The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 993 - Kingdom of Fu Xiang (6)

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Chapter 993: Kingdom of Fu Xiang (6)

“That bunch of people in Free Valley are fools for wanting to build a kingdom here. We should also tell them that if they want to establish a kingdom, they offer tributes to us every year. Otherwise, we won’t mind crushing a weak kingdom like theirs,” the woman spoke arrogantly and did not take the Free Valley seriously.

And those soldiers left after receiving the orders.

This woman was Ruan Quer, the princess from the neighbouring country that Mai Ya had talked about. Even though she was already 25-year-old, she still seemed no different from an 18-year-old girl. After the soldiers left, she sauntered into the room behind the palace. Under the veil, there was a tall and sturdy figure sitting upright on the throne.

Ruan Quer swung her hips gracefully as she walked to the side of that sturdy man and placed her arms onto his strong shoulders.

“Mai Ya is really smart for choosing to escape to Free Valley for help. If Gong Qiang had not given us, the message earlier that the battle array in the Free Valley was already destroyed, we would not have a way to deal with her at all.”

The man sitting on the throne suddenly looked up. He seemed to be 40-year-old. Even though there were signs of ageing in the corner of his eyes, his handsome face still did not lose its imposing manner. He lifted his hand and pulled Ruan Quer into his arms as his lips curled into an icy grin.

“I have heard what you guys were saying. The Free Valley is actually starting its own kingdom?”

Obviously, he was more bothered by the new kingdom rather than Mai Ya’s whereabouts.

Ruan Quer replied, “they are only a bunch of useless fools. There are only a few people in the Free Valley. Now that they do not have the protection of the battle array, do you want to make use of this chance to claim the Free Valley also?”

The man shook his head. “There are many other powers watching over the Free Valley. Moreover, it is also quite far from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, so there is no point in claiming it. We should just follow your previous suggestion — if they want to lead a stable life, they have to rely on the Kingdom of Fu Xiang and offer tributes every year and listen to our commands. This would be more appropriate.”

Ruan Quer laughed softly. “You are still as shrewd as usual. It is naturally the best for asking that group of people to slog for us, but…” Her brows twitched slightly. “You are this bothered about the Kingdom of Hua Xia, yet you did not mention Mai Ya at all. Is it because you are still concerned about that ‘precious daughter’ of yours?”

The man sitting on the throne was not anyone else. He was the Emperor of Fu Xiang, who was rumoured to be seriously ill and unconscious. He was the biological father of Mai Ya. However, he seemed well now and was sitting there healthily. Anyone who saw him would not believe that he was unwell at all.

The Emperor of Fu Xiang lifted Ruan Quer’s chin and smiled widely.

“If I can’t bear it, why would I still agree to put up this show with you? If I was not bedridden and unconscious on the bed, how would you get the chance to accuse her of killing her father?”

Ruan Quer laughed. The Emperor of Fu Xiang was never poisoned. All this was only due to the gold refining powder that Ruan Quer had secretly bought from Gong Qiang. This powder could fake his death but not harm the user.

“Our princess is really such a poor thing. She does not even know that the father that she had been concerned about was actually the one who had pushed her into a road of no return. She also had not known that her noble mother was also dead by your hands…”

[Mini theatre]

Mou Bei: You have huge trouble coming for you.

Little crazy brat: As if you would give me lesser trouble usually.

Mou Bei: You actually dared to rant about me?! Do you believe that I will continue to hide your little Liu Huo away from you for another 10 days or half a month?

Little crazy brat: Father! I was wrong!

Mou Bei: Umm, faster help me beg for votes.

Little crazy brat: Yes!