The Strongest Businessman - 107 Chapter 107: Negotiation 4

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"It seems like you aren\'t interested with my offer." Dylan spoke and broke the silence. His eyes scanned the indecisive expressions of the four businessmen in front of him.

"We..." The four heads was still undecided as to accept the deal or not. It was a deal that was clearly disadvantageous to them as it\'s effects would be felt immediately but it would be beneficial to them in the long run.

With this line of thought, they finally arrived at a conclusion and was about to give an answer when Dylan suddenly said, " Thank you for coming to our store. We hope to see you all again."

After Dylan said those words, he turned around and calmly walked towards the store without even looking back. With his hands behind his back, his nonchalance implied that it was as if the negotiation did not happen at all.

But no one noticed him mumbling something as he slowly walked. " 5.... 4...."

Seeing his actions, the crowd was flabbergasted. Wasn\'t he trying to negotiate with the four earlier?! Why was he suddenly turning their back on them?!

The four were immediately flustered when they saw Dylan who was holding the handle of the entrance of the Soaring Herbal Garden. They arbitrarily let out a scream, "Wait!"

Dylan who was standing facing the door smirked at this as he said to himself, "1. Just in time."

Hearing this, Dylan turned around with an amiable smile. "Yes? Is there anything I can help you gentlemen with?"

That response left the onlookers shocked. Weren\'t they arguing about the deal earlier? Why did it seem that Dylan was able to dismiss it immediately as if it was something trivial and act like nothing happened? He even greeted them with the amiable smile he had used to greet the incoming customers.

"We accept the conditions." Okemos replied with a hint of defeat on his voice.

"Hm? Conditions? May I ask what Clan Head Okemos is referring to?" Dylan replied smilingly.

"Young Noble, please don\'t make it any harder for us already. We have already decided to accept your conditions that you just stated." Arman spoke apathetically.

"Can you please elaborate what are those?" Dylan innocently asked.

"Are you playing with us?!" Steven Bulwark scowled angrily. His patience was now at it\'s limits.

"Of course not. Why would I?" Dylan still had that pleasant smile he had plastered on his face.

"Brother Bulwark, restrain yourself." Yander who was also fuming with rage, chose to restrain himself and tried to seal this deal. "Young Noble, the conditions you have set for us were to give you 10% of shares from each power, 55 Low Earth Rank Techniques of different varieties, the core cultivation manuals of our sects.

"You also wanted the Firebull Schoolmaster to supply 60 patches of Scorching Bullgrass every month, the Steelheart Sect to forge me 83 High Spirit Rank weapons and whole body gear, 100 drops of origin foundation beast from the Quadra Fang and the Charon Clan to provide 80 pills for energy recuperation, 80 pills for healing wounds and 80 pills for dispelling ailments such as poisoning, paralysis and etc." Yander patiently enumerated.

"But those conditions were only valid until a minute ago. I\'m deeply sorry but you are no longer able to avail it." Dylan kindly reminded.

"What do you mean by this?" Okemos asked as he frowned.

"I have changed my conditions." Dylan replied quickly.

"What are the changes you have made?" Yander questioned with seriousness as this would be integral for their sects\' growth.

"Give me 12% of shares from each power. I also want 60 Low Earth Rank Techniques: 15 battle techniques, 15 movement techniques, 15 defensive techniques, 15 secretu200b techniques. I also want to have the core cultivation manuals of each power. I want the Firebull Schoolmaster to supply me with 65 patches of Scorching Bullgrass every month. I also want the Steelheart Sect to forge me 88 High Spirit Rank weapons and whole body gear. Next, I want the Quadra Fang Sect to give me 105 drops of origin foundation beast. Lastly, I want the Charon Clan to provide me with 85 pills for energy recuperation, 85 pills for healing wounds and 85 pills for dispelling ailments such as poisoning, paralysis and etc. I want all of this within 7 weeks and 3 days." Dylan straightforwardly placed the offer without even stuttering. It was as though he prepared for this.

