The Strongest Businessman - 125 Chapter 125: Challenge from All Sides

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Dylan was on the second floor of the Soaring Garden. He was currently making budget plans and financial records as documents. For his supplies, he need not worry about it since the herbs comes from the weeds of the mansion with insane respawning time.

He found out that the plans he first harvested was already starting to evolve to the High Earth Rank. Currently, the only "weeds" that Dylan could harvest are those which are within his reach from the spaces between the gates. So he could harvest any herb that are 1 meter away from the gate.

Even from his unceasing harvest for over 15 days, Dylan had only harvested on the left side of the mansion from the gate. Despite already covering 15 kilometers length of land, He was still unable to catch a glimpse of the end of the gates. It still seemed as never-ending as before.

Now, he currently have over 2000 herbs from 178 differrent herbs! With this type of supply, he would no longer need a supplier to worry about. Even though it was convenient, Dylan was the only one who could harvest those herbs which was really strenuous. That is why he still tried to communicate with the suppliers that they once made deals with.

But, the Panther Clan is still keeping tabs on them and warning them about providing Soaring Garden with supplies. With the situation like this, Dylan only gave up on this matter.

Even the suppliers they just made a deal with for the supplies of the Soaring Diner withdraw their contracts because of some reasons. But Dylan knew better that it stemmed from the pressure given to them by the Panther Clan and its accomplices. Though they are afraid of direct confrontations with the Premier Hall and the punishment of the Thundercloud Kings, when it came down to business it becomes a different story, they could still pressure him indirectly through pressuring those under them who came in contact with Dylan\'s business.

Azelmek, being a highly intelligent man, naturally knew of this matter but he told Dylan that he would not help him unless his business undergoes crisis and treated the pressure that the Panther Clan and other clans as a means to train Dylan\'s talent in business. So, he would not make a move against the Panther Clan and it\'s colleagues.

"But, that Gayolei is very intelligent to take advantage of this fact." Dylan whispered through the wind.

The Panther Clan and company naturally took this oppurtunity to get revenge on Dylan by cutting all of the possible suppliers he could find. Fortunately, he had the backing of the Premier Hall and asked his master to let the Hall be his business supplier until they could find one who could be their permanent supplier which Azelmek agreed on after careful consideration.

"I can now only put my hopes up on Barry. Hopefully, he would be able to create a Herbal Garden for me. But the Earth Level actually costs 2100 spirit stones! I still haven\'t gathered enough money for that!" Dylan was feeling dismal as he thought of this. A herbal garden is detrimental for the store because they could get another source and with Barry managing it, Dylan could afford to spend less effort in harvesting the plants.

"Barry even said that he could cross breed different spirit herbs. Cross bred spirit herbs are really rare in the market of the city today so if I could get my hands on it, I would surely earn big time!" Dylan sighed and rested his back on his chair.

"I guess I should settle for less for now. Based on the canvassing that Bill and Rich did, a Spirit Rank would cost about 490 spirit stones that would be equal to four hundred ninety thousand gold coins. Earning that amount would still take me a week or two." Dylan calculated the income and expenses of his store and created another budget plan.

"I forgot how it stressful it felt doing all of this budget planning. It\'s even tempting me to loan some spirit stones from the Premier Hall. But it is still as fun as I remember it to be." Indeed, Dylan had naturally forgot how stressful it was because by the time his company became recognized in Europe. He shifted his attention to dealing with fellow CEO\'s for contract signing and left financial matters to the budgeting department.

Recently, Dylan has been introducing the corporate system of Earth to his employees and started explaining how it works. If he could successfully implement the system of his old work environment to his current business here, he can work and lead much more efficient than he could right now.

But, introducing a foreign knowledge, is not something that is adapted overnight. So, Dylan wanted to take his time and discuss every detail step by step of the way.

"Wait... Spirit stones... Premier Hall... That\'s right! The money I earned from the Solarburst Chrysanthemum!" Dylan suddenly remmebered the earnings he gained when he went to the Premier Hall for the first time.

"I can use 490 of the 750 spirit stones I earned to create a herbal garden!" Dylan excitedly said. He almost forgot about the earnings he had that day. He even forgot to include it on the budget. So, by using this amount, he can create a spirit rank herbal garden and have extra money for improvement of store facilites.

With this line of thought, he created ways to use the remaining 260 spirit stones to it\'s fullest and used that momentum to accomplish a variety of task. When his hands got numb and his head feels sluggish from wrting and calculating, Dylan would descend to the ground floor and serve the customers and guide his employees when they make a mistake.

