The Strongest Businessman - 103 Chapter 103: Expansion

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Dylan arrived outside the Soaring Herbal Garden after 10 minutes of running. He saw a long line of people who were waiting in line. It was just as Bridgette said that there was 700 people who came just to see him.

"It\'s Dylan Ford!" A person who was looking at the passing crowd saw Dylan arriving.

"The perfect scorer!" A participant of yesterday\'s Noble Test pointed.

"It really is the inheritor!" An elder from a sect exclaimed.

"He is just as handsome as my sister described him to be." A lady murmured while she blushed after stealing some glances.

"Let\'s go meet him!" A youth shouted.

The crowd who were waiting in line mobbed over Dylan. He was surrounded by about hundreds of people and was incessantly being questioned by them

"Sir, how old are you?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Can you take me in as a disciple?"

"Do you need herbs for supply, Young Noble?"

"What type of girl do you like?"

"How strong are you, big brother?"

"Can I take you in as the model of our shop?"

"Could we form a business partnership with you?"


A barrage of random questions was thrown towards Dylan one after the other. They all came here with different purposes. Some came to negotiate and talk business with him. Some came to recruit him to their business. Some came asking for his type of girl. Some came to serve under him. Some even came to betrotheu200b their beautiful daughters to Dylan.

Dylan himself was getting hurt due to all the pushing and touching of the crowd. So, Dylan had no choice but to use Soul Harmonization in order to calm down the crowd.

"Everyone, there is no need to this. This will only lead to needless effort and hurting. If you desire to inquire something about me, we can do this in a civilized manner." Dylan calmly smiled. He used a soothing, friendly and pleasant voice to get the attention of the crowd without causing the slightest displeasure. With every articulation of words, Dylanu200b was finally able to get the people to calm down.

"He\'s right. It is wrong to be so assertive especially when you mob over a person." An old man commented.

"We are not animals to swarm over a person. It is like the Young Noble said, there is a civilized way of settling these matters." A scholar wisely spoke.

"We are sorry for our rash and rude behavior, Young Noble." A sect elder apologized.

"We apologize for our unbecoming attitude." Another person apologized.

"It is fine. I understand that you must have been really keen on seeing me that was why when you saw me, you acted like so." Dylan kindly met their apologize with pardon.

"Sir Dylan is truly magnanimous and kind-hearted." A woman looked amazed when she saw Dylan\'s disposition.

"Larry, Rick, Tom, Roland and Scott, come outside and prepare tables for the crowd who are waiting. Beverly, Marie, Mary, Sam, Elena, prepare our dear customers, our signature tea so that they would feel refreshed." Dylan called out some of his employees.

"Yes, sir!" An answer from within the store was heard right after.

Immediately, the five men Dylan called out exited the store. All 5 had a storage ring with them so they only needed a thought for the 21 sets of tables and chairs to appear. These tablesu200b and chairsu200b were the same from the sets they used on the Gardenford Restaurant

They organized the chairs quickly and use the space of the two closed shops on their sides.

"Wow." The customers were surprised by the coordination of these men because they were performing with little waste in effort.

After several minutes, most of the customers standing were given a seat.

"Sorry for the wait. Here is our store\'s signature herbal tea, the Gardenford Tea." The ladies arrived and presented the Gardenford Tea which was Dylan\'s own herbal tea that had a well-balanced taste and a revitalizing feeling to the body. They gave the seated customers a cup of tea and the tea had a fragrant soothing scent that indulged the entire crowd.

"Do not hesitate, fellow brothers and sisters. This is on the house. Your mouths must have been parched dry by the heat of the sun so please accept this small gift as my store\'s compensation." Dylan calmly said without a hitch.

"Hahaha, Brother Dylan is too polite. If you insist, then I must take a sip of this Gardenford Tea of yours." A burly man took initiative and drank.

"Ahhh, what a refreshing tea!" The first to drink exclaimed from the the first sip to the tea.

"It\'s a herbal tea that combines sweetness, bitterness and sourness of all it\'s ingredients!" An appraiser placed the tea in high evaluation.

