The Story of Blood and Roses - Chapter 21 Are You Going to Hurt Me?

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I took a moment to look at Anthony.

He was holding her by her ass and guiding her movements. He was a really good dancer, but his partner was shit. He was kissing her roughly, probably shoving his tongue down her throat, but she didn\'t seem to protest.

My mouth became dry as I watched them.

\'Desperate much, Anthony?\'

I rolled my eyes and looked back to the smirking Rob again.

"Jealous?" he mouthed. I narrowed my eyes at him but didn\'t reply.

I wasn\'t jealous. The man was fast in getting over refusals. I was certainly in awe of him.

I snickered to myself.

"It\'s getting late, don\'t you think?" I sighed.

"If it makes you feel better, she doesn\'t hold a candle against you," he chuckled.

"Now that comment just blew it!" I burst out laughing. "She\'ll probably have you by the balls if she gets to know that you compared her to me." I couldn\'t hold back the fits of laughter. "But we should draw the line here. I\'m new, and I don\'t want any problems." He nodded sagely, acting as if he knew what I was talking about.

"Rob." Cienna appeared out of nowhere. "You have other customers to serve," she hissed.

"Cienna, you seem... frustrated," I teased.

"Shouldn\'t you be working?"

"Not really. I can\'t see the little hacker anywhere, so I\'m taking a break." I made a kissy face at her just to get a reaction out of her, and boy, was I surprised. She seemed ready to explode. I think she even stomped her foot.

"You little bitch! You\'re new here, so keep your distance. Poseidon\'s Realm is mine. I\'m the boss here. You keep your claws away from what\'s mine, and I leave you alone."

So, she had resorted to threatening. It was clear to me that she wasn\'t talking about the club at all; she was talking about her precious Anthony grinding against me a few minutes back.

"If you don\'t mind me asking, where is that rude man of yours?" I snickered as she narrowed her eyes at me.

"None of your business, kid." I rolled my eyes at the \'adorable\' new nickname she had given me. I was looking forward to her \'affectionate\' name-calling in the future. At least she could try harder and actually insult me.

"I take it that you\'re pissed because your man meat took off?" I asked, knowing well that I was hitting a sore spot. Her eyes narrowed further—if that was possible—and I saw her hands ball into fists as she tried to restrain herself. "Are you going to hit me, Granny?" and boy did it work! She looked like she would combust.

She was probably in her early thirties and there was no doubt that she was beautiful with her flaming red hair framing her face, but I couldn\'t understand how someone could find her attractive when she had that grimace on her face. It seemed to be there at all times and made her look unattractive and definitely scary enough to not get anywhere near her in a lovey-dovey way.

"Don\'t think that I didn\'t notice how you were gripping onto Anthony, you bitch. Anthony has plans for you, and I trust him, so I\'ll let you be... for now. Think before you act, sweetie. You might end up becoming food for those dogs Anthony entertains." At those words, I raised my eyebrows. She returned my look with a glare. Even she thought those mobsters were imbeciles. That was good to know. Apparently, we had something in common.

"Thanks for the warning, redhead," I smirked. "You do realize you were the second choice, right?" She knew exactly what I was talking about. "So, I\'m not the one in danger of becoming dog food here," I said with a smug grin plastered on my face.

"As I said, Anthony has plans for you. I\'m not second best."

I saw it then. She didn\'t have any feelings for Anthony, and as far as I had analyzed the man, the feeling was mutual.

Cienna wanted to be the best. Not the boss, but the only woman in his life. This argument was just a reaction to her sour case of marking territory and not the story of her unrequited love.

\'Thank God for small miracles! If she had been in love with Anthony, it would have seriously complicated matters, not that I would have cared much to get her out of my way, but she would\'ve been harder to remove.\'

She doesn\'t love him. That\'s good.

"Where is he?" He\'s taken the refusal well, and had moved on to Cienna, but why did he leave her? Did he get bored that soon? I hoped not.

"Off to an important meeting," she said with a sigh. Her disappointment was clear. She must\'ve thought she was getting some tonight, but unfortunately for her, he\'d left her hanging. "Stop analyzing me, kid."

"I\'m not." It was her time to raise a brow. "Take your leave from Anthony before you hit the road," she said in a grave voice and then left me alone.

Rob was silently working behind the bar and trying to avoid my eyes.

"Sorry for that," I apologized and then got on my feet and looked up to the room we were previously sitting in. I could see the shadows of people who were walking across the room every now and them.

I sighed to myself and half-heartedly went up the stairs to where the meeting was being held. A bouncer-like man stood outside the closed doors of the room and stared at me blankly as I reached them.

"Anthony Murray," I said in a gruff voice, but he didn\'t react. I was going to turn burst into the room when I heard Anthony\'s angry voice.

"You\'d better have a good reason to be here; I don\'t like to be interrupted when I\'m not working." There was something dangerous about his tone that made me shiver.

"I know what you\'re playing at. You knew Scott was a fucking rat, yet you entertained him and let him believe that he was succeeding," the other man said.

"Get out of my business or I\'ll ruin you," Anthony hissed.

"Fuck you, Anthony. You might have grown up, but you still can\'t beat me!"

"Try me," were his final words and then everything fell silent.

I opened the door and saw Anthony staring directly at me, there was a man across the room with his back to me. I stared at the man long enough to see his black hair and the slivers of gray in them. He wore a blue suit which he was straightening.

I turned back to Anthony who was glaring at me with his jaws clenched.

"What?" he snapped. I tried not to roll my eyes. Either he was irritated that I\'d interrupted or he was angry that I\'d left him on the dance floor alone.

"I\'m leaving," I bit back.

"Good. Reach the mansion by nine tomorrow." I nodded and turned to close the door. "Don\'t be late," I turned around, stared at him for a moment and then sighed.

"Yes, boss."

"Now go." And that was the end of it. Whatever connection I\'d felt towards him didn\'t vanish, but my unadulterated hate was in place and in action.

\'I hate him!\'


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