The Strongest Businessman - 121 Chapter 121: Shocking Talen

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"Hallmaster, I am at a loss seeing how fast this kid can comprehend the three Mystical Techniques. In less than an hour, though they were just Magnate grade, he has almost reached Novice Mastery in all three techniques!" Sheldon could not help but gasp as he watched how amazing Dylan\'s Talent was.

"This is only to be expected from such a talent. Maybe if it was a battle technique at the Spirit Rank, I would estimate that it would at least take him a week because of his memory but for him to train a mystical technique? It\'s like a fish in water or a bird on the sky! He\'s within his element so his heaven defying speed is understandable. But, despite being mentally prepared, the results still continues to defy it. I originally thought that he could at least reach halfway to Novice Mastery but he is now only a step away from reaching it!" Azelmek\'s eyes was sparkling as his expectations were discretely being shattered from Dylan\'s results.

"Not only is his comprehension speed incomprehensible, his Magnate Strength Manipulation is also shocking! Despite not having any manuals to train with or someone to give him any guidance in the past, he was still able to control his Magnate Strength in the same manner a Tier 2 Mystical Magnate could! What more now that he has a proper manual to cultivate with and a Mystical Lord to teach him...?" Sheldon also noticed another shocking characteristic that Dylan possesses. His last sentence made his heart shudder. He could only conclude that Dylan\'s raw talent was too demonic!

"Yes, comprehension speed and energy manipulation talent are all awestrucking but I believe that his most redeeming quality would be his composure and mental maturity that far exceeds his actual age! His ability to stay calm and adapt to any unpredictable situation is almost unbelievable! He is also innately eloquent that he could quickly support all arguments that he articulates! He is the most precious gem that I have ever known in my entire life! Becoming his teacher is a privelege that is beyond compare. I am glad that I was able to aceept this little monster as my disciple." Saying such praises, Azelmek could not help but become teary-eyed. The blessing he just recieved made him overly flustered and emotional to the point of almost crying.

"Right. We are witnessing the birth of a monstrous genius that could only be seen once in a million years!" Sheldon tightened his grip as he expectantly watched for results.

One hour later...

"Hahaha, I finally became a Mystical Magnate!" Dylan finally opened his eyes and rejoiced.

It was all thanks to the "Mystique Under The Clouds". This technique creates a stable foundation for it could manufacture Magnate Strength that are stablely fused and prevents unwanted fluctuations of the compostion of Magnate Strength that are fused.

With the help of the mystic cultivation manual, Dylan was able to successfully create his Mystical Pond. A Mystical Pond is akin to a Spirit Core since this is where all the raw Magnate Strength are stored.

In order to grow stronger, a person needs to supplement the pond with layers that will help it expand and upgrade the quality of Mystical Strength. With the addition of these layers, the Mystical Pond can transform into a Mystical Lake and the Mystical Lake to a Mystical Sea.

\'Why does my Mystical Pond feel completely differeny than the ones described in the manual?\' Dylan felt overwhelmed as he could clearly feel the entirety of his Magnate Strength. He felt that it was like a large lake rather than a small pond that was describe within the "Mystique Under The Clouds".

A normal Tier 1 Mystical Magnate will have a Mystical Pond that was 10-20 meters in diameter. As he/she advance to the 5th tier, it will form a Mystical Lake at least 100 meters in area and on the 9th, the Mystical Lake will transform to a Mystical Sea which was at least 10 kilometers vast. A typical Magna Magnate which is at the C-grade will have a Mystical Pond 40-60 meters in circumference, a 400-600 meter squared Mystical Lake, and a 30 kilometer Mystical Sea!

However, Dylan\'s Mystical Pond was approximate at the 800 meters already! Due to its large size, it mightnas well be called a lake than a pond. But Dylan knew that in order to properly advance, he must first undergo the Mystical Pond stage like everbody else.

\'Could this be because of my X-grade Talent?\' Dylan silently contemplated. Though this was the most feasible assumption, he was not certain on how to approach this matter since he was only a novice in Mystical Magnatism.

\'The smartest decision would be too ask master about this. He would be able to clarify this peculiar Mystical Pind of mine.\' Dylan decisively deliberated after a brief moment.

Arriving at this decision, Dylan stood up and approached Azelmek and Sheldon who were standing perpendicular to him when he was in meditation.

Him standing up was also seen by the two so they thought that he was now ready for the assessment. Thingking like this, Sheldon asked Dylan with an affabke smile, " Are you done meditating and ready for the test?"

"I am but I have something to consult Master first before we start the test." Dylan replied with a smile of the same warmness.

"Oh, what is it, Dylan?" Azelmek inquired. What could his disciple ask consultation with?

\'It seems that this is rather important for him. At least more important than the test.\' He thought.

"To begin my path as a Mystical Magnate, I know that I need to create a Mystical Pond and after cultivating for an hour, I was finally able to create it. The thing that I am most concerned is that my Mystical Pond is significantly larger than even the Mystical Lake of a C-grade Magna Magnate? Even though I have speculated that this is because of my talent as an X-grade Magnate. I could not ascertain the reason. Can Master please explain to me why there is such a large contrast with my Pond compared to others?" Dylan curiously asked.

