The Strongest Businessman - 124 Chapter 124: Res

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At Dylan\'s Residence...

Dylan woke up after two days of unconciousness. Out of habit, he circulated his spirit energy and cultivated. After half an hour, he also cultivated his Mystic Pond by circulating his Magnate Strength. He noticed that his Spirit Energy and Magnate Strength was calmer and purer than before. He also noticed that his muscle and bones have become more sturdy and flexible. He has now entered the first stage of Body Strengthening!

\'Being unconcious for two days, have subconciously relaxed my mind and body and relieved both from stress resulting to this refreshing feeling to my entire being.\' Dylan thought merrily now that he had entered the Warrior Stage. The built up stress in his body made a thin wall preventing Dylan from advancing one more step but thanks to this rest, that wall dissappeared and his breakthrough followed.

Testing his newly broken through body, he did the Basic of 48 Exercises. After doing it for an hour, he realised that he was able to do 10 repititions to all exercises!

If he were to do 10 repitions in one hour, then that means he could do 100 repitions in 10 hours! Based on the manual, a person needs to do 100 repitions in 12 hours. Meaning Dylan has succesfully entered the Warrior Stage of Body Strengthening.

"It seems like I am rather lucky, hehe. I thought I would still have to do this for a month like what the manual said but I can\'t believe that I did it in 15 days. Breaking through my limits really feels good." Dylan streched his arms and went to the bathroom after some breathing exercises.

Even after cultivating for an hour, he felt refreshed and without fatigue as he entered to the shower and took a bath. He was greeted by his employees with a enthusiastic "Good Morning" when he came down to eat breakfast.

"Good morning to you too, guys." Dylan naturally greeted them as well.

"How do you feel? Are you all recovered now?" Barry was the first to ask out of everybody else.

"Yup, never been better." Dylan cheerfully answered.

"It\'s a good thing to rest for a change. You have always been about work. You deserve that rest." Barry said.

"Mhm." Dylan nodded. He was right. All he thought was ceaselessly trying to grow stronger each day that he had forgotten to give himself a proper rest. This two days of inaction did just that.

"That\'s good! Because you made me thought that you were not going to wake up at all." Rian, the little black pup, harrumphed.

"Hahaha, don\'t believe him. In truth, he was the most restless one of all. He checked on you every hour since you arrived at the house. Hahahah." Barry gave Rian a teasing look.

"You! I\'ll bite your head off, you treacherous bastard!" Rian cursed but before he could do anything a hand stopped him.

"I understand. Thank you." Dylan knelt down to pat Rian\'s cute head and gave Rian a warm smile of gratitude.

"Er... Che! Since you are feeling well now, it\'s time for me to check on my pack." Being unable to handle Dylan\'s sudden warmth, Rian ran outside of the house and went to the backyard.

"It seems like Rian was too shy so he ran away. " Barry smiled cheerfully.

"Hahahaha." The others laughed.

Dylan saw the happy faces of his employees and said: "It must have been hard on you for the past 2 days without me." The first thing that Dylan did was apologize because he left them without guidance.

"It\'s okay, sir Dylan. We heard that you were recieving training from Azelmek Premier one of the strongest Mystical Lords within the Thunder Clouds City. He even sent a letter to us saying that it was his fault for defending too hard when you sparred. So, we understand." Jack consoled.

"Hahaha, you don\'t have too worry. We did fine while you were resting, sir Dylan. Though there was only a minor increase in customer, at least we managed to get the customers to increase to about 680 two days ago. Hehehe." Roland chuckled.

"Impressive." Dylan complimented his crew when they managed to accomodate even more customers than he anticipated. Considering the competition and the emergence of four other famous businesses in their street, a 30 customer increase was rather impressive.

"That\'s right! With my leadership, we were able to get 700 yesterday." Ron shamelessly said.

"Hmph, it was not you who lead us, it was Arnold! Don\'t mix things up, Ron!" Beverly reprimanded Ron.

"Since you are so shameless, then I will be shameless enough to tell sir Dylan that you were hitting on the girl customers when he was gone! Should I continue and tell sir Dylan how many you tried to hit on?" Arnold teased Ron as he revealed.

"Hehehe, I was just joking. Arnold, we are brothers. You shouldn\'t do this to your brother." Ron pleaded sheepishsly.

"Oh, you were flirting under my nose. Is that right, Ron?" Dylan suddenly asked and looked at Ron straight to his eyes. Although he was still smiling, it looked unusually cold.

"Uh... no, boss... I was just... intimately interacting with our customers so that they would wish to come back again. Hehehe, that\'s the real reason." Ron was terrified when he saw the cold smile on Dylan\'s face. So, he immediately thought of a reason to justify his actions.

"Really now?" Dylan\'s eyes narrowed and looked interrogatively at Ron\'s eyes.

