The Story of Blood and Roses - Chapter 143 No Shame

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[Warning: Snu snu ahead. Still. I am sorry. I don\'t know how long this will go on. I am enjoying myself. Expicit content. So, read at your own risk.]

"The first thing that enters you will be me, darling. I will not let my fingers have the privilege of feeling you come before I have you wrapped in my arms and am deep inside you." I shut up instantly. I hoped he could keep his promise.

"You are getting old... are you sure you can keep up?" I teased, but he took it as a challenge. He removed his fingers from my entrance and pressed his thumb against my clit again. The pressure was almost excruciating. It took me on the verge of release, but kept me hanging, not letting me escape.

"Please..." he smirked as he went back to kiss my ribs. His tongue circled my navel suggestively before kissing right over my waistband. His fingers delved into my pants and then fidgeted to pull them off. I raised my hips a bit, helping me pull it off completely. He gave me a wink before widening my legs and pulling my hips off the bed my thighs. He kneeled in front of me, almost reverently and then kissed me from toe to knee.

His eyes—ever burning, settled on mine as he leaned in and gave a courtesy kiss to my hip bone. And after that, I comprehended little more than his tongue lapping at my wet flesh, and his lips sucking hungrily on my clit.

"Not yet," he ground out, every time I came close to breaking. I hissed every time he withdrew after that. Over and over again, he repeated the process until my thoughts were a jumble of sounds and the only sound in the room were my gasps for breath.

"If you don\'t let me come in the next thirty seconds, I will grab your cock and squeeze it to death," I threatened. He chuckled as he left me completely. "What the f-" I couldn\'t even finish my sentence as I felt him join me on the bed and turn me to a side.

"Your wish is my command, my kitten," he licked the shell of my ears as kept one of my legs on his hips.

He let me come.

I don\'t know if it was within thirty seconds...

I don\'t know how he opened his pants that fast.

I just know that I threw my head back as he entered me. His lips were on my neck; his hands circled my torso. His legs kept mine apart as he moved inside me. I whimpered as he held back. The maddeningly slow rhythm, made me want to rip my hair out.

My overheated center wanted relief, but he wasn\'t letting up. I had to plead.

I felt no shame doing it.

He groaned into my neck as he moved away, his cock still inside me.

"Come back," I groaned as I felt him slipping away.

"Yes," he whispered. His muscles tightened as he moved back close to me. "Do you trust me, Mia?" I nodded. "Show me."

"Close your eyes and let me take care of you."

His hands travelled down my stomach and rested right over my center. As I whimpered, he thrust into me.

I could feel the scream bubbling. The restraint he had shown slipped away. His mouth bit down on my shoulder as he set a punishing pace.

"Too hot," I managed to groan. My voice was raspy. The lack of oxygen in my body wasn\'t helping me, either.

"Let me cool you down." Fear gripped me. The tone of his voice made me think that he would move away, but he didn\'t.

I cried out as something cold touched my heated skin.

"Let go," he commanded, harshly.

"W-What is that?" He chuckled.

"Bullet," he said. My eyes widened as I tried to move away. "Don\'t," he barked out. His hands circled my clit in tight motions. The harmony of heat and cold gave it a maddening aura. "Feel it," he insisted. I let him. I didn\'t have anything left in me.

The scream that had been stuck in my throat escaped and rang through the walls. The heat seared through my body at lightning pace. I choked on my own breath as I felt him stiffen behind me. As he held on to me, I felt myself shatter... over and over again, taking him further... letting him consume me completely.

I felt no shame.

I felt no shame.

I only felt relief.

Having him there with me...

Of having felt no hate in that moment.


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