"What did you just say?!" Bulwark who was restraining himself suddenly bursted into fury and grabbed Dylan by the collar. He released the strength of a Palace Formation Realm and glared at Dylan\'s eyes murderously.

"Steven!" The three tried to stop him but they were too late. He was much nearer to Dylan than any of them. They still tried to stop him because it was unbecoming of any of their staus to act so impulsivelyu200b in front of the public.

However, they would not expect what happened next when Dylan calm aura suddenly changed.

"Unhand me!" Dylan ordered indifferently. In that instant, his Heavenly Eyes were activated and his dark round pupils formed into x-shape pupils! His aura changed from his original calm and formal aura to a supreme tyrant of the cosmos!

It was as if the entire world have to prostate in his presence. His superior Magnate Strength also reacted to his will and gave a suppressive effect on the atmosphere. His words were rules that needed to be followed.

"Holy." The crowd was affected by this arbitrary that they had the impulse to kneel. It was not just them even the three heads also had the impulse to do so.

Even more so, with Steven Bulwark who was nearest to Dylan. Hearing his words, he immediately followed as he loosened his grip and released Dylan. He was taken aback and almost fell with his butt flatly on the ground of it weren\'t for Yander supporting him.

He could still not fathom what just happened. He looked at his trembling arms and he felt a familiar feeling within his body.


Steven looked with a terrified expression at Dylan. He did not expect that he would feel fear from a young adult! Especially those pupils, those pupils which seemed to contain galaxies within!

Dylan blinked and he deactivated Heavenly Eyes immediately. He was sure that he only did it within a mere second so that nobody would see the Heavenly Eyes aside from Steven. Since it was only an instant, he was sure that Steven would just see it as nothing but a hallucination.

The pressure he released just now was a deterrent he wished to use to instill fear to Steven who had a fiery behavior because he felt that it would be troublesome to negotiate with a brute like him around. So, he felt that it would be better to make the man fear him.

"I advise sir Steven to not be so impulsive. You wouldn\'t want the Thundercloud Guards to arrest you for bullying the weak or the Thundercloud King Statues to pulverize you with their lightning due to inflicting harm on me, right?" Dylan smiled while saying such threats. It even sounded like a reminder more than a threat because of the way Dylan said it.

But, the crowd knew that his intention was to threaten Steven who has an extremely volatile personality.

"Krrr..." Steven could only lower his head with this threat. The fear he felt for this man was only increasing with every articulation of words that left his mouth.

"Anyways, where were we? Oh right, we were in the middle of a discourse, weren\'t we? So, do you agree my terms or not?" Dylan calmly asked.

"Sir Dylan, can we please implore you to just set the terms with the prior conditions that you have stated?" Okemos respectfully requested. One could notice the sudden change of the way he addressed Dylan which he formerly called Young Noble but has now spoke with him using a respectful "Sir".

"Sir Okemos, I must remind you that it is not I who needs you but you needing me. I am merely stating my terms and not negotiating. It is up to you to accept it or not." Dylan reminded.

"..." Okemos was left silent with this reminder.

"Gentlemen, I can\'t waste my time like this as I still have to receive a lot of customers. Please give me your answer so that we won\'t be consuming each other\'s time needlesslyu200b." Dylan became frank while speaking this statement.

"..." The four were still stuck in deep thought.

"5... 4...." Dylan started counting which implied the limited time he has left to offer.

"..." Still unresponsive.

"3..." Dylan continued.



"1~" When Dylan eventually reached 1, the four finally gave in.

"We agree with your terms..." The four unwillingly said. It may not be beneficial at first but the protection and advertisement of the Premier Hall will undoubtedly help them soar! Thus, they eventually agreed with Dylan\'s proposition.

"Glad to do business with you." Dylan smiled victoriously as a response. He was definitely happy with this new addition in his business.