The Story of Blood and Roses - Chapter 84 At Your Service

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The people dispersed rather fast. Things were getting interesting but at the expense of great losses. Not a single person was feeling good about the change in plans. But all of them agreed that it was best to deal with matters as they were agreed to by Anthony and I. After a few minutes of going over plans, everyone split up and went to set up strategies over how they would go about doing their tasks. Eric had been reluctant to take up the assignment of tailing James; he had stayed back and was yet to leave as Anthony spoke to me in hushed tones.

"Mia, make sure that you are the one who interviews the girl. Samantha is her name, I think. I\'m a bit worried that she won\'t be able to tell us much because she is going to try and repress the memories. I want you to go slow on her. There should be no permanent damage to the girl\'s mind. She has been through enough for now."

"You\'re pretty confusing, did you know that?" He nods and then glances behind me.

"Eric, could you wait for a bit while I talk to Mia?" I assumed that Eric hadn\'t protested because Anthony turned back to look at me.

"Why do you think I am confusing?" he asks, a bit curious, and dare I say—irritated. I chuckled to myself.

"You\'re clearly a bit worried about the girl. And you\'re being extremely benevolent when it comes to Cienna. Yet you act like you do not care in the least. Am I misapprehending or do you have a soft spot for victims?"

"I don\'t have a soft spot for them. I sincerely wish for people to get the chance to achieve their potentials. Giving second chances to people is not benevolent. I am just giving an opportunity to these people so that they can prove themselves worth the sort of trust or duty I have entrusted them with." I stared at him, surprised by the idea. It still seemed unlike the businesslike tone he tried to maintain while he was in the company of others.

"It still seems extremely kind of you," I commented matter-of-factly.

"If you say so, but I like to think that giving them a shot at their potential will benefit me in the long run. It is mutually beneficial," he explained calmly. I rolled my eyes at him but then gave him an appreciative smile.

"Coming back to the topic, I think you should keep Ethan out of the scene. He\'s a bit hyper and in need of some rest. I\'ve asked him to get an appointment with his therapist, but I don\'t think he will. It\'s my responsibility to see to it that he doesn\'t get into trouble."

"So, I just don\'t work for now?"

"For now, you stay by my side and see to it that I don\'t get mad handling them. I also need you to have a spare key to Ethan\'s, Cienna\'s and the mansion. You might need it if you need to run errands. Will you be able to do that?" he asked as he gave me a worried look.

"I\'m at your service twenty-four-seven, Boss. I cannot discard any word that falls from your lips," I said cheekily.

"How sweet of you, my genie." He smirked and as he shook his head, he ushered Eric inside the room. Eric, who seemed a bit confused by the expressions on our faces stared in turn at each of us and then shrugged his shoulders and put all his attention to Anthony who waited patiently for Eric to speak.

"Anthony, I must speak to you urgently," Eric rushed as he appealed to Anthony to listen to him.

"I know that. Now speak," Anthony voiced lightly as he avoided the desk to go and sit on his reclining chair. The leather squeaked as he sat down and Eric watched with worried impatience as Anthony went about casually moving papers on his desk.

"I have too much on my plate right now. I don\'t think I can handle tailing James as well," he confessed. The regret was evident in his low voice and the hesitance was there as well.

"And what am I supposed to do about that, Eric?" Anthony pressed harshly. "Everyone is busy, everyone has too much on their hands, and everyone is doing what is assigned to them."

"I realize that everyone is overworked, but all our men are either in Syracuse investigating about Darcy\'s people, or the property. Some are looking for clues on Nolan, and others are penetrating other mobs. We have the whole team already behind so many things that I cannot extract even one person. The whole operation will collapse if I pull someone out. It\'s unwise to think of it."

"I see that you are free, and not working in anything. Why don\'t you go ahead and tail James yourself?" Anthony spoke in that bored tone of his.

"But sir, I need to travel to Syracuse tonight to look through the newest information that I have received from the base there," his pitch elevated a few notches and made him sound like a scared but emphatic mouse. It was quite funny if it hadn\'t been about such a serious topic.

"And that doesn\'t need to be taken care of right at this moment. If I remember correctly then this operation was not to be carried on until we got rid of James, then Nolan and finally went over to Darcy. Or did you forget?"

"These plans had been made before the alarming situation arose, Boss."

"And one must always be prepared to adjust their routine when they are in the business. I understand that you had plans, but I am astonished that I have not been informed about any new news that you might have received. I like confirmed news, yes, but I would like notice when there is a possibility that I will get to know something of importance."

I believed that Anthony was being intentionally harsh so that he can put forward the message that he was trying to convey.

"I don\'t know what to tell you, Anthony."


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