The Story of Blood and Roses - Chapter 100 Going Down

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"Okay, I just found out that Cienna was inside the premises of Poseidon\'s Realm on the night when the business deal was closed with Nolan. I presume that she was warned about not going in there, even though I was not informed about the arrangement until recently. It is safe to say that she didn\'t follow orders." There is no doubt in my mind. Stupidity and defiance were always a threat in the real world. Both of them could get you killed. Cienna was in a position where the sword was dangling over her head.

"You hate her," I heard someone say, and even though the disembodied voice seemed familiar, I couldn\'t recognize who it was. And frankly, I didn\'t care enough about the opinion of one person to get offended.

"It is my duty to stay at Anthony\'s side at all times and at all costs. I was assigned a duty and I simply wished to fulfil it. I\'m trying to protect the interests of the mob by placing the simple facts in front of all of you. My prejudice, as you put it, has nothing to do with the raw facts that I have found." I saw Anthony return to sit seat and he seemed to open whatever he had found in my kitchen.

"We want a copy of all the facts and the proof you have. We will decide if we want to believe you or not."

"I think you don\'t understand the situation correctly. You do not get a choice in this decision. Anthony is the boss, he decides what to do. He is simply letting you in the loop so that he can find out your limitations and act accordingly," I said. I looked over at Anthony for his approval and he seemed indifferent to my daring statement. I knew that if he hadn\'t stopped me right there, he believed that what I had said was true or was not offensive... for him.

"I think she is right. Could you have the Boss on the phone?" I heard Ethan say. And Anthony straightened and spoke into the phone.

"I\'m right here. Now stop with your cat fighting and give me your ideas in a coherent manner." Anthony commanded. "Alec, you go first."

"I will refrain from commenting, boss. I am just a spectator." This was when I realized that the previous venomous comment had been spewed by him.

The others too went over the limitations and strengths of their departments and left the decision up to Anthony.

"Ethan, what do you think?" Anthony\'s voice was gruff. He was clearly irritated with the lack of creativity on the part of his crew.

On the other side of the cell phone, I heard Ethan clear his throat and proceed to speak, "I say we maintain contact with Luke Darcy. If Nolan has the information then Darcy already knows all of it. It is a good idea for me to look over the things that you have recorded today and the night before, Mia. I should look over to see if we need to tread carefully or not."

"What do you think of goading the enemy?" I could hear the amusement in Anthony\'s voice as he said the words.

"I think we should lay off of any goading until I\'m sure about the consequences of said goading." I was pretty sure that Ethan liked the idea, but I, on the other hand, was horrified by the crude... medieval outlook to a confrontation.

"You let me know, Ethan," Anthony said before reaching out and hanging up. I stared at him for a moment before shaking my head and speaking to him in a low voice.

"I thought you needed a drink after what happened with Joe. Are you sure you\'ll be able to handle all the excitement?" Inside I was seething. I wondered if he knew.

"It\'s about time that I get over with all the excitement." His words seemed honest enough to me, but they didn\'t mollify me, not even in the least. "And I quite enjoy goading people."

"I\'ve noticed," I reply dryly.

"You must have." He smirked. "And I can\'t wait to get some action. All these mind games get boring without some barging into with cocked guns."

"Is that what we\'re going to do?"

"As soon as Ethan is done with his little research," he assures me.

"And what conclusions will prompt us to fuck with them?" I can\'t keep my curiosity at bay.

"I just want to make sure that I\'ve crawled under his skin and making his brain rot with worry." The wicked grin is in place. I\'ve never seen him look more evil than at that moment.

And at that moment I knew that Darcy was going down. And what a fall it would be.


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