The Strongest Businessman - 111 Chapter 111: Remnants

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The employees got along with Barry and Rian quite well. Barry was the sociable and reliable big brother type of guy while Rian was the cheeky and naive brat making them easy to get along with. They decided to take the discussion to the dining room to enjoy food while talking. They discussed different things like a happy family who just reunited with each other.

\'This is my family.\' Dylan\'s heart warmed as he saw this scene. He felt blessed that he was given with such a welcoming family. Though they may not be blood related, but their bonds are comparable to one.

Happiness, laughter and acceptance could be felt and seen in this scenario. This group conversation made Jack and the others quickly accept Barry and Rian into their new family.

"That\'s enough for today. Everyone needs to sleep to recover from the stress and fatigue for today." Unbeknownst, it was already nigh midnight. Hence, Dylan told everyone that it was time to recuperate from the tiredness of their services.

"Okay." Everyone felt unwilling to sleep after all of that but what Dylan said was true, they needed to rest.

All of Dylan\'s employees went upstairs while Barry went to the guest room in the ground floor, leaving him alone in the dining areau200b. Within the group of the girlsu200b, Dylan saw Rian who was in between Allana\'s ample breasts! Not only was he in between, he also had a blissful look while he buried himself within that deep valley!

"Rian, where do you think you\'re going?" Dylan said aloud.

The girls stopped climbing the stairs the moment they heard Dylan speak while the boys continued to their rooms.

Rian who was enjoying himself, suddenly snapped from his daydreams and had a \'I got caught\' look. The cute black-furred puppy wryly said, "Hehe, I was just... you know... going to Big Sis Allana\'s room and talk with them."

"Is that really all you wish to do?" Dylan gave a questioning look to his beast companion.

"O-of course." Rian struggled to answer back.

"You don\'t plan to sleep beside any one of them?" Dylan had a teasing look.

"Wha-what are you talking about?!" Rian was easily flustered due to Dylan\'s teasing.

"Unfortunately, I have already prepared a room for you to settle in." Dylan smirked.

"Nooo!" Rian cried out and unreasonably countered. "Y-you shameless thug, I just want to be happy! You just want to hog all these beauties for yourself, don\'t you!"

"This..." The girls blushed after they heard Rian\'s vulgar and naive words! Some lowered their heads while some gave side glance to Dylan. A small portion of them couldn\'t take such embarrassment averted their gazes and continued to their rooms quickly.

"If I wanted to, what can you do to stop me?" Dylan jokingly said.

"You!! Grrr, I won\'t accept this!!" Rian jumped out of Allana\'s breasts and attacked Dylan. He looked like a black shooting star as he homes for Dylan

"Hehe." Dylan who was prepared for his assault, retrieved a sleeping power within his storage ring and threw it directly to Rian\'s nose!

"What the-?" Being a beast with a God-tier bloodline, all of his senses and physical abilities are terrifyingly intrepid compared to other beings and this includes his sense of smell. That\'s why the moment the powder entered his nose, Rian immediately felt it\'s effects and fell asleep.


Rian crashed to one of the chairs and broke it. However, he was still fast asleep like a wee baby.

"Haaays, what am I going to do with you?" Dylan carried Rian\'su200b sleeping body and put the broken chair to his storage ring.

"Sorry about that. This little punk might have naively done something to you guys while you are all fast asleep so I decided to taunt him to leave you." Dylan scratched his head and apologized.

"En." Strangely, the remaining girls only nodded and continued to climb the stairs silently

"Hm? That was a bit weird." Dylan commented softly. He thought that maybe it was just because of their fatigue so he quickly dismissed that thought.

"As for you, you will stay within my room." Dylan looked at the sleeping puppy in his arms. He climbed the stairs and entered his room.


Within one of the girls rooms, Bridgette, Allana, Mary and Marie tuck themselves within their respective beds but were still wide awake.

They still can\'t get over what Dylan said earlier. Their faces were red, their minds were in a mess and their hearts racing like crazy. It was not just them but also the other girls in the other rooms were also feeling the same.

"If I wanted to, who could stop me?"

Those words continued to echo in their minds. Though it sounded arrogant, a feeling of sweetness could be felt within them. Random thoughts filled the hearts of these girls as they questioned themselves.

\'Does that mean that there\'s a possibility of Sir Dylan liking me?\' A silly thought filled their minds that brought smiles to their faces.

"Hihihi." They giggled at these thoughts and continued thinking of Dylan. One must know that most of the girls who applied for the Gardenford Restaurant, did so because they were lovestruck with Dylan. Even the others who just joined due to some circumstances, were already smitten by Dylan\'s charm.

It was truly hard to not fall for Dylan because not only is he overly handsome, he is also kind and gentle though he can be quite strict at times and be strong and dependable though he could still show weakness. All of this just adds to his charms.