"What did you just say?! You... you... condensed a Mystical Pond within an hour?!" Oddly, the duo spoke almost at the same time. They looked at each with stupefied expressions.

Creating a Mystical Pond within an hour would have been a fool\'s stand if it were in the past. But these two could not sense any hint of dishonesty in Dylan\'s words. Strangely, this made them believe that Dylan has actually achieved a previously impossible feat due to his overwhelming talent.

Still, they could not believe their ears as they heard it because the fastest record of creating a Mystical Pond in history was 3 days! Now, they heard that it was created within an hour?! Comparing these two records, the former was light years away from even being comparable to the latter.

"Master? Uncle Sheldon? Is something wrong?" Dylan did not understand why they looked so shocked. Though Dylan could already be considered knowledgeable due to the crazy amount of studying he did for a total of 12 days, he was still ignorant to most of the information written within this world. It was only natural for him not to know the record.

"Huh?" The next moment, Azelmek was able to quickly get a hold of himself and asked a very relevant and important question, " Before I answer your question, can you please reveal the approximate area of your Mystical Pond for us to know?"

"Approximately 800 squared meters." Dylan obediently replied.

Azelmek and Sheldon who just recovered was stupefied yet again! It should be known that an A-grade\' Mystical Pond was recorded to reach 100-120 meters, an S-grade at 215 meters or so and an SS-grade recorded with an area with the average 400 meters! But an X-grade was actually twice as big as an SS-grade?! It was also created within an hour?!

"I-In.. credi... ble!" The two almost fainted from the overwheleming shock that they just recieved. The two were grinning ear to ear as soon as they realized the jaw-breaking talent Dylan had in Mystical Magnatism!

"Is something wrong with me master?" Dylan asked once more but this time a hint of anxiousness and nervoursness could be detected.

"No! Absolutely nothing is wrong with you, child. Rather, you are truly blessed by the heavens! No matter what types of traumatic event you may have experienced in the past, these actually molded your talent as it is now!

Due to this events, your Magnate Strength continuously evolved and thus became more denser and pure as each of those events happened to you. Once you decided to create you Mystical pond, it had subtlely increase by leaps and bounds creating a never before seen 800-diameter Mystical Pond! You may have suffered from the weathering of life\'s trials but fret no more, my disciple for this had helped you gain metamorphosis!" Azelmek excitedly said. His excitement and bliss got to his head that he actually turned red!

"I underwent metanorphosis?" Dylan was taken aback from his master\'s words. Just how terrifying has his talent become?

"Yes! Did you know that you just broke the fastest record of creating a Mystical Pond which was 3 days?! Did you know that your Mystical Pond is twice bigger than a SS-grade\'s recorded average area?! All of this were done by you! You are a miracle on itself, my boy!" Sheldon fervently shared Dylan all off his feats within 7 seconds!

"So that\'s why the both of you were so shocked..." Dylan rubbed his chin while a wide smile was shown as he thought of this amazing achievements that he has did. \'It seems that all of the unpleasant events in my life actually helped me evolve? I may have to properly \'thank\' Byron once I see him again.\'

"Yes! You are the only source of our shock today!" Sheldon affirmed.

"You have truly made my day, my dear disciple! Hahaha, surprise me more! Now, let us asses the most suitable mystical technique for you!" Azelmek interjected with a loud laugh.

He was eager to see how far Dylan would be able to use those three techniques because he knew that the movements that they saw were only meant for familiarization. Once Dylan truly desired to release it, the outcome would be explosive! He felt incomparably proud as he thought of his terrifyingly talented disciple.

"Hurry, Uncle Sheldon is quite eager as well!" Sheldon seconded Azelmek\'s words without a moment of hesistation.

"I will try my very best, Master and Uncel Sheldon." Dylan bowed as he took four steps back and closed his eyes to concentrate himslef and recondition himself to the most optimal state he could currently enter.

The moment his eyes opened, his face showed fierceness. It was as though he was a sword that has parted his scabbard prepared to display his sharpness and might!

Azelmek shouted, "Begin!" It was at this moment that a dozen of Spirit Veins Beast was released from an inconspicuous gate of the Training Grounds. They all swarmed directly to Dylan\'s direction!

"Breath of Appeal!" Dylan\'s aura felt somewhat ethereal and illusory but in turn, the beasts became even more crazed and barbaric than before. They ran towards Dylan at an even greater speed than before!

"King of the Land!" Dylan\'s Magnate Strength spread out the moment they entered the range of 10 meters. When the beasts was only 7 meters away from Dylan, they were ruthlessly smashed on the ground. Because of their crazed momentum, they crashed to the ground for two more meters leaving a 2 meter trail of blood.

"Mind Cutter Blade!" When the spirit beasts tried to stand up, Dylan\'s eyes focused at a certain spot in order to create an invinsible blade that he launched at the spirit beats. The invisible blade was fast and cut through the minds of the spirit beasts as it moved passed their heads.

In just a short span of 10 seconds, the dozen spirit beasts died mercilessly!

"Outstanding..." was the only word that came out of the mouths of the two after Dylan\'s slaughter.