The Strongest Businessman - 108 Chapter 108: Checkpoints

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"Then, let\'s make it formal." Dylan reached out his hand for it to be shook by the four heads.

A handshake is the most common way of concluding a business deal. To offer your hand means that you are in an agreement with the business partner you gained. It also implies that the two parties have mutual trust with each other.

"Mhm." Okemos took the initiative and was the first to shake Dylan\'s hands.

After him, Dylan shook the other entrepreneurs\' hands next in the order of Arman, Steven, and Yander.

When the formalities were done, Dylan looked at the four and smiled, " We can discuss the other details of the partnership inside the store. It may be inappropriate to continue our negotiation with bystanders divulging such valuable information to others."

"Mhm." All four nodded with the arrangements.

They knew that Dylan not only did this for his sake but also for them. If they were to openly state the details of their negotiation, their competitors in business might take advantage of it.

Dylan\'s actions gained the approval of the four entrepreneurs. Even Steven Bulwark who had a little bit of conflict with Dylan felt that he was no longer as annoying as before. They were beginning to have this hunch that maybe they did not lose out in this deal afteru200b all.

"Can I also invite you four gentlemen for a drink inside?" Dylan offered with an amicable smile. He walked to the door and opened the door for these four tycoons.

"Hahaha, then we must taste Young Noble\'s collection of wine." Okemos laughed heartily as they walked inside.

"I must say that I am quite fickle when it comes to wine. Hahaha!" Yander smiled as well when he followed Okemos and entered the store. Naturally, Steven and Arman also entered.


"He.. he really did it!"


"Damn, I wish I could be as calm and awesome as him!"

The crowd was shocked by this business deal. Dylan Ford had successfully made Charon Clanmaster Okemos , Schoolmaster Steven Bulwark, Sectmaster Yander, and Sectmaster Arman concede in a business deal!

These four were known to be business experts but in the end, they were forced into a deal by a newbie! This was an inconceivable matter! Subconsciously, the crowd gradually accepted Dylan as a formidable businessman.


To the crowd what just happened maybe unfathomable, but for Dylan it was just a usual business deal. Truthfully, Dylan was a bit disappointed because if the four stayed stubborn and proud, Dylan would have been able to extract a whole lot more profit from them.

\'But, this is fine as well. I was able to profit in this deal without giving any monetary exchange or barter of products.\' Dylan thought inwardly while the smile in his face turned even more radiant as he walked inside the main Soaring Herbal Garden.

Indeed, Dylan\'s promise with the four was only to make the Premier Hall agree to be their backing while they would supply him with their high quality goods. Dylan, of course, had confidence in making Azelmek and Sheldon agree by giving them the method to boost their by half in just three weeks!

With the endorsement and protection of the Premier Hall, the Okemos Clan, Firebull School, Steelheart Sect, and Quadra Fang Sect would have a much better foothold than before and have increased profits with there business!

In this arrangement, Dylan would gain the favor of both the Premier Hall and the four sects while gaining the supplies of both parties without giving away his herbal goods!

The shocking thing was that all of this was still within the first phase of Dylan\'s Plan!

"I have reached the second checkpoint of the plan. After the meeting, the third checkpoint will be finished and I can finally proceed to the second phase." Dylan smirked as he scaled the stairs.


On the second floor of the Soaring Garden Herbal Store, Dylan and the four sat on a round table and were drinking wine joyously.

"Young Noble, where have you acquired such an exotic wine?" Arman could not help but ask after one shot of the wine. He looked at the bright-purple wine in his glass with awe. It was the first time he drank such a good wine.

"Yes, the wine has a strong yet fragrant aroma! As it passed through my throat, a burning sensation of pleasure came with it! Even among the wines I have tasted in 2 centuries, this has to be one of the best!" Yander\'s explication was filled with fervor and passion!

"Young Noble, aside from where it is from, can you tell me what is it\'s name?" Steven Bulwark was an alcoholic so he was deeply interested about the background of Dylan\'s wine.

"I wish to know this as well. A wine of this quality could be sold with the price of 1000 gold coins or 1 spirit stone each!" Okemos highly appraised and was also curious as to how Dylan got his hands on it.