What\'s more was that they already accompanied him for over two months now. Seeing him everyday, only adds to his charms which makes them fall for him even more.

However, despite travelling with them, Dylan had showed no interest towardsu200b love and did not wish to share his experiences regarding such. This forced them to hide their feelings but they still did not give up in trying to get his attention.

It is said that once a girl truly loves, they are willing to endure and give everything for the one they love. The same applies to these innocent young ladies who were only 16-24 years old and had little experience with the word love.

\'Someday, Sir Dylan would definitely notice me.\' They encouraged themselves before going to sleep.


Dylan who was in his room sat cross-legged and was currently cultivating. Of course, he had prepared a small bed exclusively for Rian to sleep on.

Dylan did not dare slack off with his training. He knew that in order to catch up with the othersu200b in this world, he needed to work 10 times or 100 times harder than anyoneu200b else! Others may be currently sleeping right now but Dylan chose to cultivate instead!

This just goes to show how much he wants to attain power and become stronger than anyone else to protect his family and friends!

As he was cultivating, he immediately discovered something he did not expect to be within his Supreme Core. He opened his eyes and exclaimed, "These are... remnant energy from the lightning tribulation!!"

Indeed, there were residuesu200b of tribulation lightning that are within Dylan\'s Supreme Core. Ever since the sixth wave, Dylan couldn\'t completely block the lightning that came crushing on his shield. Some of the lightning sneakily conducted itself throughu200b the Shield Dusk which resulted to Dylan\'s body being invaded with remnant lightning energy.

"Can I refine them?" Dylan asked himself. The most abundant lightning remnant was the purple lightning, next is the red lightnings, and lastly, a little of the black lightning. Dylan was shocked to discover this just now. Well, how could he notice when his attention were being constantly warranted.

"With my Supreme Core, it just might work!" Dylan weighed the advantages he currently has and he was able to conclude that refining them was definitely possible!

\'The pureness of the energy within the Primal Stones is definitely inferior but the Deca-Stones are almost comparable to the pureness of the lightning remnants! My Supremeu200b Core could even insta-convert them much less refine so theoretically, it is possible!\' Dylan jubilantly thought.

Dylan did not need to worry with cultivation deviation because he cultivates the Cosmic God Manual which allows him to refine natural energy and spirit energy instantly.

\'Hahaha, let\'s see what level you are going to take me!\' Dylan laughed inwardly.

Dylan closed his eyes and resumed his cultivation as soon as he entered his mindscape. By circulating the Cosmic God Manual and with the insta-conversion ability of the Supreme Core, the purple remnant lightning was quickly subdued and were being refined within the Supreme Core.


A vortex was formed within the core and the remnant lightning was being absorbed within and was being refined into energy. After it\'s refinement, it was instantly being converted.

Dylan suddenly felt a wave of transformation within his body! He knew that he had successfully entered the ninth level of the Spirit Veins Realm!

\'Amazing! The purple lightning alone made me increase my strength! Let\'s now try the red lightning energy!\' Dylan excitedly thought. How could he not be excited? To advance to another level now would require about 100 Deca-Stones already but with the purple lightning he was able to do it.

Dylan once again circulated the Cosmic God Manual and refined the red lightning. He was slightly stunned that it was slightly harder to refine and convert the red lightning energy so he was unable to quickly refine like what he did with the purple lightning.

However, as soon as the red lightning combined with the energy vortex within Dylan\'s Supreme Core. Dylan broke through once more!

"Hahaha, High 9th levelu200b! The red lightning is comparable to 500 Deca-Stones! I have struck rich this time!" Dylan happily laughed.

"Now, for the black lightning!!" Dylan was anticipating how much his strength would be amplified the moment he refine it.

"The Supreme Core can\'t insta-convert it?!" He was shocked to see that the black lightning remnants were struggling! However, after one minute of constant refinement, Dylan was finally able to turn the black lightning to his own energy and quickly converted it to his own spirit energy.

Dylan felt a blast of energy within! He knew that his strength had risen once more! Currently, he was already in the Pinnacle 9th level Spirit Veins!!

"This is awesome! The black lightning is equal to 800 deca stones!!" Dylan celebrated within his mindscape and jumped as high as he could.

"Hahaha, finally done." Dylan was really happy. He really gained big yields in this session.

"Oh, right. I could also use the 100 more Deca-Stones to cultivate and try to push towards the 10th level. The black lightning gave me so much energy that I was only lacking a bit to be able to break through to the tenth." Dylan thought.

As he was walking towards the pile of Primal Stones, Deca-Stones, and Centurion Stones outside of the gates of the mansion. He noticed a stone that was fundamentally different from the others!

"Could it be... a Millenial Stone?!" Dylan was trembling in excitement as he said this words because this stone represents yet another function of the Cosmic God Mansion!