The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 994 - Paying Tribute (1)

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Chapter 994: Paying Tribute (1)

The Kingdom of Hua Xia was full of prosperity. People were very satisfied with this new kingdom and worked hard for it.

Mai Ya had been in Heavenly Courts, the capital city of Hua Xia, for three days. She didn’t even dare step out of her room in the first two days. Food had to be sent to her while she laid exhausted in bed all day. It was as if she had yet to recover from the pain she had endured during the pursuit.

But on the third day, Ji Fengyan remembered that pitiful princess and found an excuse to push all her official duties to Gong Zhiyu. She then brought Mai Ya out for a jaunt in Heavenly Courts.

The Heavenly Courts differed totally from what Mai Ya knew.

The guards who had been escorting her before she entered the Free Valley had told her many stories about the valley. One of it was that it was full of evil and vicious criminals. Only those who had nowhere else to go would seek protection there.

Mai Ya had prepared herself for the worse when she had escaped to the Free Valley. But after stepping in, she found that…

There was not a single sinister or cruel figure to be seen.

The people strolling along the streets all wore elegant long robes. Their clothes were a bit too elaborate but had its own distinctive flavor when worn. From burly men to skinny guys, they all looked dignified and tasteful. Everyone held warm and friendly smiles on their faces and chatted with each other amiably. Looking at the entire scene, Mai Ya felt her nerves calm down.

“This is… quite different from what I expected.” Mai Ya walked before a small food stall. The hawker was a youth in his twenties with two rosy patches on his cheeks when he smiled. He looked exceptionally bright and candid. Seeing that she was a young girl, he kindheartedly gave her a freshly made sweet.

As she tasted it, the sweetness spread in her mouth and warmed her heart.

“If you had come a few months earlier, I think… this place may have been more dangerous that you think.” Ji Fengyan didn’t try to cover up the past of the Free Valley.

Mai Ya tilted her head doubtfully at Ji Fengyan. She had grown up in the royal palace and been pampered by her parents. But she could still feel the domineering air emanated by her emperor father. She had never seen a ruler like Ji Fengyan. Walking casually in the city with not a single guard in sight. Even more astounding was the fact that Ji Fengyan seemed to know everybody in the city, greeting everyone who passed by name.

Although everyone here held a fervent respect towards Ji Fengyan, there was no sign of any class disparity. No one was made to feel inferior in any way.

This was all new and fresh to Mai Ya.

And it made her like this imperial power even more.

The closer you were to your people, the more they would respect you.

Respected but not feared. This was a power and status forged out of a sincere loyalty cultivated from the bottom of the heart.

Ji Fengyan gave Mai Ya some Hua Xia jade coins, informing her that they did not accept the gold coins that were used on the outside. She then brought Mai Ya into a shop to have an outfit full of Hua Xia flavor made for her.

The female clothing of this world tended to be more formfitting to emphasize a woman’s figure. In contrast, Hua Xia’s clothing focused on the aesthetics. Mai Ya couldn’t help being pleasantly surprised when she saw her reflection after donning the outfit. She really liked this unique kingdom.