The Strongest Businessman - 116 Chapter 116: Reality

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"That can\'t be..." The two sat on their chairs with their complexions as white as a a sheet of paper.

"What makes you so sure?" Dylan calmly asked.

"Are they not afraid that they will cause a great public unrest due to their heinous ways? Are they not afraid that they will incur the wrath of the heavens?" Azelmek stood and slammed his palms to his desk in anger.

"Cause public unrest? There will be no public unrest if they are able to hide the truth from the public. They could simply say that the elites have died due to the mystical abilities of the mysterious mist. No one will know not even the elotes that the different cities will deploy." Dylan replied flatly.

"How can you be so sure about that, Master Null?" Sheldon panicked when he saw that Dylan was still proceeding with his nonchalant behavior.

"Why? Because if I have not told you about this, you would have foolishly followed the request of the Big 6. If I were not here to tell you this, about half of your sects elites would be dead in less than a week and you would not even know the reason why or how they even died. You would have simplemindedly believe the words of the Big 6 as they were the only ones present when the \'incident\' occur." Dylan was very straightforward in his speech as he made it clear that the Premier Hall would suffer a deep blow in its military force.

"..." The duo became silent as they listened. They figured that Dylan was completely right. If he wasn\'t here, they would have foolishly followed the request of the Big 6 and they would be clueless on what truly happened.

"Why are you only telling this to us? Shouldn\'t we also tell this to others?" Sheldon questioned.

"I didn\'t expect that you would be this naive, Sheldon. I only told you this hypothesis of mine because of my relations to your guild as Azelmek\'s master. Why should I inform others? I don\'t seem to recall that I was this close to the Thunder Clouds City." Dylan ruthlessly spoke.

"But by not telling them, you would be putting innocent people in harm\'s way and towards death\'s dorrstep! How can your conscience stomach such behavior!" Sheldon tried his best to appeal to Dylan.

"Sheldon, that\'s enough!" Azelmek reprimanded Sheldon.

"But Hallmaster!" Sheldon was still unrelenting in this matter and refused to back down.

"Enough is enough!" Azelmek simply stared coldly at Sheldon.

"Innocent people? What makes you so sure that all of the our innocent? How are you sure that they have not done any heinous acts like stealing and killing? How about you? Can you honestly say that you are without sin? How certain are you that my hypothesis is right? Although I may have supported it with logical explanation, nothing is truly certain in this world and I may even be the one in the wrong. If you go around and tell them one by one and by chance I was wrong, will you take resposibility for the mistake you have caused by turning the other 9 as the Premier Hall\'s enemies?" Dylan retorted with a set of retorical questions.

"I..." Sheldon could no longer retort. Everything that Dylan said was true. He could not deny it as he had a fair share of killing others and plundering for the sake of survival back when he was in his youth.

"We are cultivators! Our lives are bounded by sin and danger. Without danger, we will never be able to realize the fullest of our potential! Though we maybe bounded by sin, it is up to your principles to decide whether you would be a righteous saint or a devil!"

"It is entirely in their hands whether they will go or not. They are humans which means that they can think for themselves. It is every man for himself! I am not so magnanimous that I would desire to save the every single person in this world! I may be powerful to some but I am still not the strong enough to ensure safety for those I care about against every adverstiy. In this world, with sufficient power, right and wrong can be overturned and with sufficient strength, you can protect your loved ones from harm!"

Dylan knew firsthand what it meant being powerless in all 3 of his lifetimes. Being powerless means that you will get abused and taken advantage of. That is why his desire to become stronger became even more resolute than before. That is also the reason why he could impart such wise words to Sheldon and Azelmek.

The duo remained silent for a while before Sheldon had the courage to say something, "So, we are just simply letting them whittle down their strength? Some of them are still partners when it comes to business so with their strength, it may also affect the benefit we get from it."

"Like I said, I won\'t be troubling myself by babysitting others. Besides, with them expending such a great amount of their forces and those for forces \'accidentally\' dying, would it not be better for your Premier Hall? You would be able to quickly rise as top 1 in the city\'s Sect Rankings. Don\'t you agree?" Dylan spoke as tjough he was trying to tempt the two.

" It is true but I prefer to win using our skill and not because of the misfortune of others!" Azelmek had a very straightforward and noble personality. Although he may be strict and cold to his disciples, he always upholds justice and righteousness to his deeds.

"That\'s right! Without the misfortune that will befell them if they go to the tomb, I still believe that we can eventually gain the standing of the Top 1 power with our skills in business!" Sheldon seconded this notion.

