The Strongest Businessman - 102 Chapter 102: The Tomb

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Dylan and company was able to exit the forest in ten minutes. After one hour of constant running, Dylan finally reached the gates of Thunder Clouds. Before entering, Dylan caught a Mile Horse at the Spirit Core around the gates vicinity to let it carry Barry and Rian and used a rope from his storage ring as its leash.

After doing so, he dressed up as Sir Null and wore the VIP crest he got from Azelmek. Then, entered the city without any problem because the moment the guards on duty saw that crest, they immediately made way for Dylan.

"A very good day, sir." The guards greeted perfectly with a 90 degree bow.

These guards knew that those who are conferred with such a crest are extremely powerful and influential people and are friends of the top powers. They did not even doubt him for a second because the VIP crest will not be forged so easily because they are made with a special metal only found under the Thunder Cloudsu200b City. Knowing those things, they immediately made way.

Dylan merely passed through them without saying a reply to maintain the haughty nature of a prestigious person.

The date of the issuance of the 3rd Rank Noble Crest that Dylan is entitled with is three days after the exam which means he still needs to wait 2 days more. That\'s why he entered with the VIP crest that Azelmek gave him.

After entering, he guided the Mile Horse who was carrying Rian and Barry to the direction of his Residence.


One hour later after Dylan exited the forest, a group of individuals arrived at the forest. They all wore the same robe which had the design of a moon hidden amidst purple clouds . This was the robe of the Mystic Purple Cloud States\' strongest sect, Purple Moon Sect!

They were currently in the broken cave where Dylan challenged the heavenly tribulation.

"Master, we have found the rightings of a Heavenlyu200b Refining Formation. We have also confirmed that this was a tribulation site and inferred that the challenger was a human." A handsome youth reported to a orange-haired adult man

"How peculiar. Half a kilometer away, a newly burnt land which was another tribulation site also occured but the offender was a ferocious beast with an ancient bloodline." The purple-haired adult rubbed his beard.

"We have also discovered that both sites have almost occured at the same time. This site is the one which was the earliest while the other one encountered the strongest." A short young man said.

"In our opinion, this site had at least a sixth-level tribulation according to the damage dealt from its cave while the burnt land was at least an eighth level!" a petite girl shared to her master.

"You are right about the time of the event. However, you are wrong with the level of strength of the heavenly tribulation you have said. The cultivator who took on the tribulation here have surpassed at least a 9th level Tribulation while the the beast endured 12 rounds of heavenly lightning!" The master corrected.

The group was taken aback from what the leader of the group said.

"12th level?! But I thought the maximum is 9! How come the beast could pass through something like that!?" An old man said in fright.

"If that is true, according to the level each level augments, it should have been strongeru200b by a whole realm!" The speaker was an intelligent man with bear-like waist and tiger-like back.

" It seems that we were beaten by the yellow state to the place where the energy of the Law Fragment appeared. We should not have taken this detour! Come, we shall make haste to the Soaring Clouds City!" The orange-haired man narrowed his eyes and summoned a floating boat that resembled a luxurious yacht.

"Big brother, that\'s a Sky Traversing Boat! If we use it, our movements would be detected by the Magnate Tower!" A man who resembled the leader of the group said.

"By now, the forces of the other 4 states have already arrived at that place! We have already lagged behind due to our state having the greatestu200b distance to the red state! The red state has already started an intensive search within the forest for three weeks already! It doesn\'t matter if we are discovered, we may not be able to discover the treasure for our Grand Sect Master!" The leader strongly stood by his decision which left the others silent!

In the end, all members of the group rode the Sky Traversing Boat and sailed on the skies at the direction of the Soaring Clouds City!



Outside of the destroyed Soaring Clouds City where the former Gardenford Restaurant once served its customers, one couldu200b see a group of individuals gathering there. They all were matching priestly robes and clerical vests. This was the uniform of the greatest sect of the Mystic Yellow Cloud State, Golden Saint Church!

