The Strongest Businessman - 101 Chapter 101: A Great Brother

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Barry carried Dylan out of the crater and found another cave for shelter. He inspected Dylan\'s body and was horrifiedu200b by his condition. It was truly severe. His arms experienced 2nd degree burns despite having indirect contact with the lightning. His feet had suffered compound fractures with bones portruding his legs. His body was still convulsing and suffering from a high fever from the electrocution of the heavenlyu200b lightnings. The worst of which was his life force was dispersing due to forced usage. But despite all of those, Dylan had a pleasant smile on his face as he slept.

"He can still survive even in this situation?! He\'s barely alive!" Barry was shocked to see his brother with such drastic injuries.

"I need to act fast!" Barry gently put Dylan\'s body to the 2 meter wooden tub he took out from his storage ring and he also put the healing solutions he concocted to the tub for Dylan to be soaked with. This was the Six Herbs Calming Solution he learned during his travels. Like it\'s name, it\'s mainly to calm the body from any sort of ailment. This prevented Dylan\'s body from convulsing any longer and calmed it down while supporting the body\'s homeostasis.

Being a Herbal Specialists and a person who has lived for 5 centuries, he also gained expertise in nursing and healing others. He straightened Dylan\'s body with care and performed first aid. He applied the medicinal pastes to the 4 bandages he took out and binded Dylan\'s burnt arms with it. He also carefullyu200b and skillfully put acupuncture to Dylan\'s legs to prevent him from waking up from the pain of straightening his fractured legs.

*Crack* *Crack*

Barry aligned Dylan\'s legs to it\'s former position without waking him up. He used four planks with the size of Dylan\'s feet, as a brace for Dylan\'s legs and wrapped 2 bandagesu200b around each foot.

After doing first aid to his hands and feet, Barry also mixed in a healing solution called Body Cleansing Solution which could help the body recuperation faster. Dylan\'s condition stabilised after Barry\'s careful treatment.

"Finally, he\'s stabilised." Barry wiped his forehead for the accumulated sweat on it. Thankfully, he was able to stabilize Dylan\'s condition.

"Did he really just pass that?" Barry stared at the dawn sky, feeling a bit lost from what has happened. A 9-levels Heavenly Tribulation was something that was more than two sub-realms stronger than it\'s user. It was a miracle how Dylan has survived.

Barry knew that it was beyond difficult what Dylan experienced this day. He fought for his life and came out with his life intact. As his sworn brother, Barry felt pride in having such a dazzling talent as his brother.

Although as a man, he was envious of such talent but like what Dylan said as long as he could perfectly integrate the Tri-fire Corrosive Poison Fog into an Avatar, he could use that Avatar as a catalyst for his bloodline\'s evolution which will have no longer the cursed weakness the heaven\'s has given it. He would be someone who would gain talents even greater than his father! But, being successful with the bloodline evolution, he would anger the heavens thereby inciting a Heavenly Tribulation for himself.

But, instead of being afraid, he even anticipated it while his eyes shined in excitement, "I wonder how many waves I could resist." Barry mumbled to himself.

"Oh no!" Barry detected a change in Dylan\'s condition. Dylan\'s hair has turned completely white and wrinkles started to appear. It was as though Dylan had aged 50 years in just a minute. His condition was deteriorating to a very alarming extent.

"He used more than half of his vitality?!" Barry\'su200b expression turn aghast. With his bloodline, he could feel the status of life around him. He could feel that Dylan no longer had half of the life force he previously had and the remaining was being wasted. Due to this, Dylan was experiencing aging faster than normal.

To use his vitality, Dylan unconsciously punctured a hole between the boundary of spirit energy and the longevity, to get additional strength from it. If Dylan only used a tenth or even a quarter of his life force, with Barry\'s initial treatment would have still worked and stabilised his condition. However, due to the immense strength of the last wave, Dylan had to use approximately half of his vitality in order to stop the lightning dragon. Due to the hole, his body became imbalanced and could no longer stop his vitality from leaking.

"I can\'t let another brother die again! I will not let you die, brother!" Barry formed had seals one after the other. The natural energy around them and the energy of plants was being summoned by Barry! It formed a spherical globe above his hands.

"Sacred Vernon: 100-year Vitality Transfer!" The globe was injected to his bosom and was then released after several minutes. It now had a milky white energy within because it extracted a portion of Barry\'s life force and pushed it into Dylan\'s chest!


Barry felt as though his soul was being ripped apart from the pain but he disregarded it and put his brother first. Most would be apprehensive in giving away their vitality but Barry did not. He did not wish to see another brother die even more so if it was in front of him. Therefore, he did not hesitate to give him hisu200b life to save him.

Boundless vitality flowed within Dylan\'s body and nourished it. His face and body reverted back to their original youthly forms. His hair returned to being black in color. The hole between the boundaries was also mended through it\'s energy. The milky white energy encompassed Dylan\'s body and it directly absorbed the solutions within the wooden tub. Making his injuries recover at a heaven defying speed!

"What... where am I?" Dylan opened his eyes and looked around him. He wondered why he was in a tub inside a cave and he was startled to see Barry lying on the ground ashened face.

