The Story of Blood and Roses - Chapter 177 Never Miss a Sho

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"I don\'t think you see the clear image, Mia. They are trying to kill us," he said flatly. I groaned and looked him at the eyes. We both nodded in agreement as we silently decided between the two of us.

Both of us turned at the same time and our backs met. I pointed the gun at each of the men one at a time, making sure I got the ranges right.

"Seven against two?" the man who seemed to be the leader of the party spoke.

"Seems hardly fair for you," The cockiness was back in Michael\'s voice, and I couldn\'t help, but smile.

They all scowled at us, preparing to shoot.

"Now!" I heard him say and I aimed for their heads. I pulled the trigger three times, one after the other and saw the men fall heavily to the ground and coloring the white snowy ground in red. I heard four shots from behind me, and I knew that it was over.

Both of us turned to look at each other, just to check if the other was breathless, but we both smiled as we saw each other, clearly happy to have finished the job.

"Good shot," he said impressed.

"I have only ever missed one." The crooked grin spread over his face.

"You didn\'t fire that time." He leaned down brushing his lips across my neck, "We\'re still good together, my kitten." My lips tugged down into a grimace as his words pierced me like a thousand knives, and I hissed under my breath. I was not going to take any of that crap from him anymore about being together. He was either trying to make me mad or intentionally trying to delude me into believing that he didn\'t want to use me for his benefit.

"We were never together in the first place, Anthony." My voice seemed dead even to me. He faked a flinch, and I rolled my eyes. His acting meant nothing to me, but deep down I wanted him to suffer and make him feel something.






I would take anything he would offer. I had loved him once, and even if I denied the fact that I wasn\'t that girl, I couldn\'t escape the reality. I was that girl who couldn\'t shoot at him when her father was going to die. I was still that girl who would dive into the fire just to save him even if it meant that I had to ruin my chances of having a life.

Yes. I was pathetic.

"Maybe I have changed!" His eyes shined with humor as he spoke the words. I let out a guffaw, making him burst into a fit of laughter.

"Even if you try …" I began. Despite knowing that I didn\'t have to reply to his ridiculous words, I did. "A donkey remains a donkey and never miraculously turns into a horse."

"Really?" He grins mischievously.

I pointed the gun right at his head, making his eyes sparkle with amusement.

"Are you going to shoot me, baby?" I was seething by the time he finished the sentence. I pressed the gun harder to his forehead and tightened my hold on the trigger.

"Maybe I will," I said through my teeth. A devious smile replaced the amusement and before he could retaliate at me, the threat came out hastily. "Don\'t tempt me."

His eyes locked with mine for another long second and then he placed his hand right over mine and pulled it where he could clearly see it. He pressed his lips lightly on my wrist and then his eyebrows knit together in concentration. He recovered quickly and didn\'t even let me prepare for what came next. His hold on my wrist tightened and a dull ache spread across my arm.

"What the fuck is this?" His voice was deafening in the silence that surrounded us. I didn\'t even blink, but I was surprised. Was he becoming possessive?


He was a cold-hearted bastard.

"This is called a ring." My voice shook a bit. I rolled my eyes trying to control my scattered thoughts.

"Why?" His voice strained to keep from shouting again. At that moment, I wanted nothing but to hug him and keep him all to myself. I wanted to tell him that it was all a lie. Then suddenly Jacob\'s face flashed in my mind and my last memories of Michael Gray came rushing in.

His provoking speeches and unreliable promises came to my mind first. Followed by the moment when he told me that he wanted me to be safe even if it cost him his life, and then after that, him leaving me injured and telling me that I was of no use to him any longer.

My blood started to boil when I realized that his current drama was all based on what he needed. Again, I was going to be a pawn in his planning and fight for him.

This time, no such thing would happen.

He silently waited for my answer, his eyes never leaving my face.

"Because he is a good man. He loves me." I smiled a bit remembering Jacob\'s bad jokes and proposal. He did love me very much.

"But you don\'t love him. You should be with the one you love!" His implication didn\'t go unnoticed by me. I clenched my fist in preparation to punch his pretty face hard enough to mutilate it.

"No. You should stay with the one who loves you because they keep you happy and protected. And not use you," I spat out. His jaws clenched, and he tilted his face to look at me for one last time. He pulled out his phone and typed in the number.

"Clean up this mess," he ordered the person on the other side of the phone. I took that as the cue to leave.

"See you soon," he called from behind me, and I shook my head in frustration.

"I hope I never meet you again, Anthony." I turned around once again and walked till I was sure I was out of his view. I turned and saw him standing among three other men who nodded silently to what he was saying.

Relief washed over me soon after, telling me that I had successfully dodged a great danger. It told me that my concentration should be focused on Armando Francis, an illegal ammunition dealer who was in town. I had to kill him … tonight.

There was going to be no posing. No disguise. Just a bullet between his eyes.

As for Michael Gray or should I call Anthony … He was going to die as soon as Jacob finds him. He never misses a shot, just like me.