The Strongest Businessman - 120 Chapter 120: Mystical Techniques

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Azelmek quickly taught Dylan a Mystical Magnate Cultivation Technique to Dylan which Dylan immediately memorized after a glance. The technique was called

\'Just by reading it, it allowed me to get a clear glimpse of the energy flow within me!\' Dylan\'s eyes glistened as he discovered that he could now clearly sense the flow of the Magnate Strength within his body which was a direct contrast to the vague feeling he had when he tried to cultivate by himself. This was the difference of having a master to guide you and training by one\'s self.

A moment later, Azelmek had him recite the cultivation technique he just told Dylan. Although it was already in his expectations, Azelmek still found it incredible how wonderous the talent of an X-grade is!

But he did not make Dylan cultivate as soon as learned it because he wanted to take Dylan to the library first.

In one of the corridors of the Premier Hall...

Dylan and Azelmek was currently walking to the Premier Hall\'s Library to get suitable mystical techniques for Dylan.

\'I did not expect to find an X-grade Magna Magnate and a Nine-Tailed Sacred Flame Fox in a Middle Proximity City such as this.\'

Strange enough, Dylan suddenly remembered Baron\'s words while they were walking. This lead him to remember the scene where he laid flatly on the ground, bleeding and powerless to do anything, while his employees were held hostage by Byron\'s puppets but was saved by Scarlet later on.

\'How did he know that I was an X-grade when I was only at the 1st level of Instant Learning Abilities?\' Dylan\'s eyes narrowed as he thought of this.

What Dylan did not know was the fact that he was able to conjure the Hell Clouds that was an exclusive feature of the Darkness Castle\'s Hell Sutra. Byron unknowingly thought that Dylan had a talent that almost reached the Perfect Copy Stage due to this unusual occurrence.

\'Tsk, thinking back only affects my mood. Next time, I shall never be powerless and useless! Byron, just wait till I reach your level because I will make you pay back everything that you have done in the same gruesome way but a hundred times worse!\' Dylan\'s eyes flashed with killing intent and coldness!

Being close to him, Azelmek, his new master naturally felt the cold killing intent that Dylan subconciously released. Showing concern for his new disciple, he asked him, "Dylan, is something the matter?"

"Ah." Azelmek\'s words snapped Dylan back to reality so he respectfully replied but his words contained vivid coldness and hate, " I just happen to remember a very unpleasant memory of a detestable person. However, I would rather not talk about it now."

\'It seems like he has experienced a very traumatic event in his life which allowed his Magnate Strength to magnify and advance to the mythical X-grade.\' With his almost 500 years of existence, Azelmek knew how to instantly read the emotions of other people based on their words and expressions. Thus, he arrived at such a conclusion.

"Your behavior is understandable. However, you must always remember to maintain a calm and steadfast heart regardless of the trials that you may face because once you lose your composure, you will succumb to temptation and evil." Azelmek wisely imparted.

"Thank you for this guidance, master!" Dylan gratefully bowed his head.

"Mhm." Azelmek nodded with a smile as he looked forward and his feet came to a stop while his hands reached out the handles by the door and pushed it. "This is the Premier Hall\'s Library."

A library of gigantic proportions could be seen. Among the countless bookshelves that were neatly organized by subject and name, a plethora of books filled with rich knowledge could be found!

The library had three levels and it was clear from just one glance that as you ascend the fewer books it contains compared to the one below. These three corresponds to the three known levels of an official Mystical Magnate. Namely, Mystical Magnate, Mystical Duke, and Mystical Lord. Despite the the decreasing trend, the manuals and techniques of the Mystical Lord Realm was still plentiful as it could still number to a few thousands!

This just goes to show the terrifying foundation that the Premier Hall has. Some powers would even kill for just one of those manuals!

The shelves on the Magnate level were divided into 26 rows that were named A-Z. The 26 rows also formed 18 columns which are differentiated by numbers placed after the letter (i.e. A1-A18, B1-B18, and so on...). Each shelve had four sections which could store upto 100! One could just imagine the immense number of books that were stored in this library.

Each row was a place where one disciple or field of knowledge could searched. The rows represents the branches or related literature to the subject a person desires.

