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Chapter 692 Not Tempted at All?

If things were like this before marriage, it would only become worse after marriage.

Miss Di, who knew very well that a person who cheats only cheats countless times or not at all, had gotten pregnant with a child and confirmed that it was a boy.

She decisively used some small methods and secretly made Qin Fangde lose his ability to bear descendants.

“She… She’s too…” Ling Xiaoqi was dumbfounded.

“Are you pitying your scumbag father?”

Ling Xiaoqi rolled her eyes at Su Yayan. “What pity? I can only say, well done to her!”

“I think so too.” Su Yayan glanced at Huo Chenhuan meaningfully.

“Why are you looking at me?” Huo Chenhuan grabbed Su Yayan’s hand and pretended to be angry. “Do you think I’m like him?”

“That’s hard to say.” Su Yayan snorted. “Everyone says that a pregnant wife’s husband is most empty and lonely. Besides, a lifetime is so long. Who can say for sure?”

Huo Chenhuan raised an eyebrow. “What would you do if I did something wrong to you?”

“What do you think?” Su Yayan sized Huo Chenhuan up from head to toe and chuckled. “I think Mrs. Qin’s way of doing things is pretty good. It’s worth referencing.”

Huo Chenhuan didn’t get angry. Instead, he said good-naturedly, “Fine, if you really want to punish me, I won’t resist.”

He sounded like she was coaxing an unreasonable and petite girl. Su Yayan blushed and her eyes darted around. “What sweet words.”

“That’s enough from the two of you.” They were clearly talking about serious matters, yet these two could still show off their love. It was really too difficult for a single person like her.

“Ahem…” Su Yayan cleared her throat and said, “Anyway, that’s what happened. Mrs. Qin probably didn’t expect her son to die in an accident when he grew up.”

“Who said it was an accident?”

Huo Chenhuan’s words shocked everyone present.

“It wasn’t an accident? Then…”

“Although we haven’t found out who did it, it’s very likely that it wasn’t an accident.”

The place where Qin Junwu had met his accident was too desolate. Moreover, it was late at night at that time. The final conclusion given by the police was that Qin Junwu was drunk and hit the guardrail by the mountain path. He fell into the mountain stream and died on the spot.

However, according to their investigation, Qin Junwu did go to a class reunion that night and got drunk. After that, he rejected his classmates’ suggestion to drive him home or find a substitute driver and drove to that mountain alone.

Although he could still return to his house by going around the mountain path, if he chose this path, he would have to take at least more than half a detour.

In the middle of the night, he even drank some wine and did not go home as he should have. Instead, he went up the mountain for a ride. If this Young Master Qin wasn’t stupid, there would definitely be something that he had overlooked.

Huo Chenhuan couldn’t help but think about the mess the Qin family was in.

Su Yayan’s frown deepened. She had thought that the original wife of the Qin family was already difficult enough to deal with. If this family was involved, Ling Xiaoqi would be eaten alive!

Huo Chenhuan turned around and looked at Ling Xiaoqi. He said coldly, “The Qin family does have some foundation. You are Qin Fangde’s only descendant now. He has nowhere to retreat to. If he really brings you home, he will definitely support you.”

“Are you really not going to acknowledge him? As long as you acknowledge him, you will be able to have wealth and status that you would never have been able to obtain in your lifetime. Your family background, wealth, and power will change your fate drastically. The things that you once dreamed of will also become easily obtainable. Are you really not tempted at all?”