"It seems I have not judged you both incorrectly. You two are exactly what I thought you were. Some would have succumbed to the blessing of such opportunity and become conceited but you remained true to your principles despite the temptation. Since this is your answer, I will give your city\'s Top 10 a chance." Dylan was very satisfied with their responses that is why he decided to give them an oppurtunity to save the others.

"Is what you are saying true, Master Null?" The two simultaneously asked.

"Yes." Dylan gave his assurance with a slight nod.

"So, what is the \'chance\' you mentioned just now, Master?" Azelmek impatiently asked.

"Before I reveal the method, I have to warn you that this method will not assure that they would not waste their forces. It would utmost divide their forces but I am not sure as to how many would be reduced. Understood?" Dylan warned them.

"Yes, Master! That is more than enough!" Azelmek said.

"Thank you so much, Master!" Sheldon bowed gratefully to Dylan.

"The method I have thought of involves these three." Dylan showed three types pf roots to Azelmek and Sheldon and placed it on the table. Each one were stored in a tranparent glass container that is fit for their size.

Two roots were identical in size and length while there was one that was 2 times larger than the two. The two identical roots had one difference their color. One was black and the other was white while the larger one had stripes of black and white that spiralled from the top to them bottom of the root.

"Hm, these are... Wait... No way!" Sheldon moved closer and tried to examine the herbs but disbelief emerged in his face as soon as he identified the herbs.

"How is this possible?!" The same went for Azelmek. He could not believe what was right before him. Each one of these three are rare but having all of them was even more miraculous! If the chances of getting one is like counting the number of hairs in a head, then getting all three would be the same as counting the number of hair in your entire body!

"From your expressions alone, it seems like you know the rarity and the functions of these roots. These are the Pure Yang Root, Pure Yin Root and the Yin-Yang Main Root!" Dylan revealed the name of the roots.

"Is this really the rare Yin-Yang Root Set that is comparable to a Heaven Rank Herb?! Although our Hall got some Pure Yang roots and a little Pure Yin roots, we were still unable to find a Yin-Yang Main Root!" Azelmek could still not believe his eyes. He pinched himself to check whether he was dreaming or not. After several tries, he still had disbelief written all over his face.

"The Pure Yang Root is extremely beneficial for men at the Origin Realm because it can greatly strengthen their physique and create a Pure Yang attribute Origin Energy while the Pure Yin Root can do the same for women. But, with the Yin-Yang Main Root that is able to create the Yin-Yang attribute Origin Energy for any sex, the effects of these three used together would be 10 times greater than using just one and create a Yin-Yang attribute Origin Palace!" Sheldon was struggling to sit right on his chair as he said this.

"Good, it seems like you two really recognize these two." Dylan said calmly.

The two were tempted to acquire this set so so much that they wanted to steal it! But they knew they could not due to the overwheleming strength of Master Null. But if they had this set, they would be able to create a super genius that could be comparable to Victor Thunder in the furture!

"How were you able to acquire this, Master? Is it really okay to use this set?" Azelmek worriedly asked.

"That\'s a secret. I have already decided to use it so I will naturally have no apprehensions using this because only an item of this grade would attract the attention of the Top 10 sects of the city." Dylan was very decisive to Azelmek and Sheldon. But, they did not know that the set could be harvested by Dylan after waiting for a mere week!

"Master is so magnanimous!" Sheldon praised him.

"Master is truly a model expert that we should follow. Selflessly doing something like this for the betterment of the city." Azelmek felt extremely proud to be a disciple of such a benevolent expert.

"Don\'t get too ahead of yourselves. I only decided to do this because of your commendable behavior. Besides, you won\'t be so happy after you hear the next part." Dylan continued as he smiled under the shade of the cloak.

"Why is that so, Master?" Sheldon curiously inquired.

"Because the plan involves for this set to be hidden within the lair of the Three Headed Dragon Snake 38 kilometer southwest of the city. Since the beast is at the peak of the Mortal Moulting Realm, I would need the two of you to sneak into its habitat and hide the roots on its nest because with the strength of the snake I doubt that even Allen Kindleheart would have a hard time hiding the herbs from the snake. You also need to do this task by the day after tomorow since the information will be dissminated tomorow. Remember you must hide it thoroughly or else it mighy be eaten by the snake!" Dylan informed them of the steps pf the plan.

"What...?" The duo\'s complexion immediately turned white.