The Strongest Businessman - 118 Chapter 118: Accepting a Master

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"Yes, sir!" The employees said in unison.

"For today, we will just have to resume our work. We\'ll start the recom operation tomorrow We will work hard and maintain the average of 600 customers." Dylan encouraged his employees once more.

"We will!" The employees were pumped up and were eager to do well in their respective works.

Hours passed and it was already past 1 in the afternoon. The number of customers that came to their store reached 330. Dylan knew that it was already a good number considering the increased number of popular competition that could be found within the street. With less customers to serve, some of the employees that already finished their tasks decided to cultivate.

Dylan\'s hardworking attitude infected all of his employees ever since they left Soaring Clouds City. During the journey, Dylan would always utilize all of his free time for cultivation. Inspired by his behavior, the other also copied him and cultivate for the entire duration of the journey to the point that it became their habits to cultivate whenever they have free time.

When the hour clockhand struck 2, two unfamilliar guests entered the store. They all wore the robes that could be only worn by the disciples of the Premier Hall. Boundless strength could be felt from the, and it was clear that these two did not have any intention of retracting their imposing auras.

Their arrival stirred the attention of all the customers that were currently eating or buying herbs within the store.

"Aren\'t they from the Premier Hall?" One customer gossiped with his friend.

"Why are they here for? Acting all high and mighty by releasing their auras like that." Another harrumphed from displeasure.

"Keep quiet, you dumbass! They might hear you. Don\'t drag the sect dowm with your stupidity. They just formally anounced their partnership with this store the other day so they must be here for Dylan Ford." The one beside to the speaker earlier smacked his head and whispered.


"May I ask who among you is Dylan Ford?" A scary looking adult said while his eyes scanned his surroundings.

"I am Dylan Ford. May I ask for what reason would brothers from the Premier Hall is here for?" Dylan stepped down from the second floor and greeted the newly arrived guests with a warm smile. Though he may have said that, he naturally knew that the reason they came here was for him to start his training as a Mystical Magnate.

"We were sent here by the Hallmaster to escort you to the Premier Hall." The plain yet absurdly tall guy at the back of the scary looking man replied.

"Oh, is that so? Give me a minute to prepare. Then we\'ll leave." Dylan replied with a faint smile.

"En." The two nodded respectfully.


After leaving some instructions to Scott and Ron, Dylan left with the two disciples from the Premier Hall.

When they arrived at the Premier Hall, he was guided by the butlers of the hall to the office of Azelmek. This was also the same treatment he had when he came here as "Null" but the only difference was that he had fewer escorts now compared to when he was Null.

The three escorts bowed before they left Dylan after they successfully ushered Dylan to the Hallmaster\'s Office. Dylan gently knowcked a few times before he heard a reply from inside saying, "Come in."

Dylan twisted the knob and opened the door. He saw Azelmek and Sheldon sotting comfortably on their chairs and looked at Dylan with great expectation.

"Good Afternoon, Uncle Azelmek and Uncle Sheldon." Dylan bowed before entering the room.

"Hahaha, it has only been a day but it feels like nephew has changed significantly." Azelmek laughed but behind this laugh was shock and curiousity. Although he could determine that Dylan is still at the Spirit Gathering, he could no longer sense what specific level he is at.

\'Come to think of it, Master Null also felt like this when we met this morning. Was it only this morning or was he also like that after our first meeting? I could hardly remember how his aura felt now.\' Azelmek though it was quite peculiar that these two would have the same characteristics.Due to the sudden change in aura, he was unable to grasp the prior aura that Dylan had.

"Indeed. Nephew, why does your cultivation level seem so vague all of the sudden?" Sheldon directly asked for an answer. Azelmek was also very curious to know of the reason.

"Oh, this. It was actually an additional effect of the cultivation technique that Sir Null taught me a week after he recovered from his injuries." Dylan answered rather quickly which was in contrast to what Azelmek thought that he might be slightly apprehensive on telling them this matter.

"Cultivation technique?" The two were rather shocked when they heard of this. There were only one possibility for a technique to achieve this effect! This technique has already reached the treshold of a Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique!

"Yes. He also said that this cultivation technique was also specifically created just for my constitution. So, even if I wanted to, I cannot share it with other people." Dylan explained.

Before coming here, Dylan already predicted that Azelmek and Sheldon would ask him about his cultivation. So, he invented a story and pushed all the glorious feats to Null so that he would have an even deeper influence and impression towards this two making them easier to manipulate.

"A technique based on your constitution? That is comparable to a Heaven Rank Technique?!" The two looked at Dylan in shock. The already unfathomable Master Null suddenly became even more unfathomable! From Dylan\'s words, they could infer that he was able to create a Heaven Rank technique solely for Dylan in less than a week?! What does this mean? Master Null has already reached the mastery of laws!