"A true high class tea if I must say so myself." A noble clan master praised the tea.

The customers indulged themselves into the good tea.

However, the small minority felt rather dissatisfied with this treatment but before they could voice out their opinions Dylan\'s voice resounded.

"Jack and Ron, open the other two." Dylan commanded again.

"Yes, sir." Two men came out of the Soaring Herbal Garden. One was a stalwart and handsome youth while the other was a plump and tall man. They both held a key and approached the two closed establishment. The Soaring Herbal Garden is between these two stores so Jack went left while Ron arrived at the right one.

*Clack* *Clack*

The locks were opened and the chains barring the door was removed. One could see two neat and organized stores which had the similar design with the Soaring Herbal Garden.

The one at the left was more of a diner and a waiting area while the one at the right was an extension of the Soaring Herbal Garden. The former had the sign above "Soaring Diner" while the other had the same sign with the main store.

"An expansion?" A tycoon from another shop was slightly surprised.

"When did that business start?" Another shop owner asked his employee.

"I guess two weeks ago?" The employee replied with uncertainty.

"Two weeks? That\'s a bit slow but the expansion is quite great." The tycoon spoke from his experience.

This type of expansion was normal within the city as many businesses thrive and rise but at the same time some also decline and go bankrupt. Hence, it was normal for expansions such as this to occur.

Dylan has already planned this ever since Ritz and his crew were imprisoned. He was maintaining a subtle rate of improvement that he matched with other businesses within the city. In reality, it was slightly slower than a normal shop\'s expansion because for tycoons, ten days are enough to accumulate about 30,000 gold coins, just enough to buy a piece of land where you can build a business.

Dylan used ¾ of the store earnings for the past 12 days in order to buy the two stores and the materials he needed for redesigning and restructuring of the two. The real estate agent agreed after some deliberation because the two owners were currently imprisoned and have already lost their rights of ownership on the two slots of lands.

Dylan had Jack finalize the papers needed for the procurement of the two stores yesterday. After the purchase, Larry and all the boys helped in the demolition of the wall dividing the main store and the extension. On Dylan\'s instructions, they made a sliding door as a form of entrance to the extension stoor from the main store and vice versa.

Dylan felt that the training he gave his employees for restaurant management would be a great waste if it was not used, so he designed the other one as a diner so that it will serve as the reception area of the store while keeping the customers at bay.

"We welcome you all for today\'s grand opening of the Soaring Diner and the extension of the main store. Today, we are going to have a 20% discount one every purchase. Additionally, we will also provide free food and beverages for those who will buy in our store." Dylan announced with his signature smile.

The food were the preserved food Dylan had in his storage ring. Due to the absence of any decaying agent within the storage ring, the food Dylan brought were still in excellent condition. So, he decided to use them as a form of promotion.

He knew that the Thunder Clouds City was a city were majority of its population are cultivators. Cultivators just need to refine natural energy or spirit energy in order to feel reinvigorated. So, he knew that a restaurant would no longer be as effective here compared to when Dylan and his employees were still in the Soaring Clouds City.

Being a veteran in business, Dylan knew how to match his business with the current needs of the people surrounding his establishment. He also knew how to use different methods effectively depending on the situation at hand.

That\'s why he appropriately utilized the great food as a means to attract the crowd.

"A discount?!"

"Free food and beverages?!"

The crowd was caught by surprise when they heard this promo. A grand opening promo? This was a new thing to them. With this type of advertisement, many were interested in buying and tasting the free food of the store.

The crowd was rather curious about the real taste of the food and tea when they saw that satisfied expressions of the first to drink them.

Though food was no longer a necessity but eating us a form of pleasure that cultivators craved from time to time.

"I will buy a Wild Savage Vine!"

"I will buy 100 grams of Snowflake Pollen!"

" A patch of Cloudrock grass!"


The ones with money immediately bought some herbs that they need and enjoyed the free food given to them.

"Excellent food!" The first customers said after he took a bite from the meal he ordered.

This comment immediately tempted the others to buy herbs in order to satiate the curiosity and hunger they were feeling as they saw those exquisitely made food being served one after the other.