The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 997 - Courting Disaster (1)

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Chapter 997: Courting Disaster (1)

Everyone in this world believed that might be right. The stronger countries oppressed the weaker ones, following the law of the jungle. The Kingdom of Fu Xiang was not very large, but compared to the newly established Kingdom of Hua Xia, it was a vast entity.

If a weaker country wished to survive within the crevices, it must depend on the protection of stronger countries and pay sizable amounts of tribute each year to ensure peace.

Hu Xiao had absolute confidence that at present, the Kingdom of Hua Xia did not have the ability to oppose the Kingdom of Fu Xiang without courting disaster.

When Hu Xiao had spoken, the magnificent hall became especially quiet. Mai Ya, who was standing next to Ji Fengyan, was ashen.

Her greatest fears had finally happened.

Mai Ya had grown up in the royal family. No matter how naïve she was, she also knew about the disparity between countries. The circumstances were similar to those under which the king of Fu Xiang had been forced to take in the neighboring country’s princess. Weaker countries had no way of opposing stronger countries.

At that moment, despair filled Mai Ya’s heart. She knew that no ruler would drag his country into danger for the sake of a stranger.

Especially a newly established kingdom like Hua Xia.

Mai Ya had almost accepted her fate. She secretly drew a deep breath and waited for fate to pass its judgment.

The trace of a half smile appeared on Ji Fengyan’s face. After she understood the Kingdom of Fu Xiang’s meaning, she waved her hand slightly. Meng Fusheng responded by backing away and loosened his hold on Hu Xiao.

Hu Xiao stood up smugly. He arrogantly dusted off his sleeves, then he swept a disdainful look at Meng Fusheng and straightened up. He raised his chin slightly and said to Ji Fengyan with an air of certainty, “I think the Queen of Hua Xia should be an intelligent person. The Kingdom of Hua Xia is newly established and is unstable in many aspects. If our Kingdom of Fu Xiang supports you, you will advance greatly. In addition, Mai Ya does not belong to the Kingdom of Hua Xia. Protecting an evil woman like her will not be beneficial for anyone.”

Very well, the Queen of Hua Xia was sensible.

Ji Fengyan looked at Hu Xiao’s arrogant attitude and suddenly laughed. Her slender fingers covered her lips, as if trying to hide her laugh.

“Second Master Gong.” Ji Fengyan laughingly called Gong Zhiyu.

Gong Zhiyu immediately stepped forward.

“Take him away.” Ji Fengyan could not help but laugh as she waved her hand.

Gong Zhiyu actually laughed softly and said, “Yes.”

With that, he advanced towards the smug Hu Xiao.

Before Hu Xiao knew what was happening, he suddenly saw Gong Zhiyu approach menacingly. The smug smile on his face immediately vanished, and he looked steadily at Ji Fengyan.

“What do you mean by this?”

Ji Fengyan completely ignored him. She ordered Gong Zhiyu to hold down Hu Xiao and press his head to the icy icy floor.

The guards from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang were still stunned when members of the Blood Tribe swarmed forward and pressed them to the ground.

The scene before Mai Ya shocked her greatly. She stood dumbly in place as she watched the situation develop in a completely unexpected way. She subconsciously tried to say a few words to Ji Fengyan, but saw that…

Ji Fengyan’s seemingly laughing eyes held a sharp, cold flash.

“I am an ambassador of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang and represent the king of Fu Xiang. You cannot treat me with such disrespect! You are showing contempt for the king of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang!” Hu Xiao finally realized that something was amiss.