had something additional in mind. It was the thought, \'Sir Dylan is so cute when he is embarrassed\'. Some girls nearly fainted by this. Dylan\'s disposition and charisma was just overwhelming. When he rubbed his nose, some girls felt their nose bleed.

But what was the reason for his recent change? That was the question raised by Richard Aaron.

"But, sir Dylan, why was it that you had a sudden change of heart?" Richard inquired respectfully

"That\'s right, why is it that you changed your mind, Sir Dylan?" Richard\'s wife asked politely as he supported his husband\'s inquiry.

"Yes, I\'m also quite curious." Another man in the crowd agreed.

"Me too." A woman\'s voice seconded.

"I\'m pretty sure that sir Dylan has an appropriate reason for this." Marie created a leeway for Dylan to speak.

"..." Dylan was speechless.

He was unable to understand why these people were able to connect that to his reason. This matter was getting extremely out of hand. He knew he needed to take actions now or else it may get worse. He did not know whether to laugh or cry because of what this people are saying.

If this spread, he would be considered as a sage. But if the truth was found out after, he would be called a fraud even though he was completely innocent in respect to this matter and it was this people whom thought of it as such. He would be regarded as a criminal without doing something, which was why he needed to speak out.

"Wait, let me clarify everything first, the-" Dylan was just about to say something when someone suddenly interrupted him.

"Sir Dylan, may I ask why you keep on going at the back of the stage?" A man suddenly asked.

"Huh?" Dylan was stunned. What was this question for? This man just spontaneously shot a question related to the current matter.

"Right, I saw sir Dylan repeatedly go at the back of the platform every time he finished serving a group of costumer." Another man confirmed.

\'What does me going to the back got to do with any of this?\' Dylan thought.

"I would also like to know. Is there something that was bothering you at the back of the stage" Mary asked curiously.

"It was because-" Dylan was just about to reason when another voice interrupted him.

"What nonsense are you lot talking about? The more important question was raised by my brother; you can wait for your turn after Sir Dylan is done answering that!" Gary reprimanded that man who asked about why Dylan goes to the backstage often.

\'Can someone just allow me to speak without being interrupted?\' Dylan felt helpless these people were controlling the flow of the discussion and he was helpless in doing something.

"Uh, I\'m sorry, Brother Richard." The man cupped his fists and apologized.

"It\'s of little concern. Just wait for your turn brother; I\'m pretty sure sir Dylan would happily entertain you." Richard smiled and cupped his fists as well.

\'Happily entertain, your foot. I would do anything just to get out of this mess!\' Dylan thought miserably.

"You are right, Brother Richard." The man said.

"Ah, where were we? Sir Dylan, can you please proceed with your explanation?" Richard smiled.

"Of course, as I was saying,-" Just as Dylan was about to begin again a hysterical cry sounded.

\'Oh, for Pete\'s sake, what is it now?!\' Dylan was getting angry in his mind because of the repeated interruptions.

"My Little Ricky is gone!" Gary\'s wife cried.

"WHAT?!" The entire Aaron family was shocked.

"Where is my son?!" Gary roared as his cultivation of 10th level of Spirit Veins Realm burst forth. Everyone shuddered in his might but what was more mind boggling was the appearance of an... Avatar! It was Granny Marites who exuded a cultivation level of 14th level of Awakened Spirit Realm. Granny Marites\' Avatar was a big water crane.

"Where is my grandson??!!" Granny Marites roared while the entire Aaron family let out their might out of fury.

"Grandma, Daddy, Mommy, calm down. I\'m here." A cute little boy squeaked.

"Oh Rick, we were worried about you." The entire family worriedly generalized.

"Oh, I just wandered off to that platform over there." The little boy recounted his steps.

"What?" The family was startled.

The little boy continued "I met an extremely beautiful fairy girl back there but she looked really really sick. When I asked why her face was white, she said it was because of feeling really tired and really weak. Then, I heard your voices so I said goodbye and hurried over."

"What happened to my Little sister?" Dylan charged to the boy and asked.

"She fell asleep after I left." Little Ricky honestly answered.

*Sigh* Dylan sighed in relief. While Dylan felt relieved the entire crowd was shocked.

"Sir Dylan had a younger sister?"

"She is extremely sick?"

"She is at the back of the stage?"

The crowd was shocked and then suddenly came to a unique realization.

"So that was why Sir Dylan kept going to the back of the platform because it was to check his little sister\'s condition." The man who asked that question earlier came to a realization too.

"Eh?" Dylan was confused. \'Condition? Why is he thinking that my sister is sick?\'

"So that was the reason why Sir Dylan had a sudden change of heart. It was to gain money to treat his sister\'s condition." Richard added as he looked in admiration.

"Ehhh??" Dylan was in a daze. How could they connect it like that?

"So that was why you spent all night just to build this restaurant because it was for you sick little sister." Gary said in amazement.

"Ehhhhhhh?????" Dylan was now lost.

The crowd now knew how this restaurant came to be. They were also residents of the Rising Cloud City so of course they knew that this restaurant was not recently here.

"Sir Dylan is such a good elder brother."

"Sir Dylan is so kind hearted."

"Sir Dylan is so inspiring."

"So prince-like."

The crowd complimented him endlessly. He was dumbfounded how this scene came to be.

\'What-what just... happened?\' he thought blankly.