"Amazing..." Dylan was in awe as he saw how intricate and organized the entire library was! But he was able to quickly get a hold of himself and calmed himself down. This type of organizational skills were comparable to the librarians which maintained the orderliness of a national library!

"Hahaha, amazed, are you? As my disciple, you will gain access to all of the books within the Magnate level." Azelmek laughed mildly as he saw the eager look that Dylan had a while ago.

He smiled with a thought, \'I was expecting for him to at least open his mouth from shock before calming himself but the only thing he did was have that eager gaze. His state of mind is a lot more mature than expected.\'

"This privellege is too overwhelming. Disciple thanks Master from the bottom of his heart." Dylan felt slightly overwhelmed by this privellege but he knew that with such benefits, expectations also come greater.

"Good, you are able to stay composed in spite of the benefit you have recieved. This only shows that you have the proper restraint and propriety. Regardless, I must remind you that you must not bite more than you can chew. Only pick those techniques which are suitable for yourself." Azelmek warned him.

"Yes, master. I will remember Master\'s kind words." Dylan faintly smiled as he felt the warmth brought by Azelmek\'s concern for his future.

"Today, I will help you pick a Magnate grade Mental Attack, Beguilement and Suppression techniques. After which, I will assess to what type of technique you are most suitable for. Normally, I would judge my disciples aptitude from the three skill based on his personality and the nature of his Magnate Strength but the same cannot be applied to you since you are an X-grade Magna Magnate. So, I must witness which of the three you are most compatible at." Azelmek strictly said.

"Mhm." Dylan nodded with his eyes brimming with excitement!

A Mystical Magnate\'s Mystical Technique are divided into three categories: the Mental Attack, Beguilement and Suppression. Mental Attack is a type of technique which mainly uses the Mental Strength portion of the Magnate Strength in order to create sudden confusion and thought distortion that may cause faint and brain death!

On the other hand, Beguilement is a skill which mainly relies on the Soul Depth of the Magnate Strength in order to attract, coerce and even create illusions that could trap a person forever if his will power is weak or if the caster voluntarily dispels the technique.

Lastly, Suppression is the ability that Mystical Magnates are known for. This ability which solely utilizes in Magnate Strength of the user, allows them to suppress their opponents of the equal level, making them unable to use their full strength which allows Mystical Magnates to achieve domination all throughout the battle! This was also the technique that Dylan wanted to learn most!

The master and disciple roam around the Mystical Techniques row and searched for the three types of techniques. After half an hour of searching, the duo finally decided upon three techniques. All of this techniques had something in similar which was their appropriately high requirements yet are designed for new Magnates. Thus, making it fit for an evaluation!

The first technique that was picked was called "Mind Cutter Blade" which was a Mental Attack technique. As the name suggest, the user will have to condense his/her Magnate Strength with the shape of a blade that will silently cut through the air and cut down the mind of the user\'s foe.

The second technique chosen was named "Breath of Appeal" which falles under the category of the Beguilement Techniques. Once mastered to certain extent, the technique will allow a person to subtlely attract others who are weaker than him/her by exuding a breath that fits the desire of one\'s foe. It is said that if it can be fully mastered, the user could even beguile foes with equal strength!

The last one is a Suppression technique which was named "King of the Land Vol. I". An overbearing technique that requires a person to have the strength of a 4th tier Magnate! It blatantly spreads out the user\'s Magnate Strength within a distance of 8 meters in order to slightly influence gravity to put pressure on his/her foes!

Each one of these techniques made Dylan\'s eyes luster with an excited light. Implying his eagerness to learn such amazing techniques!

After deciding the three techniques, Azelmek and Dylan quickly left and Azelmek guided him to the sect\'s training grounds which was at the first level of the underground compartment of the sect to train and to be evaluated. Sheldon also joined them on the training grounds as soon as he finished doing his daily work

Dylan practiced the three techniques for an hour before he meditated. He did not recieve any guidance while he practiced because one of the goals of the assessment os to determine Dylan\'s comprehension speed.

Azelmek and Sheldon also quietly waited while their faces were decorated with bright smiles of expectations.