"How is the search?" An old priest asked his subordinates with his low and ancient voice. His entire face was already wrinkly and aged but there was a certain calmness in his face that brings serenity to those who converse with him.

"Archbishop, ever since our arrival last week, the priests have scattered all throughout the Beast Forest and the small mountain range around it. It will only be a matter of time beforeu200b a news comes up." The handsome young priest informed.

"Do not be so optimistic, young one. Even the red state are still unable to find a single clue where the fragment is despite being the longest to investigate the matter. You should tell the others to stay composed so that they would have the clarity of mind that will guide them to find the fragment for our pope." The old priest wisely imparted.

"This junior has been ignorant. I will keep those words into heart and inform my fellow brothers of your teachings." The young priest replied respectfully.

"Mn." The old priest nodded in approval.

"Sir, the Jungle Hall has attacked our forces again during our search within the mountains!" An adult priest ran to the two and hurriedly said.

"What?! They have been at it for four days now!" The young priest was furious when heard this news.

Even the amiable old priest frowned from this news.

"Thankfully, the Concealing Sun Sect of the orange state has helped our troops just in time or else they would have been wiped out." The adult priest continued.

Hearing this, the two felt relieved.

"Has the Ethereal Sea Palace arrive already?" The young priest suddenly asked.

"Ah, yes, my lord. The Ford Clan\'s Twins lead their forces have arrived a couple of hours ago." The adult priest replied.

"I see." The young man had a different glow in his eyes after hearing those words.

"It means Miss Cassandra is here too..." He mumbled to himself.


Suddenly, a pillar of light appeared and stretched to the azure blue sky. The attention of every single one of these powers were already fixated to that pillar of light! A giant Tomb appeared on top of the small mountain range and shone with ever-changing hues like a gem bathed in light!

All the powers here had one thought that filled their mindsu200b when they saw it.

"An Immortal Tomb."


Meanwhile, at Thunder Clouds City, Dylan did not know what was currently going on outside of the Soaring Clouds City. He was just finished attending to Barry\'s needs in his residence. Upon arrival, he directly went to his room. He made sure that Barry was resting well in his bed before going downstairs.

Rian immediately went to the backyard, where the Jagger Wolves were, upon and said something about beating every single one of those Wolves to become the king.

He discovered that half of his employees were gone and the remaining half remained inside the house and just finished doing all the chores. He saw Allana and the others who were wearing their training clothes and just about to go outside to train with the Jagger Wolves.

"Sir Dylan, you\'re back! Thank goodness, we were all so worried about you!" Allana became joyful when she saw Dylan.

"I\'m fine. But, where are the others? Why is there only half of the group here?" Dylan asked.

"Oh, they all went to the Herbal Shop. This morning, Scott came back all flustered and said that there was more than 700 customers in the store already. So, the next shift went and helped today\'s shift." Bridgette Monet, a short yet sexy brunette beauty, replied.

"700?" Dylan was stunned hearing this customer count.

"Yes, sir. Apparently, because of your achievement of attaining the perfect score and becoming the successor of the 4 thundercloud kings, our store\'s popularity skyrocketed overnight. However, they are only there to see you and not to buy goods. If they were to buy, we would have gained a lot of profit already." Arnold sighed.

"I guess I should get going to the store now. Oh, if my brother wakes up, attend to his needs. He\'s in my room and he\'s ill so please take care of him. I also have a new companion and he\'s a puppy. You\'ll know him if you see him because he talks and brags about himself. So, don\'t compliment him or else his head will get big." Dylan said those reminders before leaving. He immediately executed his movement technique and headed to the Soaring Herbal Garden.

As he was sprinting, he thought, "I guess I should be starting the \'Second Phase\' tomorrow."

Back at Dylan\'s Residence...

The girls and the boys who heard this were left in shock. Their boss had a brother? He also had a new companion and it\'s a dog?! A talking dog?!?!

"Just where did sir Dylan go last night?" The employees were left with this thought.