The Strongest Businessman - 123 Chapter 123: Unknown Choice

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"Ultimate Magnate..." Dylan was overwhelmed by Azelmek\'s claim. He never jeard of such an existence from all the books he has read. This was the first time that he ever heard of this variation of the specialized Mystical Magnate. An entity capable of doing all three techniques?! He could become something that awesome?!

He heard that when a Mentalist reaches Mystic Lord, he could easily materialize a weapon of his choice out of his Magnate Strength! On the other hand, an Illusionist could perform mass casting to ten thousand targets with a strength of Mystical Lord while a suppressor can dominate someone who is 5 levels or one subrealm higher than him!

Since Dylan could become an Ultimate Magnate, would\'nt that mean that by the time Dylan reach the Mystical Lord Realm, he would be practically unbeatable in a whole realm?!

"Wow..." Allen was stupefied by what he just heard. He himself knew what types of existences specialized Mystical Magnates as he was one as well, a Suppressor! Being a suppressor gives him numerous benefits in combat. He also knew what it was like fighting a Mentalist and an Illusionist! He could only tremble to imagine what type of monster a Mystical Magnate who can possess all 3!

"Excellent! It seems like Dylan is a dragon amongst dragons!" Sheldon on the other hand, was shaking in excitement when he heard the ambition that Azelmek wished Dylan to become!

"Can I really become something like that, Master?" Dylan asked with a rare look of excitement. How could he not be happy when an opportunity like this is presented to him?

"Of course! You will become undefeatable under the heavens if you manage to become the Ultimate Magnate!" Azelmek smiled brightly. He never thought that he could have the opportunity to become the teacher of the legendary Ultimate Magnate that was mentioned to be a far away dream within the Ancient Scroll! This was an unexpected surprise that he never thought was possible!

Dylan gripped him hands with intensity while his entire body shook. This was the chance he desired! A chance to become overpoweringly intrepid! \'If I could achieve such strength, I would never have to bow down to my cruel fate and I will be able to protect everyone who I love!\'

"But, I must tell you that the path you are going to take is hundreds, no, even a thousand times harder than just following the normal path! This path will be filled with hardships and suffering! You must need to stay patient and steadfast! Do you dare take this path that is the same as veturing uncharted waters?!" Azelmek questioned Dylan fiercely!

"To achieve the strength to protect my loved ones, to control my own destiny, and to do what my heart desires! I dare to take this path!" Dylan fiercely replied without the slightest intention of looking away!

"..." Azelmek looked into Dylan\'s eyes and he saw a youth filled with intense desire to become stronger. Inwardly, he felt emotional because he had only met a few persons who had such promise and virtue. \'It seems like the heavens has truly blessed me with such an excellent disciple...\'

"Good. Even though you are a X-grade Magna Magnate, you must never become arrogant! Remember that you are trying to simultaneously venture all 3 paths of Mystical Magnatism! You must not only rely on your talent but also in effort! Thus, depending on your efforts, will the fruits yield desirable results!" Azelmek spoke as strictly as he could.

"Yes, master!" Dylan unhesitantly replied .

"Let us begin. I noticed that when you were cultivating the "Mystique Under The Clouds", you were..." Azelmek gave all his attention to the precious disciple that was currently in front of him. He pointed out all the incorrect things that Dylan had done during the demonstration.

Dylan similarly did the same. He was like a student who was overly curious and attentively listened to every word that his master said.

Whenever Azelmek asked him to do a demonstration for him, he would quickly perform it. This was also the time that Azelmek displayed the strictness that he was known for but he was especially strick with Dylan because he did not want to fail Dylan as a Teacher.

It seemed as though they gained an independent space that they were unable to sense anyone around them. Completely immersing themselves with the company of one another.

Sheldom and Allen watched the duo for a while before they decided to leave. They did not want to disturb the quality time that the two were spending with each other.


In the Training Grounds, Premier Hall...

Time passed, it was already 7 in the evening. Dylan was still in the middle, however, he was knocked unconcious with his clothes torn and ragged by the dignified old man in front of him which was his teacher, Azelmek.

Dylan underwent 10 hours of rigorous training under the guidance of Azelmek. His rate of improvement was by leaps and bounds. He had gotten a little bit more familliar with the usage of his 3 mystical techniques and his cultivation tachnique. He even wanted to spar with Azelmek to test his strength but naturally, he was defeated.

"Sir, it seemed like you had a great time teaching your new disciple. You might have overdid a bit." Allen appeared from the entrance and smiled wryly.

