The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 978 - Call Me Dad (3)

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Chapter 978: Call Me Dad (3)

Ji Fengyan gave a slight start. She immediately turned to look at little Chi Tong. A malicious thought suddenly surfaced in her mind. She looked at little Chi Tong with evil intentions, and said maliciously, “Be a dutiful boy, and call me Dad.”

Little Chi Tong looked at Ji Fengyan in confusion. “Dad?”

This world did not have such a form of address, and in his confusion, little Chi Tong had really called her that. Ji Fengyan immediately burst into crazed laughter.

As he looked at Ji Fengyan’s naughty smile, little Chi Tong vaguely felt that Ji Fengyan was teasing him.

When Ji Fengyan had finished teasing him, she turned to look at the Rhinoceros Beast. “This is my friend. He has some kind of curse on him. I remember you have some understanding of curses. I wonder if you can help him.”

When Ji Fengyan spoke, little Chi Tong was completely shocked. When he had seen the Rhinoceros Beast, he had thought that Ji Fengyan had brought him to the Rhinoceros Beast to help him lift the curse. However… The situation seemed completely different from what he imagined it to be.

Was Ji Fengyan actually speaking to the Rhinoceros Beast?

Little Chi Tong felt that he had received a severe shock.

When the Rhinoceros Beast heard Ji Fengyan’s words, it tilted its head slightly. [Please put your friend down. I need to examine him.]

Ji Fengyan immediately put the confused little Chi Tong on the ground. The Rhinoceros Beast advanced slightly. It lowered its head and rested its horn on little Chi Tong’s brow. Little Chi Tong gave a slight start, but before he could react, a gentle voice suddenly reached his mind.

[Please don’t be frightened. I won’t harm you.]

Was that the Rhinoceros Beast’s voice??

Little Chi Tong’s eyes widened slightly, but he obediently stayed still.

The horn on the Rhinoceros Beast’s forehead was its source of power and was very sensitive towards anything evil and filthy in this world.

After a moment, the Rhinoceros Beast took a step back and raised its head to look at Ji Fengyan.

[It has been a long time since I have encountered such an evil curse. The thing in his body is very frightening, and also very powerful. This power can swallow the entire world. Fortunately… Your friend has great mental strength. I think I may have a way to help him.]

When Ji Fengyan heard this, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief. But she still asked cautiously, “Will it harm you?”

She did not wish to exchange the Rhinoceros Beast’s life for Chi Tong’s life…

The Rhinoceros Beast shook its head.

[It will not. I just need some special herbs. Fortunately, the Forest of Freedom is never short of herbs.]

With that, the Rhinoceros Beast’s gaze turned towards the Forest. As if they sensed the Rhinoceros Beast’s gaze, some green creatures poked their heads out from the forest.

The Rhinoceros Beast said something to them, and the green creatures quickly leapt up. Their little figures swiftly vanished into the forest.

“What were those?” Little Chi Tong looked in surprise at the little fellows that had suddenly appeared, and then just as suddenly, vanished.

“They are forest spirits, the spirits of the Forest of Freedom.” Ji Fengyan sat on the ground. She loved the aura in the Forest of Freedom. Truly, it was a paradise for immortal cultivators.

Little Chi Tong’s shock had not yet vanished. His gaze passed over the Moonlight Lake behind him. Various rare species of birds and beasts continually appeared by the lake. Without the halo of legend, these animals only quietly and peacefully drank from the lake. They were not at all hostile towards little Chi Tong and Ji Fengyan.