Today was saturday so Dylan did not have to go to Premier Hall for lesson but he still chose to cultivate the techniques he had learned after he finished doing all of those plans and reports. Azelmek wanted to give Dylan more rest to ensure that their won\'t be any hidden injuries so he sent letter to Dylan saying that he forbids him to come to the Premier Hall to train in Monday.

\'So, this what it\'s lime to have a father-like figure.\' Dylan thought when he read the letter.

The day progressed normally and they were still able to serve a total of 700 customer before closing at 8. They all went to their residence feeling satisfied and rested well.

Of course, Dylan, who was an undisputed workaholic, was still praticing his techniques, meditating and doing his body strengthening regiment. After cultivating for 8 hours, he meditated till morning and removed all the fatigue from his body.

The next day...

It was already 9 in the morning and the sun was shining brightly. Dylan and his employees have been serving customers for two hours now. Everything has been proceeding as normal as usual. Until Tom went to the second floor where Dylan was...

"Sir Dylan, Excellent Tailors have started a special event to attract consumers! They are willing to make a custom made magic clothes for the first 150 customers who buy 100 gold coins worth of purchase each day fpr this entire week! Now, many aristocrats and nobles are coming to their store and their business are booming as we know it!" Tom was the who was assigned to station at the Excellent Tailors. He was extremely shocked whem he saw how the flow of the crowd which was distributed suddenly changed into a one big flow towards the Excellent Tailors!

"What?!" Dylan did not expect that they would dare to do suc a move in the fourth day of their business! His eyes narrowed as he thought of another way to solve such an unexpected variable. \'The manager of that store is even more capable than I thought!\'

"What are we going to do now, sir?" Tom asked worriedly

"We\'ll do our works as usual. Good job in getting the information. We can still manage them. We\'ll strike in three days. Go back to your station for now and continue distributing the flyers you still have." Dylan spoke in a low voice and ended it with a command.

\'Tsk, this gimmick of the Excellent Tailors is a smart decision. They could substantially gain a lot of money and monopolize the cusromer flow of the street to their store.\' Dylan contemplated on what their next move should be. Just like Dylan predicted, about 40% of the customers who went to this srtreet went to the Excellent Tailors. This made the sales of the Soaring garden drop by 15% after losing a 100 customers!

However, these turn of events had only just began...

The next day...

"Sir Dylan, the Gear Up has promised to proved free maintainance to all equipement of all customers who will visit their store within this week for every 3 items of purchase! Now, majority of the customers of the Lightning Boulevard are lining up not only on the Excellent Tailors but also the Gear Up as well!" Ricky was the one who reported this time.

Maintenance to all equipments for just 3 items? Of course, many would want to go to Gear Up! This also left a huge blow to the Soaring Garden deducting another 70 customers from their services. This made the 600 customers they had served yesterday to drop to 530 customer only.

The next day after that...

"Sir Dylan, Pill Clinic is giving a High Spirit Rank Pill of the customer choice if they are willing to undergo a check up! They also said that they will give out a Low Earth Rank Pill to 50 selected customers that will buy 100 gold coins worth of purchase!" This time, it was Bridgette\'s turn to be stationed to the Pill Clinic station and immediately came bac, after noticing the advertisement that it\'s employees did.

It struck another blow of 60 customers to the customer count of Soaring Garden. Making it decrease to only 475 customers.

The next day after that.....

"Sir Dylan, the Beast Farm are willing to give out 60 Beast Eggs from different spirit beasts that can mature to the peak of the Origin Foundation Realm from 60 customers who has bought 200 an item or items worth 100 gold coins!" Larry was the one who gave information to this incident this time.

With the factor of unpredicatability and luck, many chose to try their luck and bought some spirit beats and beast foods they could in order to meet the quota. The moment 8 persons recieved the first 8 eggs for the first day. A lot more people wanted to test their luck for tomorrow.

This last blow left the entire Soaring Garden enterprise in shock as it took away another 75 of their precious customers which cutted their customers to only 400! A devastating comparison compared to the 1000 customers they had 6 days ago! The successive creation of promos of the four new stores acted like leeches which constantly absorbed their earnings like it was their blood!

It was a clear competition from all four popular branches. Other stores seemed insignificant when compared to these four businesses.

But, they did not lose heart because they still believed that their Sir Dylan could still turn this around! The seventh day had finally arrived. Now, it was time for the Soaring Garden to strike!