"Don\'t mock me, Allen... Well, in second thought, you may be right after all. It\'s just I have never seen someone who is as talented as this kid. Hahaha, he really is remarkable. Normally, a person would need to reach the 5th tier before being able to completely release the power of the technique but with his energy density already comparable to one he would no longer need to. He was able to advance all three techniques to the Minor Achievement Mastery. Not only that, he was also able to quickly rise up to the peak of the first tier and it was all done in 10 hours only! This talent is just absolutely monstrous hahahaha!" Azelmek laughed in delight as he gazed at his beat-up disciple lying on the ground.

"Hahaha." Allen accompanied Azelmek with his laugh. Seeing Dylan\'s condition, he assumed something, "Are you going to have him stay here since tomorrow is Wednesday?"

"No, he said if he were to ever be knocked out during a battle, he wants to wake up at his home." Azelmek reminded himself of Dylan\'s words while they were training.

"Then, I will arrange some of our men to deliver him to his residence." Allen quicklt thought of a suggestion to say.

"That\'s good. Let him have a good rest." Azelmek said as looked at Dylan with fatherly love. He turned around and walked towards the exit.

"Yes, I will, sir." Allen respectfully replied with a bow. By the time he straightened his body, inversely, he saw Azelmek\'s body sway and knelt on one knee. "Hm, sir! What happened? Are you all right?"

"This is nothing. Something I gained from a quick spar with Dylan. The little brat is even more devious and sly than a fox. But, that\'s what makes him really interesting." Azelmek smiled as he remembered that move that Dylan did to him earlier.

"What exactly happened?" Allen was shakened when he heard that a new Mystic Magnate was able to hurt a Mystical Lord.

"When he proposed to have quick spar, I knew he wanted to test his strength and wits against me. Never would I have thought he was that cunning. In the first ten seconds of the battle, he used his Mind Cutter Blade as the opening act followed by a continuous use of Breath of Appeal and King of The Land. I was going to end it in the eleventh second but he prepared a surprise pincer attack of two more mind blades from above and under me. He overused the Breath of Appeal and King of Land so that I would pay attention to them. Using the fog and the ground, he hid the two blades. I was still able to break it however, I would have never thought that he could now create 5 blades! Their were 2 other blades that came right after I attacked. Because of my battle instincts acting up, I unknowingly threw a mental attack on him which could put him as sleep for at least 2 days. But... Hahahahaha, he truly as an amzing kid!" Azelmek praised his disciple once more. He never had this much joy even when his first disciple became very strong and all his other disciple.

However, all of them were of noble upbringing which made them have complete their . But, Dylan was different! He was an outacast and started from literally nothing but scratch! He was someone the same as him yet still possess such terrifying talent! Now, all he wants is to train Dylan wholeheartedly and mold an Ultimate Magnate out of him!

"Hallmaster has really enjoyed himself." Azelmek laughed.

\'Sir Azelmek, is definitly happy to react like this. This is all thanks to Dylan.\' Allen quietly thought.

\'Of course I am. If it were not for sir Null, I woulf have never encountered such genius. That is why! Tonight, we will do the plan without error!" Azelmek felt indebted to Null so much so he decided.

"Call Sheldon, the three of us are going to the Lair of the Three-headed Dragon Snake." Azelmek continued with that idea and ordered Allen.

"Yes, sir!" Allen responded immediately.


A while after Dylan woke up, he wanted to go home by himself but Allen and his Master insisted otherwise. Eventually, he agreed but fell unconcious again due to the depletion of his Magnate Strength.

When Dylan reached his residence unconcious, his employees took him from those who escorted him to his residence and thanked them after saying that Dylan was now a direct disciple of Azelmek Premier, the Hallmaster of the Premier Hall which made his employees understand the situation and even somewhat ecstatic but they still prioritised his health and had him rest.

Azelmek sent a letter about what to do for the next 2 or so days that Dylan will be. The letter also came with medicines for Dylan and the supplies for the Soaring Herbal Garden\'s business. Barry was also made into the temporary command so he ordered the group according to the instructions Dylan gave to him before he fell into a coma.


Two days later, the news of the Yin-Yang herbal set energy reached the city even with a Tier 3 alchemist who passed by the lair to attest.

This news unexpectedly has shook the entire city! Countless powers were having second thoughts in whether to send their armies to the Immortal Tomb at the vicinity of the Soaring Clouds City.

It was their choice whether to go for more Earth Ranked weapons for their forces or to get the herbal set to create a dazzling genius!

But, little did they know that the latter was an excuse to live while the former that leads to inevitable doom.