"Yes, yes, it\'s the truth!" Ron nodded his head repeatedly.

"Don\'t believe him, sir! There was even a customer who felt so harassed that she stormed out of the diner!" Liam, a beefy and tall young man, protested.

"Bro Liam, you..." Ron took a step back. He knew that this conversation has reached a dead end.

"Causing a customer to walk out during service? Unthinkable. It seems like I have to deduct your monthly pay by 20 gold coins from now on!" Dylan strictly said.

"What?! That\'s like a third of my pay! Nooo! Boss, I\'m sorry! I did not mean it to happen that way! It\'s just I am already twenty years old yet I have never had a girlfriend! I mean I am a man, after all! All I want is a person to satisfy the needs of my body! Waaah!" Ron started unreasonabky crying and spewing out vulgar nonsense. He even held one of Dylan\'s foot as he cried.

"Stop shouting our neighbors might hear you and mistake you for a pervert! Also, stop crying on my foot! You\'re drenching my pants with your snot and tears! Fine, I will only deduct 10 gold coins! Stop messing around already!" Dylan gave in a little bit seeing how pitiful Ron looked. But, he still needed to be strict so a penalty must be given.

"I will, boss. Thank you, you really are the best! Hehehe." Ron immediately stopped crying and smiled foolishly at Dylan even when his face looked like a mess.

"Hahahahaha!" The other laughed when they saw this scene. The others teased Ron and Ron got so angry that he wanted to start a fight but was stopped by Larry.

Dylan smiled at the warmth that was present in this household. He was really happy on how all of this is turning out to be. He joined them for breakfast and ate very happily.


After breakfast, Dylan waited for everyone do their respective chores before gathering them up for a meeting.

"Okay, now that I\'m concious again, I will tell you the things we need to do for the time being...." Dylan said. He discussed what things he had in mind and also asked for the status of the new stores that they were trying to keep in check.

"Gear Up has a rather high population density which reached 1400 a day! It has excellent services and produces quality equipments for cultivators to use! What\'s more is that the store is managed by a Tier 2 Mastersmith which boosts the credibility and prestige of the store! It also..." Bridgette was the person assigned to discuss the status of Gear Up.

"Pill Clinic is managed by Tier Four Alchemy Master and a Tier 3 Herbal Specialist! It has many customers coming in daily and averaged about 1600! The products they sell are cultivation pills and healing pills but the thing that attracts people most is their high quality cosmetic pills which is the reason why more than half of their customers are women..." Tom was the one who was tasked to summarize the details which they gathered for the past three days

"Excellent Tailors has the highest population of customers which goes upto 1900. They have 4 Magical Tailors at the third tier to manage this store. Their magical robes are used by warriors while their dresses are bought by many ladies. Their magical clothes are really the talk of the town this days as they are really convenient..." Marie was assigned to report

"Beast Farm is the one with lowest population of all with only 1200 but they are the ones who gain the greatest among the four! This is because the beasts are all of excellent quality, loyal and strong. Although they are domesticated, their fangs were never lost rather they were sharpened. With great quality comes greater prices but the cultivators were willing to spend so much money because of the great quality if the beasts..." Scott reported everything they gathered about the farm.

Dylan was satisfied with the amount of information that his emploees were able to gather while he was gone. He continued giving down tasks to do before adjourning the meeting. "That\'s all for this meeting. Thank you for your unceasing hardwork. Keep this up and in a week\'s time, we\'ll have our customers back."

"Yeah!" The employees shouted in reply.

After the meeting, the shift responsible for this day went out with Dylan to the Soaring Herbal Garden to open it. After setting up and opening the store, the four selected to monitor the activities of the four new stores went out. The employees were even more diligent now that Dylan has finally come back which made their performances even more efficient.

As customers entered their store, you can hear their energetic voices greeting the customers with an amiable smile:

"Welcome to Soaring Garden!"


Within the third floor of the Excellent Tailors building, a man so beautiful that it would even make some women jealous of his white skin and beautiful eyes was sitting calmly on his recliner while watching a person from the outside. A pretty woman with glasses which gave off a typical serious sercretary air with her said.

"Sir Steph, another person has stationed herself at the same spot at the same time for the past 3 days already. Your suspicions may prove to be true after all that we are currently being watched by another business." The pretty woman said.

"I know. That\'s why find out what business dares to challenge us." The man named Steph ordered while he continued to watch Maria dirtributing flyers.

"Yes, my lord." The glasses-weaipring lady bowed before turning around and

" A rather subtle way of monitoring my business but also trying to give his business a bit more exposure through propaganda. Most businesses would heavily rely on their backing\'s reputation to get more customers. They would not think of such a tiresome and menial work... Effective yet simple... Interesting." Steph smiled while he thought of this.