The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 995 - Paying Tribute (2)

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Chapter 995: Paying Tribute (2)

“Queen… you are superb.” After following Ji Fengyan around the city, Mai Ya felt extremely grateful. She may not be mature yet, but her pure soul could feel the security and tranquility in this territory.

Ji Fengyan smiled but remained silent.

Mai Ya lowered her head and looked at her brand new clothes. “If mother was still around, she would have loved this place. If father was still well and good… he would also admire the harmony and goodness in this Kingdom of Hua Xia.”

Mai Ya couldn’t help feeling somewhat downcast when she thought about her parents.

“My parents are good people. The Kingdom of Fu Xiang was not a powerful nation, and the father had always resisted the use of military power to suppress the people. He strove towards a country governed by benevolence and integrity. He said before that a true Emperor was one who was respected by the citizens from the bottoms of their hearts.”

Ji Fengyan listened quietly to Mai Ya’s words. Gong Zhiyu had mentioned to her before that the Emperor of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang was a rather good ruler. His integrity was impeccable and was a role model to all the men in the nation. He was also faithful to his Empress, despite being tempted by women all over the kingdom. Even after having sons, he kept his promise to his late wife and insisted on his daughter taking the throne. He was a good man who kept his promises.

Just as Ji Fengyan was going to comfort Mai Ya, Meng Fusheng rushed over.

“My queen, ambassadors from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang are here.”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly.


Meng Fusheng looked at Mai Ya, who had suddenly turned pale. He nodded and said, “They have come in their capacity as ambassadors of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. They wish to discuss some matters with us. I have no idea what their intentions are and have let them in for the time being. They said that they have brought a decree from their country, so… do you want to take a look?”

If the people of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had forced their way in, Yang Jian would have annihilated them all. Hence, they have smartly changed their tactics and came in peace. In this way, Meng Fusheng and the gang would naturally not fight them.

After all, the Free Valley had become the Kingdom of Hua Xia. It was no longer just a refuge for vicious criminals.

Ji Fengyan nodded and brought Mai Ya back to the palace.

Inside the palace, over a dozen armoured Fu Xiang soldiers were standing in the main hall. Their leader was a man in his forties and garbed in a luxurious outfit.

Gong Zhiyu was just talking to them when he saw Ji Fengyan arrive. He immediately called out. “Our queen has come. If you have anything to say, please discuss with her.”

The ambassador from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang turned around and instantly noticed Mai Ya. He then shifted his gaze to Ji Fengyan.

The sight of her stunned the ambassador.

Everyone knew what kind of place the Free Valley was. As news of its transformation into a kingdom spread, everybody thought that the change could have only been possible by the arrival of a formidable killing god, but…

He never expected that the queen of the Kingdom of Hua Xia was a young girl aged 15 to 16!

It dumbfounded the ambassador. He stared in disbelief at that petite, youthful teenage girl.