"Brother! What happened? Are you okay?" Dylan immediately stood up and he carefully lifted Barry\'s head with his arms. Strangely, he felt an amazing feeling if vitality within his body. \'What is this feeling?\'

" *cough* I\'m glad you are finally awake, brother. *cough* I\'m glad the transfer worked perfectly and healed you." Barry weakly uttered with a smile.

"Transfer? Healed? What do you mean?" Dylan was first lost in thought before he finally recalled the Heavenly Tribulation. He remembered how painful his body felt and how his body was wasting away. Dylan now realized what Barry was referring to when he said healed and transfer. "Don\'t tell me you transferred some of your vitality to me?!"

"Sharp as ever, brother.*cough*" Barry coughed.

"Why do you do it?! Look at you, you have paid dearly just for my sake! You wouldn\'t have suffered if you did not do it!" Dylan said with anxiety.

"But, if I didn\'t, you would have died from the leakage of your life force ." Barry briefly explained himself.

"..." Dylan suddenly become silent. He would not have thought that his situation was as severe as life force dispersal. He even felt guilty for implicating Barry with his problems. He knew that if Barry was not here, he would have died that\'su200b why he was really grateful for what Barry did.

"Don\'t be like that. *Cough* I am still fine. It was only 100 years of vitality from mine and is only about 5 % of my life force so don\'t blame yourself. It was my choice to save you. *Cough* You can count on me at timesu200b of need because I will be relying on you in order to make the evolution of my bloodline successful. *cough* Remember, we are brothers." Barry fainted on his brother\'s arms after saying those words.

"Thank you so much, brother. I will repay you for every debt I have. I will keep my promise of successfully making youru200b bloodline evolve!" Dylan had a tear which fell from his right eye. He temporarily stored the wooden tub into his storage ring and carried Barry at his back.

"Rian?" He was walking to the exit of the cave when he saw a black dog in front of them which was limping as he walked.

"Heheheu200b, I finally found you." Rian spoke those as he weakly fell to his side.

"Rian, what happened to you?" Dylan rushed to Rian and kneeled. He was shocked to see burnt wounds on the little dog\'s body.

"The darn heavens gave me 12 rounds of punishment. Each one was stronger than before! How ridiculous was that?! It\'s like it hated me or something! All I did was eat the first five to restore my bloodline\'s power! It sent it those lightning to kill me so what was wrong with me eating them?! Enough about me, how about you?" Rian complained loudly as he stood up and stabilised himself. He thought that he really did not anything bad that he should deserve to be punished.

"12?! You even ate five rounds of it?!?" Dylan almost vomited blood and felt like he had seen a monster when he heard Rian\'s complaint. This cute dog could endure 12 levels of Heavenly Tribulation and still lived to tell the story! What shocked him the most was that he ate the Heavenly Tribulation\'s lightning and even complained that he did not do anything wrong! Eating the lightnings like a snack was a provocation to Heaven!

"Yup! Hmph, it can\'t kill this king! So back to my question, how many times did it send lightning to you?" Rian impatiently asked.

"9" Dylan directly answered.

"Only 9?" Rian looked quite smug knowing that he had experienced even more waves than Dylan.

"There\'s no need to act so smug just because you were able to endure more lightning strikes than I have , you rascal." Dylan knew right away what Rian was thinking when he saw that self-satisfied grin on his cute puppy face.

"H-how did you know what I was thinking?! Did you just read my mind?! You jerk, why didn\'t you tell me you have mind-reading powers?!" Rian naively cursed while acting all flustered. He was still a baby after all so he still had lots to learn about life.

"Don\'t be so quick to jump to conclusions. I knew what you were thinking because it was written all over your face." Dylan admitted calmly. He knew that if he were to tease this little guy, it would act irrationally and do some crazy things like how he forcefully made Dylan drink his blood. With Rian\'s strength being superior to his, Dylan knew that it was unwise to provoke such a little tyrant.

"Grrr!" Rian growled cutely in embarrassment and lowered his head when he realized how naive he was.

"Enough of that. Grab onto me, we\'ll go to Thunderclouds City. We have to take brother to my residence so he could rest better. Plus, we are not safe here. The commotion we have caused half an hour ago will attract many powers to investigate the matter." Dylan said solemnly. He knew that Rian was exhausted and could barely stand so he asked him to grab onto him.

"Okay." Rian responded in an unwilling tone but he knew the gravity of what Dylan said so he still chose to follow his instructions. He jumped and landed on top of Dylan\'s head and nestled his face on Dylan\'s hair like it was his nest.

Dylan did not mind it and he started dashing out of the cave and into the forest. Although he was carrying Barry and had Rian on top of his head, he was still able to move at his top speed by using his Seven Crane Dances.

"By the way, what happened to Barry?" Rian asked.

"He transferred some of his life force to me when my vitality was wasting away." Dylan suddenly felt guilty for implicating Barry with his problems.

"He did that for you? Barry really is a great brother." Rian was touched by how Barry was so decisive and do such a thing. Because of his bloodline, he had some knowledge with many things even his ability to speak came from his ancestral memories. Thus, he knew what Barry had to experience.

"He is." Dylan smiled hearing this because he truly felt Barry really is one.