The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 999 - Courting Disaster (3)

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Chapter 999: Courting Disaster (3)

The Kingdom of Fu Xiang meant that even without Mai Ya, they wanted to suppress the Kingdom of Hua Xia and force them to be subservient. As such, it would be too much to expect Ji Fengyan to tolerate them!

Ji Fengyan was not even afraid of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, much less the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

Linghe’s view was that the Kingdom of Fu Xiang was like an old man hanging himself—tired of living.

In order to comfort Mai Ya, Linghe recounted the reasons Ji Fengyan had established the Kingdom of Hua Xia. He added consolingly that even if Mai Ya had not appeared, based on the Kingdom of Fu Xiang’s attitude, sooner or later, there would be war between them and the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

When she heard this, Mai Ya was shocked. She had not thought that Ji Fengyan would be so unyielding in her pursuit of freedom. For a moment, she forgot to cry.

When Linghe saw that, he hurriedly sent Mai Ya back to her room.

Linghe’s words were absolutely right. By the time the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had stated its second condition, Ji Fengyan had already been completely enraged.

Hu Xiao and the others were completely ignorant of Ji Fengyan’s values. The imperial edict that they brought had completely enraged Ji Fengyan and sparked off this war.

Ji Fengyan had no notion of negotiating with the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. She simply ordered Gong Zhiyu to behead Hu Xiao and the others, then ask the troops from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, which had remained on guard outside the Free Valley, to bring them back.

All this was carried out with lighting speed. It completely frightened the group of soldiers from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang and they returned to the Kingdom of Fu Xiang in a panic.

Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan summoned Linghe, Meng Fusheng, Chi Tong and Gong Zhiyu.

Under the influence of the twin everlasting feelings flower, Chi Tong’s curse had already lessened considerably. This had suppressed the frequency at which it showed its effect. Now, he had regained his handsome and youthful looks. Because Ji Fengyan had helped them twice successively, Yan Luo Dian owed her two big favors. Although Yan Luo Dian was nominally not part of the Kingdom of Hua Xia, everyone in Yan Luo Dian already treated the Kingdom of Hua Xia as their own.

After Chi Tong hurried over and learnt about the situation with the Kingdom of Fu Xiang from Gong Zhiyu and the others, he frowned slightly.

All countries tacitly acknowledged the rule that in a war between two countries, ambassadors would not be harmed. However, Ji Fengyan had broken this rule and had done so in an unusually decisive manner. Nonetheless, this was the kind of ruthlessness that a newly established country needed.

If Ji Fengyan had given way this time, the newly established Kingdom of Hua Xia would soon become like a piece of choice meat in the mouth of various countries. Everyone would come and claim a share.

Ultimately, a weak country that feared war was the easiest to control and exploit.

Although the country was small, this was the crucial moment at which it could not afford to give an inch.

The slightest sign of yielding would herald the kingdom’s demise.

Chi Tong was a seasoned general and definitely did not fear battle. Without waiting for Ji Fengyan to speak, he expressed his views and said that once war with the Kingdom of Fu Xiang began, his side would certainly do their best.

“They dared to ask us for tribute. Does the Kingdom of Fu Xiang take us for weaklings? If we don’t beat them until they have to search the ground for their teeth, they will really think of themselves as tigers.” Meng Fusheng had personally witnessed Hu Xiao’s arrogance and had long been burning with anger, just that he had no opportunity to express it.

Gong Zhiyu was the most sedate. He thought for a moment before he said, “If we go to war, the defenses within the valley need to be strengthened again. Xu Lao had prepared many elixirs, it should suffice for a time.”

Ji Fengyan glanced at everyone, and her lips curved slightly. The saying from a powerful country in her previously world involuntarily came to mind.

“We will exterminate anyone who offends Hua Xia!”