"The name of the wine is Radiant Due. The wine is something that I have crafted." Dylan responded calmly. This was a wine that he made back on Earth.

"Really?!" The four stood up in shock. This young man knew how to brew such a delicacy?! Every field of practice requires sufficient talent, knowledge and experience in order to create a high quality craft! But this young man also knew how to create High-quality wine! Just how talented, knowledgeable and experiencedu200b could a 18-19 year old man be?!

"I guarantee it." Dylan smiled at their reactions. The wine he made was a product of the winemaking method of the 21st century.

How could 18th century winemaking compare to the 21st century winemaking? In those 3 centuries of difference, the distilling method of winemaking companies have improved by several tiers!

This was even more so when humanity was able to successfully create artificial intelligence which became the transition point of the Digital Age to the Advanced Digital Age in the year 2035! Because of this, almost every branch of science and different fieldsu200b of practice were able to improve in an groundbreaking pace as the years passed!

Winemaking in Earth have undergone immense evolution in the year 2040! The chemists and chemical engineers were able to create a distilling method that hastens the fermentation of wine due to the advancement the modern technology! During that year, the speed of fermentation could be increased by 1.3 times! This marked a revolutionary period for winemakers all around the world.

In the beginning of the year 2050, the process was simplified (1.3 times faster) just by brewing the optimal combination of the modern herbal ingredients of that time and with the use of technology the method could increase the process by 3.9 times!

Naturally, Dylan also invested in creating a winemaking subsidiary company of the Omega Trading Corporation in the year 2040 because he predicted that due to this discovery, winemaking would be another opportunity for him to profit. 10 years later, it became a popular brand worldwide.

"How were you able to make such a wine? Do you have a winemaking master as your teacher?" The four was keen to discover how Dylan had the ability to create the wonderful wine.

"I\'m afraid that the method is secret so you must forgive me. However, I did have a great teacher who taught how to make this fine wine." Dylan answered.

The wine was something that Dylan had consistently tryied to make ever since he reached this world because cultivators who love food might be sparse but those who love wine are innumerable!

He knew the simplified method of modern distilling which was to create optimum combinations of herbs. However, the herbs in the Great Mystic World varies from the herbs of earth. That\'s why it took him a total of two months before being able to find the right substitutes in order to create the Radiant Due wine.

"Oh." The four nodded. They knew that the method was a company secret so they decided not to pry any longer

"Do you have any more of the wine, Young Noble?" Okemos inquired.

"Yes, I do. I was able to brew wine for two times Unfortunately, I am only able to make 3 bottles per creation due to the lack of equipment. So, I only have about 5 bottles left." Dylan sighed. It was truly difficult to create wine in this era. For the past 13 days, Dylan made the wine using large pots and manually did all the labor.

"I see." Okemos was a bit disappointed but he knew that making wine is difficult without proper equipments.

"But, if you are all willing to help me, creating 60 bottles a month would be possible and create a joint establishment. This could be said to be our second agreement." Dylan suddenly smiled.

"?!" The four heads were speechless with baffled expressions. They never would have thought that Dylan would propose another deal after proposing one just several minutes ago.

But the offer was incomparably tempting! 60 bottles would be equal to 60,000 gold coins a month!

"What are the terms?" Okemos quickly recovered asked directly.

"We\'ll obviously split it five ways. The terms would be even and we would get 20% of the profit each." Dylan raised his right hand with all five fingers raised, followed by raising two fingers with his left hand.

"..." The four were silent again. They felt that it was peculiar for Dylan to suddenly offer a deal with an even profit. It felt like the Dylan who was negotiating with them outside of the store has vanished.

"Of course, as the provider of the winemaking method, I have conditions. Don\'t worry, I only have two this time." Dylan calmly said.

\'Here it comes.\' The four thought of this and prepared themselves for Dylan\'s conditions.

"What are these two, Young Noble?" Arman inquired with a low voice.

"My first condition is that the establishment we\'ll carry the brand of my business. My second condition is that you provide the equipment and the place while I provide the manpower." Dylan put down his conditions with a leisurely smile.