The Strongest Businessman - 104 Chapter 104: Negotiation 1

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Dylan was able to invite every single one of the more than 700 people that came to get a glimpse of him. He was able to maximize the benefits the expansion received given the current situation. Due to the expansion, the customer capacity of the Soaring Herbal Garden has now doubled! It could now entertain 450 customers withinu200b the stores at the same time!

"Sir, here is your order."

"Here is the batch of herbs you orderedu200b, ma\'am."

"This is the Cloudrock grass you wanted, dear customer."


Dylan felt nostalgic when he saw how busy his employees was. It was as if he returned back in time and was in the Gardenford Restaurant again.

The customers were happily eating the free food they got from the promo. Aside from the swift and productive services of the store, they were also enjoying the excellent gourmet food of the Soaring Diner.

"This is such a wonderful tea! The way it was brewed had to be done with a meticulous and profound method! It may be comparable to the Clearwater Leaf Tea served by the Riverine Gardens." A plain looking customer commented on the Gardenford Tea.

"Don\'t make such careless comments or else you might cause a conflict between the two business!" His wife reprimanded.

"Well, what he said is true. It is already in that standard! Not only that, their way of cooking meat and vegetables is otherworldly! I have never heard or tasted such a manner of cooking!" A bearded man said otherwise.

"I know. I could recognize that the meat they serve are only from beasts of the spirit veins but the juiciness and succulent taste of the meat is already comparable to an Awakened Spirit beast meat that I have tasted before!" A short but round man concurred.

"We are in the same page here. It could very well be comparable to the meat served by the Spirit Meat Diner!" Another lady agreed.

Indeed, it was as they said. The technique that Dylan utilized and taught to his employees for the creation of the tea was otherworldly because it was a method centuries ahead of the brewing method of this age. Dylan\'su200b method of brewing tea would have tasted even more delicious if it was done with a machine. However due to the limitation of the human\'s technology that was only comparable to the 18th century back on Earth.

An hour later...

Most of the customers were done eating and were getting ready to depart. Before they left, some experts went to Dylan to greet him once more.

"I am in awe for such excellent service and sumptuous meals provided, Sir Dylan." A patriarch of a great clan commended.

"You flatter me too much, sir." Dylan modestly replied.

"Hahaha, with such an attitude, you will most likely rise to the ranks of business in no time." A sect master of medium-sized sect praised.

"I agree. By the way, Young Noble, are you interested in forming a business partnership with my Firebull School?" A schoolmaster Asked.

"Hahaha, that\'s right, Young Noble. I would also like to propose you a partnership with my Quadra Fang Sect?" Another tall old man proposed.

"I would also humbly request such a proposal to you and form a partnership with my Charon Clan, Young Noble." The clanmaster also took this opportunity and requested.

"My Steelheart Sect also offers a partnership with youru200b Soaring Herbal Garden." The other sect master offered. He could let the other 3 take the spotlight so he spoke out loud to also gain ground in this partnership.

\'Interesting. These old foxes are quite the cunning ones.\' Dylan merely smiled at this because he immediately knew what their intention was.


"What?!" The customers who were just about to leave stopped due to this turn of events!

"Those 4 are willing to form a partnership with the Soaring Garden?!" A man was shocked when he saw this scene.

"Why? Is something amazing about them?" A ignorant junior curiously asked.

"You don\'t know? Those 4 are from the powers which are all part of the top 200 Sects in the whole Thundercloud!" A old man astonishingly said.

"Only top 200? Is that an amazing achievement?" A young disciple from another power obliviously said.

"With the size of Thunder Cloud, one must know that there are over 2000 registered sects within the city so being part of the Top 300 is definitely noteworthy!" His master clarified with shock also evident in his face.

"Whoa!" The disciples were shocked when they heardu200b such a number!

"If that is true, why are they trying to form a business partnership with the Soaring Herbal Garden?" A lady disciple asked.

"Yeah, master. If they are part of the top 200, why do they need to fawn over the owner of this newly established business?" The young disciple asked once more.

"That is because of its backing, the Premier Hall which is the 3rd strongest sect within the Thunder Cloud!" An elder from that power grimly revealed.

"The Premier Hall?!" The disciples were startled when the name Premier Hall was uttered! It was like a wake up call to them and started to understand the truths behind these proposal.

