The Story of Blood and Roses - Chapter 69 Concrete Proof

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About ten minutes after Anthony was done snapping at me for something that was clearly not my fault, a scared looking older man stood in front of Anthony. He gulped, probably in fear, because he had been the one who had delivered the paper with the code before. He had a fresh sheet of paper which he silently handed to me and left.

I realized that the man had gone wrong in writing the dots and dashes wrong. The whole argument over this mistake seemed futile at the moment, but it just proved how angry I was at the man despite him acting all sweet and caring and nice to me; it also showed that Anthony was nervous about his plans. It was a refreshing thought, to say the least.

Anthony seemed to grow eerily quiet as I quickly worked on the sheet of paper that the man had presented and shoved the paper at him. Then I took great pleasure in handing with the rough work for the previous paper and had left the room.

That was when we had spoken last. Since that moment, Anthony had promptly just pushed a few papers towards me or instructed someone to inform me of important matters. It was quite awkward as the two of us were sitting a meter or so away from each other most of the times.

In the meantime, the spy department had almost given away their locations in one of the locations they had tried to spy on. They mentioned a few of Darcy\'s people approaching them and trying to make conversation which came off as an angry inquisition. The spies, clearly trained had brilliantly played the part of innocent bystanders and evaded the situation.

But the difficulty level of our mission had risen the very same moment that the spies came inside the radar of the guards\' knowledge. They had called for reinforcement and made the security tighter. The location that the spies had found was a warehouse owned by one of Darcy\'s associates who Anthony seemed to despise. It was pretty obvious that the particular associate had been into the plan somewhere or another and supported Darcy in stealing from Anthony.

Anthony, though, was relieved that it was an associate he seemed to dislike and not one of those that both of them mutually did business with. He was worried that he would suffer losses if business associates turned on him. Darcy would be a difficult obstacle to overcome, in the first place. He had my sympathies in that department. I was trying to be supportive and trying not to do something that would crumble the organization or cripple it right at that moment. Anthony had been making phone calls to most of his associates, subtly talking business and making sure if they had taken notice of the turbulent conditions between Darcy and Anthony. They all seemed to be oblivious to the feud that had embedded itself like a bad wedgie. Yes, hilarious.

On a brighter note, all his shipments and contracts had been carried out to the T and no one was complaining. On one hand, the organization was worked up with the plotting of the raid; while on the other hand, they were busy trying to keep the business side in check.

It was peak season for the casinos and clubs in town and Cienna had been scarcely seen the last few days. From what we had heard last, she had no time to come by the mansion and help with the investigation. Poseidon\'s Realm was overflowing with people and was bringing in a good amount of money as where all the other business ventures that Anthony indulged in.

More notes flew in throughout the day and more days passed after that. There was definite progress in the spying that had been taking place. The spies had been able to identify other groups of Darcy\'s men as they combed through Syracuse in search of the location of the shipment. They had been specific about the numbers and the locations of these people.

The hacking team, on the other hand, had gained access to the servers of the Real Estate companies of the region and had taken up my ideas of trying to see if there were any government database for land and house owning things. It turned out they did. Both the databases didn\'t provide any solid proof or location that was acceptable but adding the things and behavior that the spies had noticed in Darcy\'s men, they had somehow narrowed down the list of places that could hold the cargo.

As I was analyzing the paper in my hand I realized that another had been slid onto the desk, right in front of me. I leaned down to see what it was about and look up, impressed. I raised a brow, a smile lingering on my lips as I saw the smirk on Anthony\'s face. He was standing with his hands shoved down his pockets. He looked smug enough for everyone in the house.

I kept the paper I had been looking over previously and took up the interesting piece of paper that Michael had given me. I scanned through it, laughing out in delight as I looked into the details. It was a paper declaring that a particular plot in Syracuse had been sold to our very own drug supplier—Nolan. There was a partially built carcass of a building that was surrounded by dust and cement, still. The legal documents mentioned the amount of money paid by the dealer in question to purchase the plot of land while the building project was going up. Obviously, the building process had never finished, and the building had been left with walls and floors and roofs, but had no windows or doors, and not worth buying. It had been purchased about seven months ago, and from the looks of it, it had cost a pretty penny.

Overjoyed that we had concrete proof that the man was working for Darcy, I jumped up and almost threw my fists into the air and did a few pumps here and there. He looked at me with amused eyes, gauging my reaction or power of restraint. I gave the paper back to him and an idea struck me.

"Do you have any bank transaction records for the buying of this place? I think it is appropriate to add this on our radar. They could very well hide piles of shipment in a building that size without the inconvenience of a civilian to come across it or calling the cops."

"We could ask them to come up with it. I should go and speak to them about this matter," Anthony spoke. His eyes glittered with victory. We had finally spoken. Both of us were still excited and in no mood to argue over things.


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