"Heaven Rank? Sir Null is really amazing!" Dylan showed a face filled with worship and excitement! He even looked down on his hands and tremblingly gripped his fists so that he could show the reverence a junior was supposed to have to a super expert! However in his mind, Dylan was smiling, " Seems like pushing it towards Null was the most appropriate choice I did."

The two saw Dylan\'s actions. This made them feel depressed and felt what a huge waste it was that they were not able to request for a technique that is solely suitable for them! If they only had a technique like that, they would be like tiger with wings! But they suddenly remembered that their master\'s journey would only take a year at most before he could come back. At that time, they could also request for a suitable vutltivation technique! But before they could do that, they would have to train Dylan wholeheartedly and let him soar to unimaginable heaights before Master Null could come back.

"Sir Null, truly is beyond remarkable! To think he could even do create Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique in a matter of days! Unmatchable!" Sheldon endlessly praised his master who was currently in absence.

"I sincerely concur. Enough about our Master. Let us first get down to the reason why we called him here. Dylan, do you know the reason why you are here?" Azelmek asked with a serious gaze.

"This... I am not completely sure to what it really is... but I suppose it is related to Sir Null." Dylan hesitated a number of times. Little did Azelmek and Sheldon know that all of Dylan\'s actions and words were measured and calculated.

"Yes, it is related to Master. He said that he would be going on in an a journey that would at least last for several months to a year. He also tasked us to train you well so that by the time that he comes back, he will assess whether to take you in as a disciple or not!" Azelmek informed Dylan of what Null told them.

"Really? I can become the apprentice of Sir Null?!" Dylan revealed a face of shock and anticipation!

"That\'s right! If you successfully become Master\'s Apprentice, you would be able to soar like a dragon and carry your business as well as the Premier Hall with you to the apex!" Sheldon encouraged Dylan by equally showing an extremely passionate gaze!

"That\'s right. So, Dylan, are you willing to become my disciple?" Azelmek questioned with a powerful voice!

"Disciple greets Master!" Dylan unhesitatingly bowed. He kowtowed three times to formally recognize Azelmek as his Master.

"Good child. I, Azelmek Premier, accepts Dylan Ford as his disciple! May the heavens witness this!" Azelmek smiled as he looked at this promising youth who knelt with his forehead pasted on the floor. He never would have thought that this decision of his would change his life forever!

Dylan thought to himself, \'Second Phase, first checkpoint, complete!\'

He was thoroughly happy in his heart that he was finally able to recognize a master in this world! Now, with proper guidance from a native of this world, he will surely be able to improve at an even faster pace than before!

" You may now stand up, disciple. First, we must measure your Magnate Strength. Sheldon, bring out the Soul Measuring Tablet." Azelmek ordered.

"Yes, Hallmaster." Sheldon immediately obeyed and exited the room. He went to the Treasury had some of the elders help him carry the Tablet to the office.

"Sir Azelmek, the tablet is now here." Sheldon entered the room along with three other elders. They were carrying a rectangular tablet that was about 1.5 meters long and 1 meter wide. The tablet was made from a mysterious type of black rock that seemed to be even harder than steel. The table had two large orb, one white and the other black, at both ends and had 25 smaller orbs situated on the center. The smaller orbs were arranged in five columns and five rows about two inches apart.

"Master, is this stone tablet the one you called Soul Measuring Tablet?" Dylan inquired.

"Yes, the Soul Measuring Tablet is a measuring device used to ascertain the Soul Depth and the growth potential of Magnate Strength a person has. These two things are needed to determine a cultivator\'s talent in Mystical Magnatism. With this device, I would be able to determine where I am going to start when I train you." Azelmek was patient as he answered Dylan\'s question.

"Is that so? Then, what should I do now?" Dylan asked.

"You are just going to place one of your hands on top of the white Soul Orb over there. Then, depending on your talent, the smaller orbs will light up and we can determine the growth of your Magnate Strength depending on the standard used. The first row containing the five orbs are for Magnate Apprentice, the next row is for Mystical Magnates and so on. For Soul Depth, you will do tye same but this time on the black Soul orb. The same standards are applied." Sheldon was the one who replied Dylan\'s question this time.

"Oh, okay." Dylan stepped up and moved closer to the Soul Measuring Tablet. He calmly placed his right arm on the Soul Orb in front of him.

"Now, you just have to inject your Magnate Strength into the Orb." Azelmek said.

"Mhm." Dylan closed his eyes and injected his Magnate Strangth into the Soul Orb.

When Dylan did this, the soul orb under his right arm radiated an incandescent white light! In the same moment, the smaller orbs started to brighten one after another!

"This... this...!" Azelmek, Sheldon and the three elders could not believe their eyes when they saw the number of orbs that lit up!

"Is it all done?" Dylan slowly opened his eyes and asked. When he saw the number of orbs that lit up, he was more than surprised.

"I lit up all 25?!" Dylan gasped as he saw 5 rows and 25 small orbs all lit up with bright gold light!