It should be known that the Premier Hall was not only known to be one of the strongest sect around but also the one of the most successful in business! It is rumored that they could earn a total of 5000 spirit stones in just a single auction which occurs 3 times a week! They were also known for the remarkable artifacts weapons, techniques and manuals that they have all retrieved from the excavation of different tombs!

Having them as a patron would mean immeasurable benefits and a sure rise to power! Many were wondering why the Hall offered Dylan such a partnership and even publicize it. Aside from his talents in comprehension and recognition as the kings\' successor, Dylan had not shown the same level talent with regards to business. So many started to question why would they make a business partnership when they could just recruit him?

It was one of the hottest topics of the city with another topic of what was Dylan\'s origin and background. Some speculations were made due to the creative minds of the people. The most discussed one was that Dylan must have been the son of the current Hallmaster! This speculations had many supports because it could be the answer to the mystery why the Premier Hall was so keen about disseminating the matter to the public. Alas, they were only speculations.


"Judging from what is happening, wouldn\'t this mean that those four are just taking advantage of the store owner?" A cold-looking ladyu200b observed and stopped from as they were passing by the store.

She was with a handsome and scholarly looking young man. They looked really compatible with each other. However, the cold expression of the lady implied that it was otherwise.

"I am afraid so. They must have proposed this in front of so many people in order to cause more pressure to Dylan Ford. The crowd would subconsciously make him conscious of his decision because if he said no, he might appear to be arrogant and not caring about lower ranking sects due to the backing of the Hall which will be a bad image for his business. But if he said yes, the crowd will see it as something worthy of felicitations because it will be similar to strengthening his foothold in business. But in reality, the four has cunningly rode the coattails of his success." The scholarly young man explained intelligently because he was able to grasp the situation after seeing what was happening.

"So, their using psychological attack on the young one? How shrewd of them." The lady disdainfully sneered.

"Hahaha but that just goes to show their rich experience in business." The young man laughed.

"Hmph, nothing but willy old foxes." The lady harrumphed at this comment.

"But, it seems like the new businessman is not so simple as well." The man smiled at her reaction and focused his attention on the five.

"You\'re right. He is still able to maintain that nonchalant smile of his in this situation. It seems that he is rather composed and confident." The lady noticed the faint calm smile on Dylan\'s face that exuded his self-esteem.


Dylan was merely smiling from all of this. How could he not know what these four sly foxes were thinking?

\'You think I am a fat sheep ignorantly waiting for you wolves to reap the rewards of my hardwork? Unfortunately, you have met me.\' Dylan smirked as he thought

"So, what say you, Young Noble?" The head of the Charon Clan said.

"You may still think it thoroughly if you want." The sect master of the Steelheart Sect inquired with a smile.

"It\'s fine, sect master. I already have." Dylan replied while maintaining his faint smile.

"Oh... Young Noble has such decisiveness despite his young age. He will surely rise to become the top tycoon of the city one day." The schoolmaster of the Firebull school stuttered a bit before saying.

These calmu200b reply from Dylan was a bit unexpected since they were expecting him to at least feel slightly pressured.

"No need for flattery, schoolmaster. My decision is entirely dependent in yours after all." Dylan mysteriously said.

"What do you mean, Young Noble?" The Quadra Fang Sect Master asked confusedly.

"It depends on the benefits that you have prepared for me." Dylan replied.

"What?!" This caught both the crowd and the four heads were shocked by this reply.

" I said it depends on the benefits you four have prepared. You don\'t expect me to agree with partnerships so easily. As a businessman, I also have to take into account the benefit that I will receive from this transaction." Dylan repeated for clarification.

"Ahem, of course, the benefits we would give is the constant trade of goods between our establishments. This would increase the variety of products that we can display on our stores which would benefit all sides. We could also create a joint establishment with participants of the partnership. The profit would of course be split equally for fairness." The cunning patriarch quick-wittedly replied which gained the approval of the three others.

"I can agree to this terms." The Steelheart Sect Master nodded in agreement.

"I as well." The sect master of the Quadra Fang Sect agreed also.

"I also second this proposition." The Firebull Schoolmaster seconded.

The crowd thought that it was the logical trade for all parties but what they heard from Dylan dumbfounded them the most.

"I am afraid I would have to decline the partnership if those are the terms." Dylan faintly smiled.